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Friday 10 July

How many words or phrases can you write down that indicate the passage of time. See how many you can write down in two-minutes?


When you have finished your list have a look at the resource “Vocabulary for time”. The sheet shows subordinating conjunctions of time, adverbials of time, and prepositions of time. Can you identify the correct language in each section showing the passage of time?


If you need to recap your knowledge of Subordinating conjunctions the BBC has a short clip and a game that will help you.


Have you identified the subordinating conjunction of time in the first three sentences? What about the adverbials of time in the next three sentences? Lastly, did you recognise the prepositions of time in the final three sentences? Look at the end of today's English sheet for the answers.


When you have finished have a look at the resource sheet “Examples of vocabulary”. Can you add to the list of words in each section? Be careful, as the sheet reminds you, that some words can fall into more than one category demonstrating the passage of time. e.g. “When” can be both a conjunction and an adverb of time.


Have another look at the resource sheet “Features of a Biography”. Make particular note of bullet points 4.

  • Written in chronological order of time.


Today you are going to gather information about Auriol, sequencing the facts in a chronological order using vocabulary to signify the passage of time via a timeline of key events in her life. Ideally, I want you to get about 8-10 key facts about Jacqueline Auriol.


Below are some good sites to acquire some facts.



If you wish to see some actual footage of Jaqueline’s flight go to The clip is without sound.


Remember that your facts need to be in chronological order. Once you have settled upon the facts that you will use try to develop your sentences into a paragraph to build a character background.



Subordinating conjunctions

  1. Before
  2. When
  3. Whilst

Adverbials of time

  1. Soon
  2. Next
  3. Eventually

Preposition of time

  1. In
  2. In
  3. On