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Admission arrangements for Admissions from September 2018

 Admission Criteria for admissions starting from September 2018 onwards

Following consultation, the governors of Wanstead Church School have amended the admissions criteria for admissions to school and Nursery from  September 2018.

The school is a Voluntary Aided Anglican school in the Parish of Wanstead and was founded to benefit children of the Parish. Governors took the view when developing their proposals that the school should, insofar as possible, cater for local families. The governors’ priorities for the criteria have been (in order):


  1. The school’s distinctively Christian character
  2. The school’s commitment to families with siblings already attending the school
  3. The school’s part in the ministry of the Parish of Wanstead
  4. The school’s commitment to families who worship regularly in the local parishes
  5. The school’s service to the wider Christian community
  6. The school’s service to the local Anglican church community beyond the two Anglican parishes


This criteria has been developed to respond to the changing demographics and needs of the school community.



Yours sincerely,


Neil Hawes QC

Chair of Governors