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Red Nose Day - 15th March - Non-uniform Day

Who's Who

Headteacher: Miss N. Marris

Headteacher: Miss N. Marris 1

Office Staff and Site Staff

Office Staff and Site Staff   1 Mrs S. Corbyn, Office Manager
Office Staff and Site Staff   2 Mrs J. Mussett, Clerical and Finance Assistant
Office Staff and Site Staff   3 Mrs M. Lucy, Compliance Officer
Office Staff and Site Staff   4 Mr G. Okeke, Caretaker

Teaching Team

Teaching Team 1 Mrs E. Turner, Nursery Teacher and SENCo
Teaching Team 2 Mrs K. Webster, Nursery Nurse
Teaching Team 3 Mrs J. Mann, Teaching Assistant (Nursery)
Teaching Team 4 Mrs K. McLean, Reception Teacher
Teaching Team 5 Ms S. Slack, Nursery Nurse (Reception)
Teaching Team 6 Mrs L. Baptist, Year 1 Teacher
Teaching Team 7 Miss C. Peach, Year 2 Teacher
Teaching Team 8 Miss R. Simpson, Year 3 Teacher
Teaching Team 9 Miss A. Belov, Year 4 Teacher
Teaching Team 10 Mr A. O'Leary, Year 5 Teacher
Teaching Team 11 Miss R. Lewis, Year 6 Teacher
Teaching Team 12 Mrs S. Morris, Intervention Teacher
Teaching Team 13 Mrs S. Reeves, Teaching Assistant
Teaching Team 14 Mrs D. Askell, Teaching Assistant
Teaching Team 15 Mrs K. O'Grady,Teaching Assistant
Teaching Team 16 Mrs L. Lyall, Teaching Assistant
Teaching Team 17 Mrs R. Marsh, Teaching Assistant
Teaching Team 18 Mrs L. Buthfer, Teaching Assistant
Teaching Team 19 Ms L. Johnson, Teaching Assistant
Teaching Team 20 Miss L. Landsberg, Teaching Assistant

Lunchtime Assistants

Lunchtime Assistants 1 Mrs Sue Smith
Lunchtime Assistants 2 Mrs Fareeda Sheikh
Lunchtime Assistants 3 Mrs Lisa Lyall
Lunchtime Assistants 4 Mrs M. Richardson
Lunchtime Assistants 5 Mrs M. Rahman
Lunchtime Assistants 6 Miss L. Landsberg
Lunchtime Assistants 7 Mrs A. Punch

Kitchen Staff (ISS)

Kitchen Staff (ISS) 1 Mrs U. Sanger, Catering Manager (ISS)
Kitchen Staff (ISS) 2 Mrs N. Kaur, Kitchen Assistant (ISS)