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Annie and her squeaky ball

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Friday  22nd May 2020


Good morning everyone, hope you had a good night sleep, it was quite a hot muggy night, but today it is nice and fresh. Our new puppy is continuing to settle into her new home, although last night she would not settle at all and just like a new born baby cried every time I left her. Every time she fell asleep I would tip-toe away but she kept waking up. Finally  at 1.30am this morning, I lay on my sofa next to her basket and she fell fast asleep until 6am this morning. Let's hope she settles quickly as I missed by bed!

I have added a little video clip, showing Annie mastering how to squeak her ball!

Today would have been our last day before half term and many of us would be going away on holiday. Let's make the most of the time at home and have lot's of nice walks or picnics in the garden.

Some parents have asked if I could set work for them during half term.

I will have few challenges and activities for you to do if you wish, but it is half term and you might want to have a rest from home learning. I will add the activities tomorrow at the latest.


The answer to the questions set on Monday.

1-Rainforest are often called the lungs of the planet  because trees get rid of carbon dioxide and supply us with oxygen and we need that to breathe. 

2- If we had no rainforests we wouldn't be able to breathe.

3-Some of the living things found in the forest are tree frogs, spiders army ants, snakes, monkeys and many many more but also plants which are used in medicine.


Have a lovely day and half term 

With love from Mrs McLeanxxx


Thursday 21st may 2020

Good morning everyone. Hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather yesterday. It was lovely seeing so many children on Zoom. Today I am hoping it will be a little cooler.

Did anyone guess who was coming to join my family?

Yes, I think most of you got it right. We have a new puppy called Annie. She is  8 weeks old and is a Cocker-Poo.

She is a little pickle and kept chasing me in the garden and chew on my shoes. I exchanged my shoes for a toy. If you see me with holes in my shoes you will all know why.

Puppies are like little babies and need to be looked after very carefully. We have to feed her 4 times a day and make sure she drinks plenty of water. She has been playing in the garden and getting exercise. We cannot take her out for a walk until she has had her next injection which will be in a few weeks time. She also has lots of naps, which is good as I can get all my jobs and work done in between. I look forward to sharing some of the things she does as she grows and develops. Did you notice the way Annie ate her food?

Have a look at the photo!


I spoke to Mrs Morris yesterday and she shared her beautiful video of the swan and signets. She said I could share it with you. I hope you enjoy it!

Have a great day everyone, Mrs Slack and I are missing you all and can't wait to see you. Our highlight of the week is seeing your lovely face during our Zoom story time.


Have a lovely day

With love from Mrs McLean




Meet Annie our new family member

Meet Annie our new family member 1
Meet Annie our new family member 2
Meet Annie our new family member 3

Swans at Wanstead Park taken by Mrs Morris to share with reception class

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 Wednesday 20th May 2020-and a very happy belated birthday for Robert who was 5 years old yesterday

 Good morning everyone, we are in for the hottest day of the year so far. Hope you are able to keep cool.

I am very excited today as we are going to have a new member of our family arriving.

I am not going to tell you any more, you will have to guess, but I will give you a couple of clues.

1. She is 8 weeks  and 2 days old, 

2. She has fur.

3.Her name is Annie. 

4 She wags her tail.

Wait a minute that was more than a couple of clues- have you guessed what our new member is?


Tomorrow I will post a photograph and you can see if you were correct.

Mrs Slack and I are looking forward to our Zoom meeting at 10am. Hope to see you there!

Have a lovely day

with love from Mrs McLeanxxxx


 Tuesday May 19th 2020

Good morning reception, I hope you are all well. This week is supposed to get hotter and hotter, so enjoy the fresh air and make sure you drink plenty of water.

Try and do your home learning first and then have a break in the garden.

Well done to Ollie for being the first to give me the answers to The Rainforest Challenge. I will give you the answers on Friday.

Stirling, I hope you had lots and lots of fun on your birthday?


