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Welcome back to school and to a new beginning in Year 3! 


I am sad that I will not be seeing you just yet if you are having to stay at home, but I am very much looking forward to seeing you when you return to school. All your work is in the 'Home Learning' folder, along with a message from me. 


Have a great first day of Year 3 (even if you are not physically in the school building just yet cheeky).

Miss Simpsonheart





To my class of 2019-2020,

Thank you so much for my lovely cards, messages and presents. I will miss teaching you all and I have enjoyed getting to know you - even though our time together was cut short. You are all amazing and I have already seen such growth in such a short time! Good luck in year 4. smileyheart





Good morning Year 3. 

I hope that you all have been pushing on and continuing to do some learning this week. Remember that I will leave all of the work on the class page until we return back to school in September.


Today I will allow you to see all Year 3 activities on Mathletics so that you can use it over the holidays. I will also move everyone up on TTRockstars so that you can practise all of the times tables over the summer. 

Tomorrow is our last Zoom together and I would like to see you all, if you can make it please.

Have a lovely day.

Miss Simpsonheart



Good morning Year 3. How are you feeling today?


Let’s start the day with the following prayer:



It important that we remember to think about all the things that we are thankful for. Whilst this time at home has been difficult for most of you because you have missed school and your friends, it has also given you time to share experiences with your family. Some of you have taken this time to learn new skills, develop the skills you already had and explore new interests. We must remember to be grateful to those around us who have shown us love and support during this time, and to those who have bravely continued to go out and help others during the lockdown. 

As we think about the things that we are grateful for, we can begin to consider what we are looking forward to. Are you looking forward to seeing your friends/family? Are you looking forward to a new beginning? Or are you looking forward to all the fantastic learning that you are going to do in Year 4 with Miss Ilenda? Take some time this week to think about what you are looking forward to the most and why. Maybe you can discuss this with someone at home.


Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Miss Simpsonheart




Good morning Year 3! 

It was lovely seeing so many of you yesterday and with smiles on your faces. laugh I hope that yesterday’s Zoom helped to answer any questions that you had about your return to school. If you have any more questions, you can either message me via the class message box or you can ask me in our final Year 3 Zoom on Friday.


Please remember that there is no Zoom this morning because you had a Zoom yesterday. 

Have a wonderful day.

Miss Simpsonheart


Good morning my lovelies. It’s your final week in Year 3! Gosh that went quickly, didn’t it? surprise

I hope that you are looking forward to your Zoom later on today, where you will find out who your Year 4 teacher will be. 

For English this week, you will notice that you are completing last week’s work from the Oak National Academy site. If you were a child who did that work last week instead of the work that I set, then have a go at doing some of the lessons set on Jabberwocky. You will find the work in the folders from the last two weeks.


In the ‘Grammar’ folder, I have put lots of sheets in there for you to get familiar with using a range of punctuation. Please take advantage of this and try to practise as much as you can. 

If you click on the pictures in the ‘Other’ folder, they will lead you to the sites that you need to go on to complete each lesson.


Have a great start to your week.

Miss Simpsonheart

Response to message:

I have now added the writing challenge cards back to the class page. It is located in the 'Writing Challenges' folder.


Miss Simpson


Happy Friday everyone. 

As we have our Zoom meeting this morning, I won’t write too much. Please remember to have a sentence or two from your description ready to share with your peers. If you did not do those lessons or just would rather not share, then please still come and enjoy listening to the work of others. Also, if you would like to share anything else with the class, make sure that you have it with you before the meeting begins.


Enjoy your day.

Miss Simpsonheart


Good morning Year 3. 

Just a quick message to say that I hope that your week is going well and to remind you that you can message me if you need help with anything.


I am aiming to look at any work that there is on Purple Mash between today and tomorrow, so make sure that you upload anything that you want me to have a look at.


Have a good day.

Miss Simpsonheart

Response to messages:

I have been informed that the maths challenges for Thursday and Friday was only showing the answers. I am not sure why this was happening, as it was not showing up that way when I viewed it. I have now replaced those challenges on the class page.


Miss Simpson




Good morning Year 3! smiley


It was lovely to see those of you who attended the class Zoom yesterday. For those of you who didn’t, I hope that your week has been great so far and I hope to see you on Friday.


Many of you have been asking when you will find out who your Year 4 teacher is going to be. You will find out next week Monday in a special Zoom meeting. If you could all please make it to that meeting, it would be good.


Some of you would have written your description already from yesterday’s English lesson. Today’s focus is on editing. This is an important skill to learn so that you can make your writing the best that it can be. It is a skill which you will continue to develop as you continue your journey as authors. Remember that I will be asking you to read your best sentence or two in our Zoom meeting on Friday. It is okay if you choose not to share but I think that it is important that your hard work is celebrated. You may even inspire one of your friends to improve their description! 

Have a lovely day.

Miss Simpsonheart



Good morning Year 3! How are we all today?


I have not received any questions about the work set this week, so I am assuming everyone is okay with it all. I will be running through the activities set for the week briefly during today’s Zoom and I am more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about any of the work during our meeting.  

I want to remind you all that you should be reading daily. Choose a book that you are interested in or work your way through the paper copy list of books that I have previously given to you. If you look in one of the folders from the previous weeks, the list will also be in there. 

Have a lovely day.

Miss Simpsonheart




Good morning Year 3. How was your weekend? I know that some of you were doing some exciting things over the weekend, so I hope that you enjoyed it. smiley


You will see that all of your work for the week is in the folder named ‘w.b 06/07/20’.


Your English this week is a continuation of the work that you have done on ‘The Jabberwocky’. If you would rather follow the English lessons on the Oak National Academy site this week, feel free to do so.


Your maths this week is around fractions. Most of you will find the work quite simple this week as it is ordering, adding and subtracting fractions. I will talk you through this a bit more during tomorrow’s Zoom meeting. At the bottom of the maths folder, you will see a ‘Daily Maths Challenge’ folder. There are additional maths tasks in there for you to complete if you would like to. Those challenges are unrelated to the work that is set each day but allows you to reuse skills that you have previously learnt in order to solve each problem.


Lastly, all other work is from the Oak National Academy throughout the week and should be straight forward for you to find.


Remember to read daily and use your TTRockstars account (as well as other things) to practise your times table. The Oak National Academy has lessons on times tables this week if you want some extra help. 

Have a wonderful day.

Miss Simpsonheart



Good morning Year 3. It’s the end of another week and I know that lots of you have been enjoying quality time with your families and have been excited to begin some of your music or sports lessons again. smiley

For today’s Zoom meeting, I would like you to remember to bring your drawing of the Jabberwock. If you have not done it yet, that is fine - maybe you will get inspiration from some that you will see today. 

Have a fabulous Friday.

Miss Simpsonheart


Good morning Year 3. I hope that you have all had a good sleep. smiley

Today’s English is all about drama! Yaay! It involves no writing but you do have to really think about your body language, facial expressions and tone of voice. I have included a challenge for you all as well, which is to learn the poem by heart. Now remember, it is a challenge and may require you to practise a fair bit before you can recite the poem from memory. You may be able to do that by today, next week or the week after that. There is no need to worry if you cannot remember it all today. Remember to try and get everyone in your household involved. 


I hope that your day is filled with laughter and fun.

Miss Simpsonheart




Happy new month everyone! Summer holidays are just around the corner now! smiley


I enjoyed seeing all of your smiling faces yesterday and I hope that our short chat helped you understand the poem more. 

Today I have asked you to draw the Jabberwock. Try your best to not search for an image of the Jabberwock using the internet. Use evidence from the text and creativity to create a detailed image. On Friday’s Zoom, I would like you to bring this image with you to share with your peers. Let’s see how they are similar and different.


Enjoy a wonderful Wednesday.

