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Animal sounds

Listen to the animal sound and choose the correct animal.


Foundation > Literacy > Animal moves




Animal sounds

Children can listen to and identify sounds.


Singing songs and action rhymes is a vital part of Phase One phonics activities and should be an everyday event.

On Espresso Discovery, you will find lots of different phonics activities. Also, activities can be on CBBC 

CBBC songs 

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Rhyming soup

In advance, gather up some rhyming objects (e.g. rat, hat, cat, you can use pictures) placed on the floor. Use a bowl and spoon as props to act out the song, take it in turns to choose an object to put into the soup and place it in the bowl. After each turn, stir the soup and sing the following song to recite the growing list of things that end up in the soup. Sing the first part of the song to the tune of ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’.

I’m making lots of silly soup

 I’m making soup that’s silly, I’m going to cook it in the fridge

 To make it nice and chilly

In goes… a fox… a box… some socks… 

Have one thing that does not rhyme. Will they spot it? 

Also this week, we will be thinking about capacity, so try to collect some different sized bottles. If the weather stays warm, they can investigate with water outside. Here comes the health warning - (always remember children should always be supervised with water no matter how little the amount).


Remember, books, rhyming stories and poems are fantastic ways to introduce children to new vocabulary and sounds.