Don't forget our Zoom meeting at 10am tomorrow morning

Have a lovely day everyone

Mrs McLean xxxx

Mrs McLean's Sunflower is now 17.5 cms tall

Mrs McLean's Sunflower is now 17.5 cms tall 1

18th May 2020

Happy Birthday Stirling 5 years old today.

Hope you have a great day and the sun will shine for you.

Hi everyone, happy Monday to you all. This week we begin our new topic on The rainforest, I hope you enjoy it.

How is your plant diary getting on. This is the last week to complete it. My sunflower is getting so tall now, it is 17.5cms tall. I really must plant it in the garden soon, which is what I have been saying for the last couple of weeks.

I spent some of the weekend sitting in my garden and was simply amazed as I looked around at the trees, shrubs and plants which have all come to life in my garden and how lovely it all looks. There are still so many different kind of birds flying around. How lucky we are to be in a world which is beautiful and has so much life.  


The Rainforest Monday Challenge


   I have three of questions, I would like you to find out for me and post your answers on Twitter or send me via the question/message box.



 Question 1- Rainforests are often called the lungs of the planet. Why?


Question 2- What would happen if there were no Rainforests?


Question 3 -Name some of the living things found living in the Rainforest.


Have a great day everyone and don't forget to let me know what you have found out.


With love from Mrs McLean


Friday 15th May 2020


Good morning everyone, happy Friday to you all and a very happy birthday to Akin who celebrates his 5th birthday today!


Mrs Slack and I are so excited and can't wait for our story time Zoom meeting at 11am this morning.

I hope you have enjoyed our topic for the week, it has been lots of fun and I have really been impressed with the work I have seen. I am looking forward to sharing with you the next topic which will lead us to half term.

I hope you liked the photos this morning. Fairlop Waters is really my favourite place.

Next week ( Wednesday), my daughter will be collecting our new puppy Annie, so I am so excited to be sharing some of the mischievious things she will be getting up to.



                              Happy Birthday Akin, I hope you have a brilliant bithday with your family.


Have a lovely day everyone, hope to see you later today.

With lots of love

Mrs McLean xxxx


 Thursday 14th May 2020

Good morning everyone, I hope you enjoyed watching Friday the turtle, unfortunately my signal wasn't very good and the picture kept freezing, but I will try and watch the recording later this week.

I have added some photos of my walk around  Fairlop Waters early yesterday morning. It was so peaceful apart from the noise of the geese. They were really noisy. It was so lovely to watch the parents keeping a close eye on their babies. Some of the goslings  were playing together which was really funny to watch.


Once again, I am simply amazed with some of the work I have seen on Twitter. I have seen some really great underwater scenes and coral reefs, writing, pictures of fish and great phonics work. Well done everyone.


Todays activity is concentrating on handwriting. It is really important to form letters correctly. There is a great online resource which you can find the link in the weekly planning sheet which will help you form them correctly.


There is quite a lot of free time today, after you have finished the phonics booklet and handwriting activity. You might want to try some of the other activities on offer or an online activity.

Why not try a science activity today, there are four activities which have a link with the topic.

Floating egg, Frozen sea, How fish breathe and Salt water density.


There is also a crack the code challenge which you could do with your family, as it is rather tricky.


You should have received your invite for the Zoom our story time for Friday via parent mail . I do hope you are able to join us, Mrs Slack and I really miss your lovely happy smiling faces. It is also a time to celebrate another birthday. Two birthdays this week, how marvellous!

Whatever you decide to do today, remember to have lots of fun and enjoy the outside when you can!

With love from Mrs McLean xxxx

Another lovely walk around Fairlop Waters to see the baby ducks and geese. They are growing quickly now!

Another lovely walk around  Fairlop Waters to see the baby ducks and geese. They are growing quickly now! 1
Another lovely walk around  Fairlop Waters to see the baby ducks and geese. They are growing quickly now! 2
Another lovely walk around  Fairlop Waters to see the baby ducks and geese. They are growing quickly now! 3
Another lovely walk around  Fairlop Waters to see the baby ducks and geese. They are growing quickly now! 4
Another lovely walk around  Fairlop Waters to see the baby ducks and geese. They are growing quickly now! 5


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Good morning children, I hope you all slept well and have had your breakfast and are ready for another busy day. Did you noticed the new link to the aquarium?  In the afternoon ( today )you can watch Friday, the giant turtle, I wonder why he is called Friday? What a strange name for a turtle! I know that what ever I am doing, I will stop, click on the link and watch it, I am so excited.

