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Read and respond to a poem – ‘How to Paint a Unicorn’


S1 ‘How to Paint a Unicorn’ – What do you already know about unicorns? Look for rhyming words and use adjectives.


Task 1

Look carefully at the picture of a unicorn.

What do you know about unicorns?

How would you describe a unicorn?

Where do unicorns live?

Draw a picture of a unicorn and record your ideas about unicorns in sentences. 


 Task 2

Read the poem. 

What rhyming words can you spot? 

Can you think of some more?

Make a list of the rhyming words.  For example, pots and lots. Also, dots, shots, spots


Task 3

Read the poem again and try to imagine a picture of the unicorn in your head.

How would you describe this unicorn?

Maybe, beautiful, magical, majestic... 

Make a list of powerful, precise adjectives to describe the unicorn in the poem.


Task 4 – optional

Colour a picture of a unicorn.