Miss Simpsonheart




Good morning my lovelies. I hope that you had a wonderful start to your week! smiley

I know that looking at the English for this week, some of you would have been excited to try something new and some of you may have found it daunting after using the Oak National Academy lessons for so many weeks. If you wish to do so, I am quite happy for you to follow the lessons on the Oak National Academy website this week instead. Choose the weekly English plan that you think you will enjoy doing.


I look forward to seeing you in our class Zoom meeting today.

Miss Simpsonheart








Good morning everyone! How was your weekend? 

When you have had a look at this week’s timetable, you may notice that this week’s English is not from the Oak National Academy site. The first reason for this is that I thought that you may enjoy mixing it up a bit, as some of you have been a little less motivated to complete your English work than you were at the beginning of your home-learning experience. The second reason is purely selfish... I really enjoy this poem and I  am hoping that you will too! laugh


Take a look at the timetable and planning for the week and do not forgot to message me any questions in time for our class Zoom meeting tomorrow. 

Have a fantastic start to your week.

Miss Simpsonheart


Good morning Year 3. It is a beautiful day and a Friday... yaayy! smiley

I am looking forward to seeing you all in a bit for our Zoom meeting. Come prepared to share something that you have enjoyed doing this week. It does not have to be the work set.


Have a wonderful Friday.

Miss Simpsonheart


Good morning my lovelies! How are we all today? 

I hope that you all have been enjoying the sunshine and spending some time outside in your garden or a park. The weather has been gorgeous this week, so make the most of it and go explore. 

Yesterday you had your first lesson of equivalent fractions. How did it go? Remember that the best thing to do with fractions is to draw or make them. It is easier to understand them when you can see them.


Remember to practise your spellings and you can do your test in bits, so that it is not overload.


Have a good day.

Miss Simpsonheart


Good morning everyone! smiley 


It has been lovely speaking to those of you who I have already spoken to. I have been amazed with the resilience and self-motivation which some of you have been displaying throughout this time. I can hear that you are trying your best with your work, enjoying your time with your family and picking up new hobbies/interests. I can’t wait to speak to the rest of you, and hear all of the amazing things that you have been up to!

Don’t forget to use the class message box to send me your ideas for what we spoke about in the Zoom meeting.

Have a lovely day.

Miss Simpsonheart 

Response to message:

No Mathletics work has been set for this week.


Miss Simpson


Good morning Year 3. How did the start of your week go?

I am looking forward to seeing you later on today in our Zoom meeting. If you have any questions that you want answered, make sure that you write them down so that you do not forget them. It would be nice to see all of you at the meeting today as I have something to share with you all. 


I will be making calls this week to check up on how you are doing and also how your parents/ carers are doing. The call is just to make sure that everyone is well and to see if I can do anything else to help you in any way.


Have a wonderful day.

Miss Simpsonheart 


Response to messages:

Many of you have messaged me in regards to your child not understanding how to find fractions of amounts. Get your child to get objects of the total amount (the whole) and then they need to split that total up into parts (the denominator). This is so that they can find a unit fraction first. This part is just sharing/ dividing - remind your child of that. Once they have partitioned the whole, your child needs to consider how many parts of the whole the question is asking for (the numerator). 



I had 28 pebbles in my bag. I gave 3/7 of my pebbles to Peter. How many pebbles did I give to Peter? 


I first need to find 1/7 of 28 (unit fraction). I get 28 objects around my house and physically share them out equally into 7 groups. Once this is done, each group has 4 objects in them (parts). I then look back at the question and see that I want 3 lots of those parts, so 3 x 4. I know that 3 x 4 = 12, so I gave Peter 12 of my pebbles.


I will use tomorrow's Zoom to go through this briefly with anyone who needs help. 


I have also added a spelling list in the timetable document for this week. 

Miss Simpson



Good morning Year 3. I hope that you had a lovely weekend.


I have not done an alternative plan for writing this week as it is a writing form which we have not covered so far in Year 3. I think it is important that you have some type of teacher input in order to complete the writing task this week, as it will all be new to you. Try your best to follow along with the site for English as much as you can this week


Did you know that today is National Windrush Day? National Windrush Day marks the anniversary of the arrival of HMT Empire Windrush at the Port of Tilbury, Essex, on 22 June 1948. The arrival of the Empire Windrush almost 72 years ago marked a significant moment in Britain’s history as those who arrived on the Empire Windrush made a huge contribution to post-war Britain. 

In 1948, Britain was just starting to recover from World War II. Thousands of buildings had been bombed, loads of houses were destroyed and it all needed to be rebuilt. 

In the Caribbean, lots of young men and women had served in the British armed forces because, at the time, many Caribbean countries were still under British rule and not yet independent.

After the war, some of them answered an advert to come to Britain where there were lots of different jobs to do.  These people became known as the Windrush Generation, named after the ship that brought the first arrivals to the UK - the Empire Windrush.


Have a good start to your week.

Miss Simpsonheart




Good morning Year 3. I hope that you have had a good week.


I know that many of you are finding it more and more difficult to keep motivated... believe me, you are not alone! Other children and adults around the UK are feeling the exact same way. Whilst it is completely normal for you to have this feeling because your world is so different to what you are used to right now, it is really important that you find that inner strength and keep on going with your home learning. When we all return to school, we will already have so much to catch up with so anything that you are doing now is only going to help you to be in a better position when you return to school.

Another thing to remember is that your parents/ carers are doing everything possible to try and make this experience as positive as possible for you. Try to talk to the adults around you about how you are feeling because you never know, they may be feeling exactly the same way. It is vital that you do things to make yourself feel happy during this time, but it is equally important that you take in consideration the feelings of those around you. I hope that you keep this message in mind going into next week, and demonstrate that resilience and compassion that I know you all have.


I hope you all understand how incredibly proud of you I am and how unbelievably astonished I am by the dedication that you have shown to your learning this far. Keep it up my lovelies! smiley


I can’t wait to see all of your creations in our Zoom meeting today.


Keep a smile on your face.

Miss Simpsonheart


Good morning! smiley


Yesterday, many of you would have completed the science lesson on making different sounds. Why don’t you try to use different items in your house to create different sounds today? What do you notice? Does the shape/ material/ size of the item change the sound that it makes?


For tomorrow’s Zoom meeting, I would like you all to bring your drawing of your hybrid animal. You will get time to show the rest of the class your amazing creation and to talk a little bit about your animal. I can’t wait to see these! laugh


We are going to end today’s message with the following prayer:



Have a fantastic day.

Miss Simpsonheart

Response to message:

Mi.W. your Mathletics account should be working now and you should be able to complete the activities that have been set.


Miss Simpson



Good morning Year 3. We are already halfway through the week! I hope that you are all getting the time to go outside and enjoy some of the sunshine as and when it appears.


How was creating your own hybrid animal? Did you look at some of the mythical creatures that I was telling you about? If you have not done any of that yet, have a go at it today. Remember to be as imaginative as you can and HAVE FUN. Everyone can use the planning sheet if they would like a bit of guidance when creating their animal.

Those of you who have not managed to complete the activities on Mathletics yet, please do so soon. They are due in on Friday morning (9am).

Have a great day.

Miss Simpsonheart

Response to messages:

The weekly timetable is in the folder, where I usually put it. When you clicked on the ‘Week 10’ folder yesterday, it should have been the first thing that you saw.


Miss Simpson



Good morning Year 3. I hope that you have had a fantastic start to the week and have begun to complete your home-learning with great confidence. 

I look forward to seeing you all in our class Zoom meeting a little later on today. I have not received any questions about the work set this week so I am assuming that you all understand the tasks. I will briefly go over the timetable with you today and answer any questions that you may have. I am not expecting today’s Zoom to last any longer than 30 minutes, which will take you right up to your lunchtime! smiley


Have a lovely day.