I have been so impressed with the wonderful writing, pictures, drawings and photos of snails, phonic towers and drawings of fish I have seen on Twitter. You have all been very busy. I know not all of your parents are on Twitter and you may not be  able to share your work with me, but I am sure you have been very busy with your home learning, so jolly well done whatever you have completed so far this week and I am very proud of all of you.

I hope you have all been enjoying this weeks theme, I think it must be one of my favourite.

I have now assigned some maths work on Mathletics, linked to counting both forward and backwards, ordering  numerals and finding numbers which come before, after and in-between. Please have ago if you can.

I hope you have noted the new time for our Zoom meeting, which is Friday at 11am, I know Mrs Denchfield has been very busy, if the invite has not been sent via parent -mail  later today, I will include the link on Thursday.

Have a great day everyone and don't forget to watch Friday the turtle if you can.

With love from Mrs McLean xxx


I hope you had a great Birthday Henrique xxx

It has been brought to my attention that The London Aquarium is live every Wednesday afternoon, Please see link on class page.


Tuesday 12th May 2020

Happy 5th Birthday Henrique xxx Hope you have a lovely day, the sun is shining for you today.


Good morning reception, I hope you enjoyed looking for snails yesterday?

As an additional activity if you have time, you look research Matisse the snail picture and make your own snail picture by tearing paper up and forming a coil shape.

Today the sun is shining but I think it going to get a little chillier later but not to cold to have a walk or play outside in the garden. Today I am going to set you some Mathletics work to start tomorrow, I hope you have been consolidating your addition and subtraction work as it is really important.


I have added a new link on the class page which will take you to London Zoo, where they are having virtual tours. Why not meet some animals today?


On Friday is our new Zoom session at 11am, but then the following week it will be Wednesday again, apologises for any confusion. You should be getting your invite soon.

Have a great day today and have lots of fun!

With love from Mrs McLean



Monday 11th May 2020

Monday 11th May 2020  1
Monday 11th May 2020  2
Monday 11th May 2020  3

Monday 11th May 2020

Good morning everyone, I do hope you had a great long weekend and enjoyed not only the wonderful weather but the VE celebrations. We enjoyed a yummy BBQ in the garden. I wanted to share with you some of the phots I took during my morning walk around Fairlop Waters on Sunday. I went out fairly early and it was still quite warm, it was so nice and peaceful and the scenery is stunning around Fairlop Waters. There are so many Geese and goslings at different stages, I needed to be careful as both mum and dad were on guard, ensuring I wasn't too near to their little ones. Today the first thing you need to do is to listen to the story The Snail and the Whale as this will lead on to your activities for the week. I hope you enjoy listening to the story and completing todays activities.

Have a lovely Monday everyone, speak soon

With Love from Mrs McLean xxxx

Oak Academy Trust-11th May

This week the mathematics activities is counting and ordering numbers to 20 , which would be very useful and link to our work. There is also an assembly/worship on Thursday at 11am, which you may like to watch.

The work on the rainforest we will be covering in a few weeks when we look at animals, so it might be best to leave that. 

Friday 8th May 2020

Happy Friday everyone, we have come to the end of a very busy week again, well done for all your hard work.

I hope you are ready for some VE celebrations today. The sun will be shining, so make the most of the outside where you can. 

Did you find out what an Anderson shelter was or a barrage balloon?

Can you image looking up at the sky and just seeing large balloons everwhere, or sleeping for hours in a shelter? 


