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The Owl and the Pussycat S10 Write a diary entry.

Task 1

Share the power point presentation, How to write a fantastic diary entry

Task 2

Building on yesterday’s activity, pretend to be the Owl or the Pussycat and collect ideas about what happened one particular day.

  • What might you have done on that day?

Maybe you caught some fish, ate the last of the honey, rode on the shell of a turtle, sailed through a storm, or met mermaids or pirates?

  • Where were you?

Maybe you were in your comfortable pea green boat, on a sandy beach, in the warm sea, on a friendly pirate ship or a mermaid’s rock?

  • What could you see?
  • How did you feel?
  • What happened first, next, after that?
  • How did you feel when…?


Jot your ideas down.


Task 3

Using your jottings, write your diary entry. 


Use this Diary Writing Checklist:


  •   Include the date the diary was written.
  •   Write in the past tense.
  •   Use the words ‘I’, ‘my’, ‘we’, and ‘our’.
  •   Describe your feelings.
  •   Write about the (important) events in the order they happened.
  •   Use time linking words, like ‘first’, ‘next’, ‘then’.
  •   Talk about where events happened.