Miss Simpsonheart





Good morning my lovelies! I hope that you had great weekend, full of relaxation and fun. smiley

D.P. I hope that you had a wonderful birthday yesterday.


As you look at the work for this week in the 'Week 10' folder, you may notice a few changes. The first change is that in the 'Maths' folder, there are now videos for you to follow instead of powerpoints. You can thank Mr. Blakeston for showing me them wink. The videos will give you more detailed information on the learning needed for some of your lessons. Another thing that you may notice is that in the 'Maths' folder I have included ext sheets for each day. These will work a bit like the ones that we had on our Maths Working Wall. The further you get into the week, the more they should challenge you. Lastly, in the 'English' folder there is an alternative weekly plan. This plan is for those of you who are finding using the Oak National Academy site a bit daunting/ frustrating. I have tried to plan the lessons so that it broadly follows the unit on the Oak site (as I do not want any of you to miss out on the learning) but  I have tried to simplify it for you. There are two lessons where I think that listening to the teacher explanation will be beneficial to you. You will be able to see which lessons those are in the planning. If you wish to try the alternative planning out this week, you are more than welcome to. We will discuss how it went during our Friday Zoom meeting, and if it does not work, we will have a rethink. 


On your Mathletics accounts, you will see that I have set you some activities to complete by Friday. At the end of the week, I will have a look at who has completed these activities. If you have not completed them by then, I will reassign them to you.


Don't forget to message me any questions that you have about your work by the end of the day.


Have a wonderful day.

Miss Simpsonheart




Good morning my lovelies! It’s Friday... Woohoo! laugh


Today’s learning is pretty straight forward and your main focus for the day is to spend time producing a wonderful letter as one of the crayons. Remember to use the notes from your planning - that is what your plan is for! When you are following today’s lesson on the Oak National Academy website, particularly pay attention to how you should structure your letter, as this is very important. I cannot wait to read them! smiley 

I look forward to seeing you in today’s Zoom meeting. Don’t forget to think about something that you have done this week that you are proud of or something exciting that you have done, so that you can share it with the rest of the class.


Finally, I want to say a special birthday shout-out to D.P. Happy birthday in advance and I hope that you have an amazing birthday on Sunday!  

Have a fantastic Friday.

Miss Simpsonheart


Good morning Year 3! 

I want to say a massive well done to all of you who took part in the TTRockstars challenge this week - you should be proud of yourselves. Twenty of you joined in and worked as a team to win this week’s competition. Give yourself a big pat on the back! smiley

The final score was:
Year 3 - 5,933 

Year 4 - 3,546


The top scorers in Year 3 were:

1st - M.B (1,895)

2nd - Mi.W (704)

3rd - K.B-L (639)


I also want to say well done to those of you in Year 4 who participated in the challenge. smiley

Today’s English is looking at subordinate clauses. Please take the opportunity to explore the extra resources in the ‘Grammar’ folder. 

I would like to end today’s message with the following prayer: 



Have a great day.

Miss Simpsonheart



Welcome to Wednesday Year 3. It was so lovely seeing you all during yesterday’s Zoom meeting... even if it didn’t go exactly to plan! frown


You have a day full of lots of exciting learning. Remember with your plan, only write notes. The notes are to help you when you write your final piece. You can also follow the first half of Friday’s lesson on the Oak National Academy website to help you with your planning. Please do not begin your letter today. Focus on making your plan as detailed as possible, so that you only have to worry about composing your letter on Friday, instead of focusing on what ideas you should include in your letter.


Have a wonderful day.

Miss Simpsonheart



Note to parents:

Parents, the adults in school are now free to join in on the Zoom meeting. Sorry for the delay.


Good morning Year 3!smiley

I am super impressed with the head start that you have given yourself on the TTRockstars challenge. Many of you have already contributed well to the competition but I would like to see everyone participate please. 


I am looking forward to seeing you all at 11am for our Zoom meeting today. Please remember that this meeting is your chance to ask any questions that you have about the learning that has been set for you this week. For those of you who have messaged me questions already, thank you and I will address them in the meeting today. 


Here is a prayer to begin your day with:



Have a lovely day.

Miss Simpsonheart

Note to parents:

We will now be having Zoom meetings twice a week - Tuesdays at 11am and Fridays at 9.30am. The Tuesday Zoom meeting will be to address anything that your child is unsure of after having a chance to look at the weekly timetable on Monday. Although I am not able to teach, in this meeting I can give explanations and guidance where possible, so if you could please message me any questions by the end of Monday I can prepare a response in time for the Zoom meeting on Tuesday morning. The Friday meetings will be what they have been so far -  to catch up with how the week has gone and for children to share things that they have done throughout the week, if they wish to do so. If you could help your child to prepare something to share on a Friday if they would like to, I would be very grateful. If your child does not wish to share anything sometimes, that is okay. 


Miss Simpson 

I want to say a very special happy birthday to Mi.W! I hope that you have a wonderful day. smiley


Good morning Year 3. It is a new week and a new opportunity to expand your knowledge through your learning! smiley


All of this week's work is in the folder marked 'Week 9'. You will see that I have made slight changes to the organisation of the timetable. One of those changes is that on a Friday, I have made the English slot longer. This will be the case from now on. The reason that I have done this is to give you more time to produce a final piece that is to the best of your ability. I have also added a 'free time' slot at the end of Friday as a reward for all of your hard work throughout the week.


Please remember that your TTRockstars battle against Year 4 will begin today and end on Thursday morning. I would like everyone to take part - even if it's just for 10 minutes a day. I will be monitoring everyone's participation throughout the week. 


I hope that all of you have had the chance to sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge by now. If you have not, please do so this week. It is a great way to ensure that you are reading regularly, exposing yourself to new texts and fostering a love for reading, which is the ultimate goal! All of the details of how to sign up is in a message below, or you can use the link on the class page to get to the website.


I would like to end today's message with a prayer about patience. It is the theme of this week's 'Faith at Home' worship and very relevant to all of our lives currently.



Have a marvellous Monday.

Miss Simpsonheart


Good morning my wonderful class! It is the last day of the week... yaaayy! smiley 

Let’s begin today with a prayer.




I can’t believe that the week has gone so quickly, can you? Well it is already Friday and I hope that you have been learning lots this week. It is important that you are finding some time to enjoy activities that you want to do just for fun.


As I’m sure many of you know already, the Summer Reading Challenge begins today. This year, Silly Squad will celebrate funny books, happiness and laughter. To find out more about the Summer Reading Challenge, and sign up for it, use the link below. I have also added the link to our class page, under the ‘Useful Links’ subheading.


It will be lovely to see as many of you as possible in today’s Zoom meeting. Before the meeting, I would like you to think about any questions that you would like to know the answers to, in regards to your learning and schools reopening. It may be helpful to write them down prior to the meeting. Although I may not have all the answers, I will try my best to answer as many questions as I possibly can. It is important to me that you feel that you can share your thoughts, instead of bottling them up inside. If you do not feel comfortable asking questions in the meeting, remember that you can always message me and I will reply with a general message on the class page.



I have also spoken to Miss Ilenda and we have arranged a TTRockstars challenge between Year 3 and Year 4. The challenge will begin next Monday and end next Thursday.


Have a great last day of the week.

Miss Simpsonheart 




Today’s prayer:


Good morning Year 3. I hope that you have all had a good first week back. 

I have seen that on the Oak National Academy website, a section called ‘Activity Clubs’ has been added. There are several activities that you can choose from if you would like something extra to do. Some of the activities that you will find will be focused around art, cooking, singing, animations and lots more. Why don’t you have a look at it today?


We have our weekly class Zoom meeting tomorrow at 9.30am. The link should have gone out to all of your parents already. I can’t wait to see you all, as it feels like ages since I’ve last seen you. Don’t forget to bring your lovely smiles and lots of energy! cheeky


Have a lovely day.