See you at 11am for a story Zoom

Have a great weekend

With love from Mrs McLean xxx


Thursday 7th May 2020

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well. This morning I was thinking about VE day tomorrow and thinking fondly of my grandparents who would tell me such tales of how life was back in the day. My grandparents lived in the east end of London, in Hackney where I was born. I remember them telling me how the sky was full of huge barrage balloons, They saw a great deal of action during the war and when the sirens went off people had to go to a place of safety,  My great nan lived in Bethnal Green and went into the Bethnal Green station where she would sleep sometimes all night, one day there was sheer panic to get into the station and a lot of people fell down the stairs and got crushed, my poor great grandmother hurt her back and couldn't walk very well after that. My nan and grandad would take my mum and uncle to the local Anderson shelter. One day in all the confusion, my uncle being an energetic little boy ran away and my nan and mum went down the shelter not knowing where he was. It was really scary. My mum's sister, my great aunt, found him wondering without a care and looked after him until it was safe to surface. Shortly after that my nan went to Hertfordshire with my mum and uncle until the war was over for their safety. Many families were sent away to the countryside  or children were sent away to stay with families they didn't  know. They were not able to see their parents for months, this was all to keep safe. So I did think, although I am missing all of you and my own children and grandchildren, it is a small sacrifice to pay in order for us all to be safe and well and we will meet again( I am not going to go into song) hopefully very soon.

In the afternoon, I am going to start preparing and make some flags and bunting to decorate my garden. I have cleaned my chairs and table and there is a bottle of lemonade in the fridge. My daughter Katie made some cakes yesterday, which we all ate, they were the trial ones! so today she is going to make some more for us to share tomorrow and celebrate Victory in Europe. I hope you have been able to do some work and find out about VE day in preparation for tomorrow. What ever you do just as always remember to have fun and try to do the  best you can.

Remember there is a Zoom meeting at 11am tomorrow if you can make it, just so that we can still keep in touch with each other and Mrs Slack and I can see your lovely happy smiley and some cheeky faces.

Have a fun day everyone

with love from Mrs McLean xxxxxx


Can you find out what are barrage balloons and Andersons shelters?




Wednesday 6th May 2020


Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great day of learning yesterday?

I saw lots of good examples of phonics and subtraction on Twitter yesterday not forgetting a sunflower diary.

I measured my sunflower today as I finally found a tape measure, it is now 14cms tall, which this is simply amazing. I really must either plant it in another larger pot or in my garden.

Today is the last day to complete the work on subtraction on Mathletics and

then you are free to explore the rest of the programme.

I hope you are getting ready for Friday's celebration. Have you made any bunting or coloured your flag yet? My daughter and I are going to make some cakes tomorrow using a cake mix as we still are unable to buy any flour, but I am sure it will taste just as nice and we will enjoy our own little party in our garden.

What ever you choose to do today, make sure you have some fun and have some time in the fresh air.

Speak again tomorrow

With love from Mrs McLean xxxxx


I hope you like the photo of my sunflower?

My Sunflower is getting taller

My Sunflower is getting taller 1

Tuesday 5th March

Good morning reception, what a lovely sunny but windy morning. I am almost ready for my daily workout and looking forward to a nice walk this lunchtime.

I hope you have been busy with Mathletics, you have until tomorrow evening to complete your tasks.

Have a great day everyone

With Love from Mrs McLean XXX

 Monday 4th May

Good morning reception and in the words of a Star Wars fan, May the 4th be with you!   Any way, less of that!

Happy Monday everyone and the sun is shining as we begin another week of home learning.

I hope everyone had a chance to look at the work planned for this week, over the weekend. I will ensure the work is on the class page Friday evening, so you have an opportunity to collect resources or prepare for your busy week ahead. Thank you for the feedback!

Don't forget to keep your plant diary. I am amazed how tall my sunflower has grown. I will add the photo tomorrow as I had a tidy up at the weekend and can't find my tape measure, I am sure it has doubled in size. My daughters' sunflower is beginning to grow now.  It has taken a while, but we must never give up!

Please can you all have a go at writing a prayer this week and sending them to me via the message box so that I can include them. Remember, I will not be able to say who they are from, but you will know.

Have a great day today

speak to you tomorrow 

With Love from Mrs McLean xxxxxx

Saturday 2nd May

Please note a link to Perform at Home-online drama, a free trial session. This is on the first page.

e-books for children or/and adults to read are being added to front page as received.

