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Message Box Replies Summer term one

22nd May 2020

Message End of Reception Targets

I will download the targets children should be working at and expected by the end of reception during the weekend. 

Thank you Mrs McLean


Query regarding vertical addition from Miss Peach Math Leader at W C S and Year 2 Teacher
We do not teach vertical addition until Year 3 as we want children to use their mental ability first so we are sure of their understanding. In Key Stage 1 children would add e.g. 34 and 23 by adding 30 and 20 and then adding 4 and 3. They would use practical resources first e.g. Dienes and then move onto doing this horizontally e.g. 34 + 23 = 30 + 20 + 4 + 3 = 50 + 7 = 57. The children need a lot of practice at partitioning numbers so they know 34 = 30 + 4 and 23 = 20 + 3 and recombining so they know 50 + 7 = 57. We would expect children to be able to explain this process. 

 Vertical Addition continued 19th May 2020

Message from Mrs B Year One

WE do not teach vertical addition because children need to develop their understanding and larger numbers, rather learning a method of adding larger numbers. In Year 3 children will learn about different methods. In KS1 children will not be able to explain their thinking about number not simply tell you how to vertically add tens and ones.

17th May 2020-Maths query

With regards to the query tens and units, we no longer teach children the vertical way of addition in Key stage one, children use the number line version, which is why it is important for children to learn how to count on and back when using it. I have sent a message to our maths coordinator to see if we can offer you further advice but please do not use this method as it will confuse your child and could hold your child back in the long run.

When adding larger numbers to 100, make it practical , for example group objects in tens what happens when there are not enough for a group of ten -3 groups of ten and group of 7 (37)how could we record it 37-making sure that there is that understanding of what tens and units mean, 


Using the number line 10+10+10+7 then count in ten 10,20,30 plus 7 +37

workings are done on number-line, horizontally.


I will try and get an example or draw and take a photo of it and upload it, but will wait for a response from our coordinator first.

I hope you understand what I mean?

Mrs McLean 

17th May 2020

In response to the question re Mathletic, could you be a little more specific please.

Mathletics for reception only goes up to 20. Try Bitesize and Top Marks year one maths for more of a challenge.

From a previous discussion, when I moved a child up a level, it was to difficult and you could still access a higher level from reception? Sorry please could you explain what you mean.

Many thanks

Mrs McLean


Aquarium Link 12th May 2020

Thank you so much for the link to the aquarium, I have had a look already and it is lovely.

Many thanks for the information


The nursery and I had double booked our original Zoom time, so I changed the receptions zoom time, forgetting that I am on a zoom mathematics training session at 9am -10.30 that morning. Therefore I am changing the meeting time to 11am on Friday.  Please could you bring this message to the attention of other parents, in case they haven't seen it. I will send the invite via parent mail, once everything is finalised. Sorry if this time is inconvenient, we will be back to Wednesday next week.




Monday 11th May-Zoom message

Zoom meeting change of time

Good morning it has been brought to my attention, that the reception Zoom meeting clashes with the Nursery Zoom time. I have booked another meeting for 10am on the same day. I am waiting for Mrs Denchfield to invite you

via parent mail, hopefully you will get this later, so please wait for email to confirm the time. Any problems with changing it, I will let you know.

29th April 2020

Handwriting Query

When forming the letter 'k', you should be showing the children how to form the looped version.

Have a look at the handwriting pattern family sheet as this has a handwriting sheet for the children to complete.

The 'Write ink' direction sheet, unfortunately although really good for teaching children a rhyme or jungle,to help them form the letters correctly, when it comes to the 'k' is doesn't apply as it shows the other version.


28th April 2020

Hi everyone, I have assigned Mathletic work for your child to complete by Saturday, linked to counting using a number line. After Saturday, you are then free to use Mathletics for all activities. Please use other maths websites if you have any problems and let me know through the message page.

Many thanks

Mrs McLean

23/4/20 Timetable

On Monday I will include a suggested weekly timetable to help organise your weekly activities. Obviously use this as a reference and change it to sort your own family routines and needs. 

Thank you Mrs McLean



Replying about query about house points

Good morning and apologises if I have caused any worries about house points. I am trying to keep some things as normal as possible, talking about house points give hope that we will return to school and that our lives can resume as normal. This was supposed to be a bit of 'fun' and light release in a stressful time.

I am very aware that not all parents include things on Twitter in fact I think there are only about 8 regular children/parents. This does not mean other children will be at a disadvantage. You could keep a reward chart and add a smiley face each time your child has dome some super work and tell them that this is to give to me when we get back and that I will give them house points. If possible take a photo of some of the things your child has done and keep them in a scrap book; for example making a model or a cake etc. It does not have to be worksheet based. It is up to you. This will be good to share at school with not only myself and Mrs Slack, but also with their friends.

Many parents have jobs to do and have more than one child at home of varying ages. This is a difficult time for all parents and I know this too well with the struggles both my own children have, trying to work from home and home school their children, it is a tough time for you all and I applaud your support. If I have set too much work  for you and your child, then choose what you would like to do. Some days or weeks you may be able to do more than others.The most important thing is to have some routine with work but also we must take care of ourselves and think about our wellbeing. I am so proud of all the children and parents. We will get through this.




22/4/20 Replying to queries about Mathletics

 I am trying to find more challenging activities but it is difficult as the Reception Mathletics learning only goes up to 20. The Mathletics challenges are for year 2 and above. I have had a look at these and there are some which the children might be able to do in part only, but unless you complete the whole thing then  you are unable  to access other materials. I am trying to find out if I can set a challenge for a few days only. Mathletics has been used more wildly then first anticipated and my feedback to Mathletics will be that they need to include extension work for the reception children who have mastered their maths learning as there are in the other year groups. I think my best suggestion would be to use Top Marks and Classroom Secrets. I am still investigating other suitable maths programmes and will update when I have finalised them.


Resources:- Some parents have indicated that they have not got a printer. That should not be a problem as you can copy information, charts, worksheets and record the answer in your own way. The important thing is the learning intention and that learning is happening. I have seen brilliant examples of children's work in a range of ways. Parents, have been amazing. Thank you.

I am keeping an eye of the work children post and will add house points when we get back, I have a tally sheet here in my house. Of course not all are able to access Twitter and if photos are taken or project books made I can see some of the marvellous things achieved.


I hope this information is helpful.

Mrs McLean