Miss Simpsonheart

Response to messages:

I have updated everyone’s Mathletics accounts so that it includes activities on fractions.


Miss Simpson


Good morning my lovelies! How was your day yesterday? Did you go out and enjoy the wonderful sunshine?

Today’s prayer is below:



Yesterday I was thinking a lot about your home learning and how I can give you the opportunity to take some control of your learning, whilst still covering the topics that you need to cover from a distance. I have no doubt that some of you are getting into the routine of the weekly timetable and are thriving from that structure, whilst some of you may not enjoy that routine as much. So this half term I want to try and combine things that you want to do in our home learning, where possible. I would like you to message me, using our class message box, any ideas of things that you would like to do. Please think carefully about your suggestions, as they will need to be sensible and ideally something that you can do independently. These suggestions must be what you have come up with and not what you think your parents want you to do because you will be the one who will be completing the work. When I start to get ideas coming through, I will write a list of the suggestions that I feel are appropriate and then try to feed them into our weekly timetable for the following weeks. You do not need to rush and think of an idea - simply message me as and when a good idea comes to you.


Have a productive day.

Miss Simpsonheart


Good morning everyone. I would like to begin my message today with a prayer. You can read it out or read it in your head. Try to take note of the words within the prayer as you read it.



How was your first day back at completing work? Did anyone come across any challenges or anything that they are unsure of? If so, remember that you can always contact me through our class message box.


I am particularly sad that I am not teaching you all about fractions right now. It is one of my favourite subject areas to teach in maths! The best way to begin to understand that fractions are parts of a whole, is to explore this idea with practical equipment. You could use chocolate bars, strips of paper, sponges, a pizza - practically anything. An example of how you could use a chocolate bar is, the chocolate bar represents the whole and if it is cut into 7 parts, each part would represent 1/7 (one seventh). Then you can do things like, if I eat 2 parts, how many sevenths do I have left? Your answer would be 5/7. Then you could even go on to represent this information in a part-whole model or a bar model. If you cannot visualise a fraction in your head, the best thing to do is to draw it out! 


I hope that I have encouraged you to use the items around your home to begin to explore with fractions today.

Have a lovely day.

Miss Simpsonheart



Welcome back to a brand new half term everyone! I hope that you have had a lovely week, that you had a chance to enjoy the AMAZING weather and that A.R, M.B and B.J all enjoyed their birthdays. I want to give a special birthday shout out this morning to B.B. I wish you an extremely happy birthday today! laugh


I know that you all must be listening to the news quite a bit at the moment and are probably feeling a bit excited/anxious/ unsure about the changes that are happening nationally - especially in regards to school. Some of you may already know but some schools are slowly beginning to reopen this week and are allowing a limited amount of children to slowly return to school. Now whilst you are not a part the first group of children who are returning to our school, it is important that you begin to understand that school is likely to be different to what it was like before the pandemic. In the 'Other' folder, I have found and put a 'Returning to School' booklet in there so that you can begin to consider some of the changes that may or may not occur to keep us all safe. It is very short but I thought that it may be a nice way for you and your family to begin to have a discussion about how school may be different when we all eventually return. 


I hope that you have a fantastic start to a new month and a new half term.

Miss Simpsonheart

Response to messages:

For those parents who wanted to know the end of year expectations for a year 3 child, you can click on the following link, which will take you to the National Curriculum outcomes:


Miss Simpson


Good morning lovelies! It’s the last day of termmmm! smiley This term seems to have gone by really quickly!

I know that some of you will be celebrating your birthday during half term, so I want to say an early happy birthday to A.R, M.B and B.J. I hope that you all have a fabulous birthday and enjoy your special day. 

I look forward to seeing you all in our Zoom meeting at 9.30am. Don’t forget to bring something that you can share or you can just talk about something exciting that you have done.


Enjoy your day.

Miss Simpsonheart

Response to messages:

For those of you who have messaged me to ask about it today, in today’s daily message I have said that any additional work added to Purple Mash would be looked at by tomorrow. However, I already looked at them and left comments today, so if you are telling me that you are still unable to view your comments, please try logging off and logging on again. If you still cannot view your comments, then message me and I will have a look at it from your login. 


Miss Simpson

Response to messages:

Some of you have said that you are worried about falling behind on your reading. This should not be the case if you are reading daily! Please choose texts that you are interested to read, or you could even work your way through the 100 books list that I have previously given to you. I have added that list to the 'Other' folder, along with a reading comprehension assessment that you can work your way through.  


Some of you have also said that you have finished all of your work for the week. In the 'Other' folder, I have put a link to the 'Look Up' site. There are a variety of arts and cultural activities that you can complete or explore. There are also activities in the 'Fun Activities' folder and 'My Wellbeing' folder that you can complete. You should have enough work to keep you occupied each week, if you are exploring the resources that I have made available to you properly.


Miss Simpson


Good morning guys! It is set to be another wonderful day. The weather has been amazing this week and I hope that you are all taking some time out of your day to enjoy the glorious sunshine - whether it be in the garden or in a park. smiley


I have had messages regarding your feedback from work uploaded to Purple Mash. Some of you have already received feedback of any work that was uploaded at the time that I looked at it but I know many of you have uploaded more work on there since then. I will leave feedback for those pieces on Purple Mash by the end of the week, so you will be able to take a look then. 


Remember that there is a Zoom meeting set up for tomorrow at 9:30am. This week, why don’t you bring something exciting that you have done, read, watched or even experienced to share with others? It is our last Zoom meeting before the half term so I would like to see as many of you as possible, just to catch up before we have a break. 


Have a lovely day.

Miss Simpsonheart


Good morning Year 3! How did your calm jars come out? I hope that you found this activity useful or at the very least, fun to make. smiley

Your day today is quite packed so if you cannot complete everything in one day, don’t worry.

Have a lovely day.

Miss Simpsonheart



Welcome to another day my lovelies. smiley

How did yesterday’s learning go? If you are stuck with fractions, just remember that it is easier to identify them, if you draw them out. The denominator tells us how many parts our whole is split up into and the numerator tells us how many of those parts are shaded or how many parts we want. An example is, 3/7 would mean that my whole is split up into 7 parts but only 3 of those parts are shaded. 

You will see that I have given you the ‘Calm Jar’ activity to do today. I hope that you have fun with it and feel free to upload any pictures for me to see on either Twitter or Purple Mash.


Have a great day!

Miss Simpsonheart


Good morning Year 3 and can you believe that we have reached week 7 of your home learning (excluding Easter break and half term)! surprise 


All of your work for the week is uploaded in the 'Week 7' folder. Remember to just do what you can. You can still explore activities in the other folders if you get through all of the week's work early or if you just fancy a change in your timetable. You will notice that there is not a full spelling lesson plan this week but there is still a slot for it in the weekly timetable. This is because your words this week are challenge words, so they do not follow one single spelling pattern that you can learn in one lesson. In the 'Spelling Lesson' slot, have a look at your words, make sure that you understand the meaning of them and begin to practise them.


Have a great start to your week!

Miss Simpsonheart

It was so great seeing you all this morning. I miss you dearly and I’m sending you all a virtual hug. smiley


I have moved those of you who asked me to up on TTRockstars. Have a wonderful weekend!


Miss Simpson


Happy Friday everyone. laugh You are nearly there... just get through this last day of learning for the week and then you can rest for two days. 


I have been so pleased to see the work that some of you have been uploading to Purple Mash. Many of you are having amazing home learning experiences. I have seen lots of creativity, photos of special places, lots of cooking going on and some of you are doing a fantastic job at challenging yourself. I will go through any additional work uploaded on Purple Mash during the weekend. Please do not feel as if you need to upload it there but it is nice to see what you all are getting up to. I also want to say well done to everyone who is tailoring their home learning experiences to their interests or so that they can work on gaps in their learning.