Friday 1st May 2020

Good morning reception, sorry for posting a little bit later but I went on my daily walk, just in case it begins to rain later. The sun is shining this morning but it did feel a bit cold, for the first time in several weeks, I wore a coat.


Well, we have come to the end of another week, that was a very quick week and I am amazed at the amazing work I have seen and the messages I have received informing me what you all have been up to. Very well done to you fabulous children and very well done parents for helping your children and keeping them happy.


Remember some days you may not be able to do much and that is okay, just do as much as you can, when you can. Before we know it we will all be back at school and can talk about some of the exciting things we have done at home.


Later today, I will be adding the plans for next week. This will enable parents to read and prepare and gather resources. I will also be assigning some short activities on Mathletics to complete. This time you will have only a few days to finish and then I will include some more for you to complete. 

Have a lovely day everyone and a super weekend and I will speak to you all on Monday.


Thursday 30th April

Happy Birthday Captain Tom, one hundred years young today.

Captain Tom is an amazing plan, who according to the BBC news this morning appeared on Blankety Blank many years ago. He has raised so much money for the National Health Service and has a number one musical hit at the moment and is an inspirational man.

Today I would like you to find out if you can, what would it have been like for Captain Tom growing up a hundred years ago. What were schools like when he was a little boy? Were they the same as our schools? What significant events happened when he was growing up and who was on the throne?

Hope you have fun being a researcher. If you like to you could make your own newspaper or book with information and pictures included in it.

Have a great day everyone

Mrs McLean xxxx

Wednesday 29th April -afternoon message

Good afternoon, it was really great to see you all this morning and for Mrs Slack to join in with the meeting.

Mrs Slack and I had a chat afterwards and we both agreed how we are missing you all so much and how lovely it was for both of us to see the class. How we wish we were back in school and doing lots of fun things with you.


 Next week we will have a Zoom meeting at 11-11.30am to enable a parent to join in with us, as this is the only time she can attend with her child. I know it is a bank holiday and you may want to go for a walk with your family. If you are unable to join us, no problem we will resume with the Wednesday meeting the following week. 

Thank you

Mrs McLean xx

Wednesday 29th April

Good morning everyone, I am so excited that I will be seeing most of you at 10am for our Zoom session. Mrs Slack will also be joining us too. 

Just to let you all know that I have set you some maths work on Mathletics which links to the weekly theme of counting and addition using a numberline. You have until Saturday to complete it and then you are free to choose your own activities. Have fun everyone and see you all later.

With Love from Mrs McLean xx

Tuesday 28th April

Good morning everyone, well I can't believe the weatherman  is correct and as I open the door to let my two cats in, the morning looks dull and very damp. My cat is purring away and trying to sit on my lap as I write this message. His  fur is very wet. Let's hope we have some moments where we can pop outside for a walk. At school we would put our coats on and go out in the playground with year one and year two as long as it was absolutely pouring down. I would also say to you 'don't jump in any puddles, save that for the way home'. Well today I am saying if you get out then jump, jump, jump and dance in all the puddles you can find, but parents stay back or you will get soaking too. I remember taking my grandson Arthur to Fairlop Waters after it had rained and he had his boots on and jumped in every single muddy puddle and loved every minute. He was soaked, but when we got back to my house, we changed his clothes (and mine, even though I hadn't been jumping-I was standing too near to him!) and had a nice hot chocolate and watched an episode of Peter Rabbit(with a little snack). 

As a sit on the sofa, my family still in bed, but it isn't 7am yet! I can her the rain dripping onto my window and every now and then I can hear a car passing my house, it sounds different now the road is wet. I have heard three cars go past in five minutes. Why don't you look out the window today and count how many cars go past your house in 5 minutes, or how many people? 

Don't forget our Zoom meeting tomorrow at 10am and I am really happy to tell you that Mrs Slack should be joining us too, which will be really nice.

