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There has been a change to accessing the worksheets from White Rose.

While everyone can still access the videos for the maths on the White Rose Maths web site, the worksheets are no longer open to everyone. This being said, the PowerPoint slides and worksheets below accompany the Video links in White Rose Maths. I have also included a link to the BBC Bitesize web page that also provides additional guidance and sometimes materials related to the area of learning each day. Like always, my suggestion is to watch the video first, then go through the PowerPoint next select the level of challenge in the varied fluency to answer first,  lastly select a level of challenge from the Reasoning and Problem-Solving sheets. 

I hope this helps and if you have any questions please use the message sheet from the class page and I will try to answer any questions in the daily message. 

Mr Blakeston

BBC Bitesize web pages