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Candlelit Carols, Friday 21st December at 2pm. All welcome.

Who we are

The Nursery is part of Wanstead Church School and provides quality provision for pre-school aged children.

As such, there is a team of people who work to ensure our Nursery provides the best possible education for its children. Some staff are dedicated to the Nursery whilst some work both in the Nursery and the main school.


Key Staff

Key Staff 1 Mr Mark Hemsley, Headteacher
Key Staff 2 Mrs Karen McLean, EYFS leader/ Reception Teacher
Key Staff 3 Mrs Turner, Nursery Teacher
Key Staff 4 Mrs Sarah Slack, Nursery Nurse (Nursery)
Key Staff 5 Mrs Jenny Mann, Teaching Assistant (Nursery)
Key Staff 6 Mrs Kim Webster, Nursery Nurse (Reception)
Key Staff 7 Mrs Joan Twinn, Nursery Nurser (Reception)
Key Staff 8 Mrs Chris Davenport, Teaching Assistant
Key Staff 9 Mrs Lucy Buthfer, Teaching Assistant