I am going to have a Zoom meeting next week on a Friday as I know some parents are still working and are unable to Zoom in on Wednesday. Please let me know via message box which day is better for you all and I will try and alternate. I would also welcome any feedback on what is going well for you as a family with regards to home learning and the activities I set.

What ever you do today, have fun, keep safe and I will see you tomorrow.

With Love from Mrs McLean

My sunflower 27th April 2020 It is now 7cms tall

My sunflower 27th April 2020  It is now 7cms tall 1

Monday 27th April

Good morning everyone and welcome back to a new week of activities.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, what beautiful weather we have had to enjoy. I spent time sitting in my garden and it really is beautiful at this time of year with all the plants beginning to flower and very busy with lots of insects and birds. My neighbour has a huge tree and there are some magpies building a nest. It is interesting watching them flying with twigs in their beaks, ready for nest building.

I have been watering my sunflower and it has grown really quickly it is now 7cms tall. Soon I will plant it in a larger pot ready for the garden. I hope you are keeping your diary and watching a plant grow and change.  

I hope you have a great day learning and make sure you have plenty of fresh air and exercise. The weather man said it will rain all day tomorrow so get outside when you can.

I am so excited and looking forward to our Zoom meeting on Wednesday at 10am!

Have a great day

Mrs McLean


24th April 2020


Good Morning everyone, I can't believe it is Friday again and the end of the week has arrived. We have been so lucky with the weather and it will be a lovely day again today but the weather man has said that it will begin to get a little bit cooler over the next few days, so please enjoy the outside area while you can. Yesterday I had my morning walk around Fairlop Waters and it was so lovely to see all the baby goslings, walking along the bank by the lake.  It is important to have a walk in the fresh air.

I hope you have enjoyed completing some of the activities this week. Please don't worry if you haven't completed all the activities, some days we might want to have a rest and just enjoy playing, that is okay to do so, but I hope you have all said thank you to mummy and daddy for helping you learn while you are at home.  Next week we will begin with week two's activities. Don't forget to have a try at the 30 day Lego challenge if you have some spare time. I am really excited that on Wednesday we can meet up using Zoom and I am going to read you all a story or two, although I wish we were back in the class and Mrs Slack and I could read you a story whilst you are sitting in your own carpet space. Tomorrow I am going to use Zoom to read a story to Arthur, Rosa and Amelie, my grandchildren, before they have their tea, which I am really excited about. It is really sad not being able to see them, while they are keeping safe and learning at home just like you!smiley

Any way what ever you do today, have lots of fun and remember I am always thinking of you and can't wait to get back to school to see you all.

Have a lovely day and a great weekend



With love from Mrs McLean xxxx


23rd April 2020

Good morning everyone and happy St George's day!

The weather is going to get hotter than yesterday, so I hope you will keep safe by making sure you are well protected from the sun. Don't forget to put some sun cream on or stay in the shade. 

I hope you were able to be a garden detective yesterday and looked closely at the leaves in your garden or outside space? Did you name the main parts of a plant?

Could you answer the question 'Are all the leaves the same?'

Today when you have finished your daily phonics and reading, can you do some research and find out about who St George is? You could do some research on dragons and maybe have ago at drawing or making one using some boxes and tubes.

I have added Oak National Academy as a new link. This is a video demonstrating  a teacher teaching one more and her final lesson she is doing some whole  and part number. The lesson is working up to ten but it is important that children are secure and have mastered the skill required. You can extend this by working with larger numbers after watching the video.

Happy Thursday everyone. I hope you clap very loud tonight for the National Health, so that I can hear you from my house.

Bye for now

Mrs McLean xx

Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning everyone,

The weather yesterday was simply amazing even though there was a little breeze. I managed to get some fresh air and had my lunch outside in my garden. It was really lovely to sit quietly for a little while and listen to the birds singing. They can be so noisy! I have had a lot of butterflies visiting my garden too and I saw a wasp, which is most unusual for this time of the year. Today it would be great if you could practise all your letter sounds and then the phonic programme. Try reading some of the tricky words on the power-point. Then today would be a good day to be a garden detective and answer the following question:-Are all the leaves in your garden the same?