I can see that some of you are venturing into some of the other year groups on Bitesize Daily and the Oak National Academy. I am quite happy for you to do this but if you are going on year groups above Year 3, please remember to carefully consider the lessons that you are selecting as you still need to be able to access the learning.


Have a fun Friday and I will see you all at 9.30 on Zoom.

Miss Simpsonheart



Hiya Year 3! I hope that your week is going well and that you are getting through as much learning as you can. 

Today is just a quick message to remind you that you can send me a message via the class page if you need to and that the link for our class Zoom meeting on Friday has been sent out, so see you then!


Have a lovely day.

Miss Simpsonheart


Happy Wednesday Year 3! Did you enjoy reading one of the short stories from ‘The Book of Hopes’? I have been reading some of them and they have really cheered me up.


I have moved those of you who have asked me to on TTRockstars. Also, those of you who are struggling with understanding perimeter, just remember it is counting around the shape. For example, on the measuring perimeter reasoning GD sheet, question 7a, the odd one out is D because its perimeter is 14cm or 140mm, whereas all of the rest of the shapes have a perimeter of 12cm or 120mm. If it helps, take a colouring pencil and colour the lines as you count them so that you do not get muddled up. One square is equivalent to 1cm on those sheets.


I will repeat again that the timetable is just a suggestion to add some structure to the week for you all. If you are finding completing all of the tasks difficult, choose some bits to do. 

Have a good day.

Miss Simpsonheart 


Good morning Year 3. I hope that you had a fabulous start to your week.

I don’t know about you but I really enjoyed this week’s assembly. I eagerly sang along with the cast of ‘The Lion King’ and I was inspired to try and fit some time in my week to do some artwork. I even like the idea of creating a mood board to inspire me to achieve any goals that I want to and to think about what I am looking forward to. Why don’t you have a go at creating one? 

It is really important that you take the time out to do the things that you love and to challenge yourself. The main message in this week’s assembly is to look after yourself and your wellbeing. This is something that I’m very passionate about and I am really hoping that you are all taking the time out to do this because I cannot see you every day (as I usually would) to make sure that you are happy and just enjoying being the fantastic person that is you.

With this week’s message in mind, please think about your parents’ and family’s wellbeing. They are working really hard to ensure that you are still learning new things and that you are happy. Please encourage them to take an hour out of their day to enjoy something that they like to do, or just make sure that you are considering their feelings and showing them lots of appreciation from the things that you say and do.


Have a wonderful day and I miss you all very much.

Miss Simpsonheart


Morning everyone! Did you have a good time celebrating VE Day on Friday? How did you celebrate it? 


I have uploaded all of your work for this week in the 'Week 6' folder. When you open up your suggested timetable, you will notice that I have added a slot on Monday for an assembly and a slot on Wednesday for a 'Faith at Home' worship session. Both of these assemblies are on the Oak National Academy website, so you can just use the link that you usually would for English.


In the 'Other' folder, you will notice an image of a book that you can click on to go to the site. I have included two short reading sessions in your weekly timetable to give you an opportunity to explore the short stories in this book. Although the timetable says for you to read one short story out of the book each session, feel free to read more if you would like to.


Have a fantastic day.

Miss Simpsonheart


Good morning. smiley

As many of you may already know, today is the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day. VE day marks the day that saw Britain and its Allies formally accept Nazi Germany's unconditional surrender after almost six years of war, during World War Two. This happened on 8th May 1945.


A range of celebrations across the UK, including a veterans' procession and street parties were arranged to celebrate this day, but social distancing measures mean those have been called off. However, there are lots of events still taking place. For example, a two-minute silence to remember those who fought in the war, performances of songs and the Queen's pre-recorded address will be broadcast on BBC One at the exact moment her father, King George VI, gave a radio address 75 years ago. 

To celebrate VE Day, why don’t you make some sweet and savoury snacks for an afternoon tea with your family. If you look in the ‘Other’ folder for this week, you will see a ‘VE Celebration Pack’. In the pack there are some recipes for 1940s drinks and snacks that you could try. There are also some songs that you could learn and sing along to. 

Have a wonderful day - whether that is watching the events on BBC, having your own afternoon tea or just enjoying your Friday with your family.


Miss Simpsonheart


Good morning Year 3. We are almost there... only two more days to go before the weekend. Woooohoooo! I hope that you all are remembering to exercise daily, read daily, pray daily and HAVE FUN


The TTRockstars challenge is over now and can I just say a well done to all of you who took part. 

The top scorers were:

3rd: VF and MB

2nd: JA and AR

1st: EG and MiW.


I have marked all work on Purple Mash so you can go and read your comments when you have some time to.


In the 'Fun Activities' folder, I have included a new link. The link is to a website called 'Authorfy'. Every day, 10 minute writing challenges are set by a different children's author. I thought that this could be a really cool way for you to not only explore your creativity in writing but to also challenge yourself. Why don't you go on the website and have a go?


Remember we will have our class Zoom meeting tomorrow at 9.30am. Hopefully, the link will get sent out to everyone today. It would be really nice to see all of you there and to catch up with all of the exciting things that you have been up to this week.


Have a great day.

Miss Simpsonheart


Good morning my lovelies! I need to apologise  as I have not got through all of your work on Purple Mash. I will hopefully get through all of it today. 

I hope that you had time to listen to Tom Palmer’s reading session yesterday and that you enjoyed it. If you look at one of the lessons that I have planned for later on in the week, you will see that I have asked you to read the first chapter of his book as I thought it would be a nice follow on.


Have a lovely day and do not forget that you have two more days to try your best in the TTRockstars competition.


Miss Simpsonheart

Response to messages:

To the child who was having difficulty with TTRockstars, I have logged in as you and I was able to use all functions as normal. Please try again today and let me know if there is still a problem.


Miss Simpson


Good morning everyone! Let’s hope for another bright and welcoming day ahead of us laugh. Thank you for the kind messages that some of you have sent me. I also miss you all very much.

I have started to look at the work that some of you have uploaded on Purple Mash and I am impressed with what I have seen so far. For those pieces that I have already looked at, you will see that I have left comments for you. If you have not seen a comment, it means that I should be getting to your work today and hopefully you will be able to see your comments tomorrow. In response to a message that I received, please feel free to use your Purple Mash account however you need to in order to complete your work.


If you get a chance today, with adult supervision, I would like you to go on to Tom Palmer’s Facebook page and listen to his live reading session that he is doing to celebrate VE Day at 10am. The link is in the ‘Other’ folder for this week.


The last thing that I would like you do at some point this week, is to watch the assembly on the Oak National Academy website. This week’s theme is ‘Hope’. You can use the link that you would usually use for your English lesson. Once you have watched it, message me and let me know how you found it. If we like it, we can keep it as a regular assembly slot.


Have a great day.

Miss Simpsonheart




Response to messages:

If you need the spellings from the previous week, it will be in the ‘Week 4’ folder, in the suggested timetable document. I am trying not to delete any work from our class page as I know you all will be going through the work at a different pace.


Some of you have mentioned that your child is not writing as much as they usually would. I am half expecting this to be the case, as this is an unusual time for them. In class the children spend a long time getting their writing to the standard that they want it to be at. They usually write over several days, edit it for a couple days and then publish a final piece. This is all after doing lots of activities beforehand to get them enthusiastic about the task. So if you are struggling, don’t worry.
Some things that you could try:

- when planning an extended piece, use pictures and sounds to create a word bank with your child. They will be able to dip in and out of this word bank when writing

- when your child is doing an extended piece, get them to plan their writing into sections or paragraphs. That way they can focus on a bit at a time

- your child does not have to write an extended piece of writing all in one day

- get your child to look over their writing the following day and edit it.


I hope that this helps you.

