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Friday Art

Can I make my own sunflower picture?


Task 1

Look at the sunflower photographs.

Look carefully at the colour and shape of the petals

Look carefully at the centre of the flower where the seeds are.

Look carefully at the size and shape of the leaves.

Look carefully at the tall stem.


Task 2

Look at the painting of the Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh.

Read the information about it.


Task 3

Choose one of the mindfulness colouring sheets to colour and/or create your own sunflower picture. You could draw, paint or make a collage using different papers, pasta, lentils, rice ........


Task 4 (optional)

Click on the link to listen to ‘Camille and the Sunflowers’ by Laurence Anholt, a story about the artist, Vincent van Gogh. Click here