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History Thursday and Friday

History – S3 What events from Neil Armstrong’s life would you include on a timeline?

Task 1

Read the power point presentation about Neil Armstrong. 

Task 2

Make a timeline of events to recount the life of Neil Armstrong using the information you have gathered.  You can use the Neil Armstrong Timeline Activity Sheet, as you wish.

History – S4: What does it take to be a great explorer?

Task 1

What makes a great explorer?

Record your ideas in sentences.


What made Neil Armstrong a great explorer?

Give reasons for your opinions.


Task 2

Make a model rocket.

You can use the templates offered, recycle and reuse packaging or use a construction kit like Lego.

Task 3 – OPTIONAL - Learn about the planets in our solar system. 

Read Cool facts about planets in our solar system.  

Build a Lego Solar System (like in the photo).  Can you see the sun, followed by miniscule Mercury? 

Or use the Solar System Mobile Template. 

Finally, for fun try The Big Space Quiz.  Click here.