Miss Simpson


Welcome to a brand new week Year 3! I hope that you had a fantastic weekend and that you had a wonderful birthday on Saturday K.B-L. Your cake looked AMAZING! smiley


I have put all of your learning in the folder named 'Week 5', along with a suggested timetable. I have also set up a boys v girls TTRockstars challenge (Mon - Thurs). Next time I will try to set it up so that you are facing another year group. The last thing that I have added in the folder is a link to the 'Perform' website. They are offering FREE online drama sessions for children. Have a look!


Parents, you may have noticed that there are some VE Day activities set for this week. Please help your children to understand the significance of this day. Redbridge Libraries are doing lots of activities throughout the week to celebrate VE Day,  so please encourage your child to explore these. All of the Redbridge Libraries activities will be posted on their Facebook page: 

Please remind your children of how to keep safe online and if they are exploring the activities on Facebook, please supervise them.


Have a lovely first day of the week.

Miss Simpsonheart


Good morning guyssss! Can you believe that it is May already? This year is zooming past us! Well it’s Friday and you are almost at the end of the week. Yaaay! 

I hope that you have had a chance to do your spelling test or practise the words at least. If not, don’t worry about it. 

I am looking forward to seeing you all at 9.30 for our Zoom meeting. If you have any questions for me, this would be a great time to ask. If you would rather ask me in private, you can always write me a message or ask a question by using the message box on our class page. The message box is for you to use as well as your parents. Remember to spread the word to those who didn’t attend the Zoom meeting last week, if you can. 

Have a fabulous Friday and I can’t wait to see you all.

Miss Simpsonheart


Good morning year 3 smiley. I hope that you are enjoying your week so far and that you are remembering to keep on smiling. 


As many of you may already know now, today is Mrs Morris’ final day at our school. She has asked me to tell you all how much she will miss you and how much she has enjoyed teaching you during your philosophy lessons. I am sure that you will join me in wishing her a happy retirement and a well-deserved rest after 37 years of being an amazing teacher. If you want to make messages or cards for her, you can share them on our school’s Twitter page. I know she will be keeping an eye out for any messages on there today. Don’t worry, you will get a chance to say your goodbyes in person, when we return to school. I am also very sure that at some point, I will try my very best to lure her back to school to be a volunteer (ssshhh... don’t tell her that I said that though wink).


Have a thrilling Thursday!

Miss Simpsonheart




Good morning my lovelies! Did any of you get a chance to go out for a walk yesterday? The weather was very different to the sunshine that we have been experiencing but actually I found the rain sound quite soothing and helpful for a bit of meditation. Why don’t you try using the peaceful rain sound to help you have a moment of reflection or meditation today? 


How is your work coming along? Measurements are a tricky thing to get your head around but the best thing you can do to get used to them is to go around your home measuring items, using different units of measurements (mm, cm, m and km). This will help you to understand which units of measurements are more appropriate to measure which items. It will also help you to compare measurements. Remember, just do what you can and try to have some fun activities built into your day. I have been cooking quite a lot of new things with my mum during this time. We have tried to challenge ourselves to find new recipes for healthy meals and snacks to enjoy. Why don’t you have a go at some cooking, observational drawing or science experiments this week? laugh

Have a fantastic day and don’t forget to say a prayer of thank you to God for providing us with our health, shelter, food, warmth and people who love us.


Miss Simpsonheart

Response to messages:

Thank you to the parent who spotted that Friday was the school’s inset day. In all of this unusualness, I forgot to check the school calendar. If it is okay with everyone, I would like to keep the date of the zoom meeting that I have already set up, just for a bit of routine. The meeting will only last around 20 minutes and is just for a quick catch up to see how the children’s week has gone. If this date has now become inconvenient for anyone, please let me know. If I have enough parents message to say that they would rather not have a zoom meeting on an inset day then I will reschedule it.


I have received messages that some of the measuring tools on Mathletics have been hard to use and that in previous tasks set, you were given incorrect answers. Please do not worry if this happens. I will feedback these issues to Mathletics and hopefully they will correct it.


Miss Simpson


Good morning everyone! I hope that you have had a restful sleep and are looking forward to what today will bring you. Below I have responded to messages that I received yesterday so please have a look parents.

I have set up another zoom meeting for Friday at 9.30 am. Your parents will receive the link before then so that you can join in. The meeting will only be 20 minutes long and I look forward to seeing your smiling faces. laugh If you are in contact with anyone who did not join the meeting last week, please ask them to join this week if they can as I really miss you all and just want to say a quick hello.

Remember that you can still use the online ‘Worry Box’ to send Mrs Denchfield any worries that you may have. 

Have a fun day!

Miss Simpsonheart

Response to messages:

Thank you for your messages and questions.


In case I have not been clear enough before, I just want to make it clear that the timetable is just a guidance that I have produced after suggestions were made. Several parents felt that it would provide help when structuring their child’s week. It was not meant to cause any stress to yourselves or the children. I have provided enough work for around 3-4 hours of work a day but I am aware that not every child will get through all of the activities, for many reasons. That is okay! The most important thing is that the children are safe and happy. I am sorry if some of you have felt pressurised to ensure that your children complete all of the activities. I just wanted to make sure that there would be enough work for those who want to get on with more. These are strange and difficult times for all of us and I am more than aware that many of you are still working, whilst helping your children with home learning. For this, I am very grateful. Also, the request to upload work to Purple Mash is not a requirement, only an option that will enable your child to share their work with me if they wish to do so. 

I hope that this message will help to reassure yourselves and your children. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any further comments or questions.


Miss Simpson


Response to messages:

To clarify, the weekly spellings are on the second page of the suggested timetable. There are two groups - your child should know whose group they are usually in. I have included a brief outline for a short lesson that you can follow when you are introducing the words and spelling pattern to your child. 

For writing, your child should be following the lessons on the Oak National Academy site and then uploading their extended piece of writing (Friday’s lesson) to Purple Mash.


Miss Simpson



Welcome to another week of home learning Year 3. I hope that you all had a restful weekend and enjoyed some quality time with your family. 


I have added a suggested timetable in the 'Week 4' folder. It outlines what should be covered throughout the week. Please remember that it is a guide and you do not have to stick to the order that it is presented in. As well as the activities on the timetable, please find time to do some activities of your choice or just have some 'down time'.


In response to messages that I have received, I have included a spelling lesson. You all know what group you usually do but feel free to try the other lesson if you would prefer to do that. An adult in your house should test you on these words at the end of the week. As of this week, I would also like you to upload your extended writing to Purple Mash. You can either write it directly on there and share it with me, or you can take a picture of your writing in your home learning book. Please only upload the writing from Friday's lesson - the other lessons should be just written in your books. I am looking forward to reading your setting descriptions this week. You can also upload images of your Stone Age village on there for me to see. 


Feel free to message me any questions, comments or suggestions that you may have.


Have a great day!

Miss Simpsonheart


Good morning everyone! I hope that you have all had a chance to read my response to your messages below. I am looking forward to seeing you all at 9.30 today in our Zoom meeting.


Mrs Morris has asked me to send you all the following message from her:

Good morning Year 3. I hope that you are all enjoying your home learning. Please would you discuss the following question with your family today.


If pigs are what wolves eat, is the Big Bad Wolf bad?


Please tweet any ideas that you come up with.


Today, you need to go through the powerpoint on tables for maths. Now you may have noticed that you have the VF sheet and reasoning sheet for tables left in the folder to complete. You can choose to do either of the sheets or you may wish to do both. It is totally up to you. Using the Oak National Academy site for English, you will be writing your own set of instructions. Then the final activity that I would like you to complete today is a music lesson on the Oak National Academy site. It is under the Friday tab, ‘Lesson 3’ and is about finding the pulse in music. I had fun testing it out so I hope that you enjoy it.


I hope that you are all keeping up with your daily prayers and do not forget that you can send prayers to Mrs Denchfield, using the ‘Prayer Box’. I will put your weekly timetable for next week in the ‘Week 4’ folder by Monday morning.