When you have had a good look around the garden, follow the plan and do some observation of a plant over 5 weeks. There is also a picture of a plant to download and


Don't forget to have some free time to play with your toys or watch a film snuggled on the sofa. It is good to chill. You could also do the 30 day challenge. Day one was a house, day two a boat which floats I am waiting to see what day three has to offer.yes

I hope you manged to do some whole-part numbers yesterday. As an extension you could record your answers as a number sentence for example 6+4=10  etc.

I have added a short prayer for the week. If we were at school, we would be having some time for prayer. This prayer is a good one to say with your family before your learning begins.

What ever you choose today

Enjoy and have fun

With lots of love

Mrs McLean xxxheart

     Tuesday  21st April                

Good morning everyone,

I hope you have had a chance to look at the activities planned for this week. I have already seen on Twitter some of you completing the Lego challenge, being very creative building in the garden and someone has been very busy writing and sharing their maths. There is a lot of great baking going on too.  Well done everyonesmiley


It is really good that I can now be sent messages from you, although I can only reply on my daily Blog, but it is great that messages come now come straight to me. 

I am looking forward to having Zoom time with you which I would like to do on a regular weekly. I would like to use these sessions to read you a story.


I have spoken to the team at Mathletics to see how I can add some more maths challenges as challenges only start from year two. One of my tasks today is to see if any of them are useful for reception children.  Meanwhile have a look at Classroom Secrets, Purple Mash and Top Marks to find maths which may stimulate you more. Please do the maths task I have set you all today everyone, make sure you watch the powerpoint first to help you understand a little better and let me know how you have got on with part  and whole numbers to 10 and then the challenge to 20.


I hope you have also been practising your Daily Phonics and reading, but also some time relaxing and chilling as well. I spoke to Mrs Slack yesterday and she sends her love and is missing you all very much, as we both are.heart

Have a great Tuesday everyone, speak again tomorrow.


With Love From Mrs McLean



2oth April

Good morning to our lovely reception children and parents. I do hope you have had a lovely Easter, if not a rather strange one. I can see from Twitter that many of you have been very busy and creative and have enjoyed quality time with your family. In my house we have had Zoom quiz nights with our family, I dressed up as Mary and Poppins and had a little show for my grandchildren and had a chance to face time many friends around the world. This week I am going to via Zoom, read an afternoon story to my grandchildren. I would love to do that with you too!


I hope you like the new class page. I have tried to make it a little bit easier to find things, but you might need to look around first so that you are familiar with the new layout. Please click on the weekly activities and then the relevant week to find activities to do during the week. As usual I will be setting activities for Maths, Literacy and our weekly Phonics and a topic linked to what we would have been doing at school. I have also added classroom secrets home learning pack which you will find in the Learning pack section.

Please try to do phonics, reading and some counting everyday.The main maths activity can be done over several days. I would spend about 30 minutes for each session. The topic is a fun activity and can usually  be completed anytime.

We now begin our summer term of learning and our topic this term is Growth and change and Our beautiful world.

The first part of the term is looking closely at the growth of plants and thinking about what a plant needs to grow healthy. We will be also be looking at seeds in fruit and thinking about how we can be healthy. The second part of the term we will be focusing on pets, animals and minibeasts as well as the common thread of taking care of our beautiful world. 

During the Easter break, I planted a sunflower seed. We would have planted bean and sunflower seeds at school! My daughter Katie, planted her seed a week later. We have placed it right in our kitchen window where it gets a lot of sunlight and we have watered it everyday. When they are tall enough, we will plant them in the garden and see whose sunflower is the tallest. If you have the opportunity to plant seeds that would be really great.

Have a lovely day everyone, as the weather is quite nice today , have a look at the topic activity on plants as it involves walking around your garden or outside space!

I will speak again tomorrow, take care. Together we can get through this and all of you can shine, because you and your parents are shining already!heart

With love from

Mrs McLean xxxx



Sunflowers 1 My sunflower is two weeks old.!
Sunflowers 2 Katie's sunflower after one week!