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Monday 13 July

I saw an airplane. You saw an airplane. They saw an airplane.


In all of the sentences, the object remained the same, but the subject (who did it) changed. i.e. the pronoun differed. Your opening task is to identify the types of pronouns i.e. 1st person pronoun, 2nd person pronoun and 3rd person pronoun. I have given you a wide range of pronouns (second resource sheet) and a sheet with the three headings and space to write the pronouns under (first resource sheet).  Can you sort the pronouns out under the correct heading?


Which pronoun do you think a biography be written in?


Watch the clip again from 1 minute 10 seconds through to 2 minutes 10 seconds. This is the part of the clip when Jacqueline Auriol describes acquiring the aircraft that she flew to achieve the speed record in.

Now have a look at the resource “transcript 1”, what tense is it written in and why? What person is it written in? circle the pronouns that support your view. What different pronouns would you need to use so that it is written in a biographical manner (3rd person)?


Your second task is to re-write the text in the correct tense, using the correct pronouns for a biography i.e. you writing about someone else who has done something.

Can you develop and expand the sentence to create a short paragraph describing Auriol’s joy- how was it shown on her face (smile/ teary eyes)? How did her body language suggest how she felt (hands clasped, head held high)? How could you depict this as authors of a biography writing in 3rd person past tense? Why was she so happy?


Your final task for today is to write a paragraph describing Auriol’s first encounter with the plane she would use to break the speed barrier. You need to consider her movements during the morning leading up to seeing the jet for the first time as well as the first time she sat in the cockpit. Focus should be on use of pronouns, tense and 3rd person.