I hope that you have a great weekend!

Miss Simpsonheart

Response to messages:

Thank you to everyone who has used the class message box today to ask questions, leave suggestions and leave kind messages. All messages have been really helpful, so please continue to leave suggestions as and when they come to you.


To address the messages that I have received today, as of next week, I will be creating a weekly overview so that you are able to plan your week ahead. I know that many of you would appreciate the weekly overview on the Friday before, however this will not be possible because the Oak National Academy updates their site on Sunday. For this reason, I will have the weekly overview uploaded in the week’s folder by Monday morning. I know that it is not a perfect solution but I hope that it makes home learning a little bit easier for you all.


Miss Simpson


Good morning smiley. Have you noticed the new message box at the bottom of our class page? If not, go and have a look. In the message box, you can send me any questions or messages that you have and I will try to answer them in my daily message the next day. 

I have been made aware that some of you are finding completing all of the work a little bit overwhelming. If you are, that is a normal feeling to have as everything is so unusual at the moment. I try to give you a schedule that consists of 3-4 hours of learning each day. Some days you may be able to complete the tasks with ease and other days it will be harder. Every family will be having a different experience at home right now so if you cannot get through all of the activities that is okay. It will be on our class page and you can go back to it when you feel that you can. Whilst I want you to keep up with your learning during this time, my main focus is that you are happy and enjoying this unique opportunity to spend time with your family. So if the schedule works for you today, then great, and if not you can do parts of it and come back to the rest at a later date. I hope that this has reassured some of you and made my expectations of home learning clear.


Today, you have your second lesson on bar charts to complete. It is your reasoning lesson so please make sure that you are thinking about how to justify your answers, using mathematical vocabulary. Your English today is a SPaG focus (adverbs) on the Oak National Academy website. Lastly, in the ‘Other’ folder, there is a powerpoint about Stone Age food. Read through the powerpoint and draw some images in your home learning book to represent what and how people used to eat at the time. There is also a cooking task to try and make stewed fruit. Remember that this should be done with an adult’s help and you can change the recipe to include fruits that you like but try to keep it realistic of the fruits that would have been available at the time. Please tweet photos of your finish product so that I can take a look at all of your hard work! 


Parents, you should have received a parent mail which includes the Year 3 zoom meeting link for tomorrow at 9.30. If you have not received it, please use the message box on the class page to let me know and I will work on getting that to you in time for the meeting.


Have a wonderful day.

Miss Simpson heart



Good morning Year 3 smiley. I hope that you found your wellbeing activity useful yesterday. Remember you can do activities from the extra folders when you want to, so feel free to continuing exploring what is in them.

In English today, the lesson is about identifying features of instructions (click on the Wednesday tab). It is really important that you understand what is used in a piece of instruction because you will be creating your own set of instructions by the end of the week. Remember that you can always watch the teaching video again if you feel that you haven’t quite understood the lesson the first time around. For maths, you should be moving on to bar charts today. Use the powerpoint to practise interpreting data from bar charts before you complete your worksheet. Finally, I would like you to go back on to the Oak National Academy website and complete ‘Lesson 2’ from the Wednesday tab. The lesson is about plants.


Have a lovely day.

Miss Simpson heart


Good morning my lovelies! It looks as if it is going to be another beautiful day, so try to go out into the garden or on a safe walk with an adult for some fresh air.


Today, I would like you to complete your second lesson on pictograms for maths (reasoning). Then I would like you to complete the second English lesson on the Oak National Academy website. This lesson is a continuation from yesterday’s comprehension lesson but instead of focusing on fact retrieval, you will be focusing on word meaning. The last thing that I would like you to do today is to go in the ‘Wellbeing’ folder and choose an activity to complete. There are loads of activities in there but think about what would benefit you the most right now. Maybe you are feeling anxious so you may choose an activity centred around that to understand your feelings or maybe you are thinking about all the things that you are looking forward to and you may choose an activity on that. Choose an activity that will help you in this moment. I also want to remind you that you should be reading daily.


Other than that, find time to do some fun and creative activities. There are some in the folder but I will aim to add more by next week. Also I have moved you all up on TTRockstars so remember to keep practising!

P.S - I have added a link to the ‘Oak National Academy’ website under the ‘Useful Links’ list and I have added a link to ‘BBC Bitesize Daily‘ in case you wanted something extra to do. Every day there will be celebrities teaching a range of 20 minutes lessons on a variety of subjects.


Have a great day.

Miss Simpson heart

Good morning Year 3 and welcome to the summer term! smiley 

Have you had a lovely Easter break? Did you try any of the Easter activities in the folder or did you use the time to relax? I am missing your cuddles, little chats and laughter sooo much.


Happy belated birthday to J.A, E.C, N.S and K.M. I hope that you had a great birthday and ate enough birthday cake for the whole class!


As this is the beginning of a new term, I want to remind you of a few things that you should be keeping up with:

  1. You need to make sure that you are reading daily. This could be a few pages or a chapter. It is totally up to you. As you are reading, please ensure that you understand the text and pay attention to any new vocabulary that you come across. If you find an unfamiliar word in the text, why not look it up in a dictionary and start your very own ‘Magpie Tree’?
  2. Try to complete the daily maths work set out for you in the folders each week. You will find this week’s maths work in the ‘Week 3’ folder and it is all about statistics. I have placed powerpoints in there to help you.
  3. Each week there is some other work for you to complete. This work is usually topic, art or science. It is in the ‘Other’ folder for each week.
  4. Lastly, your writing up to now has been using stimuli to independently produce creative pieces however now I would like you to follow the daily lessons on ‘The Oak National Academy’ website. The government have started ‘The Oak National Academy’ to assist teachers/parents and pupils during this unusual time of home learning. On the website, they produce daily lessons and a teacher teaches the lesson through a video. There are activities to complete for each lesson and each day the lessons build up to create a final piece of writing at the end of the week. I feel that this is closer to what you would usually be completing if you were at school and having a teacher be able to go through the lesson with you and explain each step, will help you understand the activities better. The work that you do should be completed in your book. I know this is new but have a go at it for the week and you can let me know how you found it on our Friday zoom meeting.


Parents, I  hope that the new writing structure will be more supportive and again, if there are any questions, I will gladly answer them during the Friday zoom meeting.


Have a wonderful first day back.

Miss Simpson heart

Note to parents:

I just wanted to say thank you to all the Year 3 parents for helping your child(ren) keep up to date with their learning. Many of you are having to juggle working from home whilst still keeping them motivated enough to complete their school work. I am sure that they all appreciate you helping them cope with the transition of learning at school every day to home learning (even if they do not always show it) frown


I have created a 'My Wellbeing' folder and a 'Information for Parents' folder. In the 'My Wellbeing' folder, there will be activities for children to do that is focused more around how they are feeling and coping with all that is going on at the moment. I will be adding more bits into the folder after the Easter holidays. The 'Information for Parents' folder has links to websites and useful resources that can be used to support you when trying to explain what is going on. Some of the websites have tips for supporting a child who is feeling quite anxious. I hope that these additional resources will be helpful to you, if needed.


Enjoy your Easter break and your well deserved rest!

Miss Simpson


Good morning Year 3. It's the last day before the Easter holidays... yaaaay! During those two weeks, you will not be expected to complete any work. The 'Week 3' folder is for the first week after the holidays. I have made an Easter folder with some arts and craft activities for you to do, if you would like to. This will be my last message to you until after the Easter holidays.


Well done to the boys for winning the TT Rockstars tournament!blushyes The final score was boys:9,198 and girls:8,772. I have to say that I was impressed with how the girls came back fighting in one day. Also a massive 26 of you joined in with the tournament so give yourselves a 'well done'pat on the back.

The top scorers on both teams were:

  • first place: J.Ke and M.Wi
  • second place: K.M and A.R
  • third place: B.B and S.M


Today, I would like you to complete your final draft of your setting description. Feel free to tweet them and then I will be able to read them. I would also like you to make sure that you understand how to convert, add and subtract money. You should be finishing off your learning on giving change today. It is important that you get the basic idea of money, as after the Easter holiday we will be moving on to statistics.


The last thing I have to tell you is that I have changed and added activities for you to explore on Mathletics. Those of you who did not complete the task set for you this week, I have reassigned it for the day to give you another opportunity to complete it.


Have a wonderful Easter break!

Miss Simpson


Morning Year 3. I have been watching the TT Rockstars tournament. Well done most of you for joining in and helping your team. Girls you still have time to beat the boys! 

How did your writing go yesterday? Did you make it as creative as you could have? If you think that you can improve on it, go back and edit your description today.

As you are playing in your garden or going for your daily walk, try to spot all of the signs that show us that spring is here. Can you write an acrostic poem about spring? If you do, please share it with us on the school’s twitter page.


Have a lovely day.

Miss Simpson




Good morning everyone. For today I want you to sit at home and do absolutely nothing all day long. Only joking! Happy April Fool’s Day cheeky

I hope that you are well rested and ready to go for the day. The main thing that I would like you to do today, is to write your detailed setting description. Think about how you want me to feel as I read it and make sure that you use language to help create that atmosphere. Remember, this is only your first draft so it does not have to be perfect yet. Just use the ideas from your plan (which you should have created today) and see what you can add to it. 


I am excited to tell you that we now have Purple Mash! You can do a range of activities on there and I would like you to go on the website address that is written below today and begin to explore the website. Your login details are the same as your Mathletics login details.


I saw that some of you have begun to do the activities that I have placed in the new folders. Good job on your Easter comic strip E.G! smiley Keep exploring the different activities. My favourite activities so far are the science and engineering challenge cards. Why don’t you have a go at one of the challenges today? Most of them require adult supervision. Remember to tweet the exciting things that you are doing so that I can take a look.


Have a wonderful first day of a new month.

Miss Simpson



Good morning everyone! I know most of you start your day with some exercise in the morning. Great! Keep this up as it is a wonderful way to get energised for your day.

If you are following the daily maths set out for you, you should be on subtracting money. Try to set up a shop today. Label items with prices and get family members to buy some things with the paper/card money that you made last week. Then you need to calculate how much they have spent and give them their change. This will help you to physically practise the skills of adding and subtracting money.


After completing your maths work, I would like you to choose an image from the bank of pictures in the writing folder. Today I want you to plan a setting description by creating a brainstorm in your ‘Home Learning Book’. Imagine you are the in the middle of the picture. What can you see? Feel? Hear? Smell? Taste? How does the atmosphere make you feel? Once you have created your brainstorm, you may choose to begin to organise your notes into paragraphs, so that you are ready to begin your writing tomorrow. Remember TIP TOP when thinking about how to set your paragraphs out.


Lastly, I would like you to begin to look at our next topic focus, 'The Neolithic Period'. In the ‘Other’ folder for Week 2, I have put a powerpoint with some information to introduce the topic to you. You may need to ask your parents or an older sibling to help you understand all of the information. Once you have read and understood the powerpoint, I would like you to draw a Neolithic timeline in your book, using the dates and information from the powerpoint. You will be able to refer to this timeline as you learn more about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.


You may have noticed that I have changed some things around on our class page. I have added more activities for you to do during the Easter holidays and I have also created a 'Fun Activities' folder. In this folder you will find activities that you can try at home, when you are not completing your school work. Have fun with it but remember that some of the activities will need adult supervision.


Have a lovely day.

Miss Simpson


Good morning Year 3. Did you all have a restful weekend? I hope that you are ready to do lots of learning this week.laugh This morning's message will just be a quick one to let you know that I have set a TT Rockstars challenge (boys vs girls)  which will begin today and end on Thursday. I have also set some work on Matheletics for you to complete by Thursday.


PS - I loved the reading of your Lent story on twitter F.S. Thank you for sharing that with us. smiley


Have a great start to a new week.

Miss Simpson


Thank you for the lovely letters you have written and tweeted about your day C.C and S.M smiley.


Good morning! It was amazing talking to so many of you this morning on ‘Zoom’. It was very much needed as I miss you all incredibly. What a great way to start my day! Thank you so much for sending me the invitation into the meeting and I will try to join every Friday, where possible. It was good to see that you all are in good spirits and enjoying this time with your families. What ever you choose to do with your day, please have fun and keep smiling.


Wishing you a fabulous Friday.

Miss Simpson


Good morning Year 3 smiley. We are now on our fourth day of the week and the sun is still brightening up our day. How wonderful is that! How is the work coming along? Have you managed to explore with money yet this week? I have been looking on the school’s twitter page, eagerly waiting to see what you have been up to so please remember to ask your parents to post pictures on there. If you haven’t done so already, try to plan a creative piece of writing today. Choose an image and plan a description or a story. Try to include all the wonderful writing techniques that you use in class but most of all use your imagination! Be as creative as you can be and remember to think about what journey you want your reader to go on. You are the writer and therefore have the control of that. I look forward to reading all the amazing pieces of writing that you come up with. Who knows, you may even end up with your very own novel by the time we go back to school!


Have a creative day.

Miss Simpson


Good morning everyone! Wasn’t it such a beautiful day yesterday? Waking up to sunshine always makes me feel better. If you haven’t gone into your garden or gone for a safe walk with an adult, try to do so today. Have a look around and take inspiration from your surroundings. You may be inspired to create an observational drawing, a poem or even write a story. 


I was so impressed to see some of you using the ‘Zoom’ app to complete work together. Please post more pictures of you doing activities throughout the day on the school’s twitter page - I am missing your bright smiles.


Mrs Morris asked me to send you all the following message from her:

Good morning from Mrs Morris. I want you to keep your Philosophy brain active too so please discuss this with your family today (you might need to teach them how we do Philosophy first):


What would life be like for someone who was afraid of nothing?


Please tweet any ideas you come up with. 


Finally, don’t forget that you can use the online worry box to send Mrs Denchfield any worries you may have and also the online prayer box to send in your prayers.


Have a sunshine-filled day.

Miss Simpson


Good morning my lovelies! How did the first day go? I know many of you had fun exercising with Mr Darby or Joe Wicks. I had a go at exercising with Mr Darby and let’s just say I needed a good rest after it all frown. I will be joining in with the daily exercise each day so as you are doing it, you can think of me attempting to keep up with you all crying.

If you have started to look at your maths for the week, the most important thing to remember with money is that 100p = £1. Use your knowledge of making numbers 100 times bigger and smaller to help you with this. For example, I know that 3 x 3 = 9, so I know that 3 x 300 = 900. Have a go at making paper/card coins and notes so that you can practise buying and selling products at home. For example, make lunches for those in your house and charge them a set price for their food. Ask for permission and help from an adult before using the kitchen. Don’t forget to give them their change. You could even charge a delivery fee, even if it’s just from the kitchen to the dining room! I look forward to seeing how you are all exploring with money on the school’s twitter page. 


Have a great day.

Miss Simpson



Good morning Year 3! smiley I hope that you have had a lovely weekend. 

Today, your most important task is to create your very own visual timetable - just like the one that we have in class. This will help you to structure your day. Remember to include a slot for your daily exercise, grammar, maths, creative writing, reading and topic/ R.E. The most important slots that you need to include are breaks. You should have at least three breaks in your day. In your breaks, enjoy time with your family or just have a rest. 

During this home learning time, have fun with your work and even try to get your family involved. It is important for you to understand that there will be some days when you will want to get lots of work done and some days when you will just want to spend time with your family. That is okay! 

Have a wonderful day.

Miss Simpson