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Monday - PSHE

Grandad’s Island by Benji Davies

Syd loves Grandad. Grandad loves Syd. And that will never change. This beautiful book shows how those who are dear to us, remain near to us, however far away, they may seem.


This story conveys a positive message about letting go whilst always carrying the loved one in your heart. It’s a sensitive exploration of the emotions involved in bereavement and healing.  


Task 1

Click here to see this book and hear this story.


Task 2

Reflect on the story.

Syd will never see his Grandad again. How might this make him feel?

What helped Syd feel a bit better at the end of the story?

How do we feel when we have to say goodbye to somebody that we love?  What could we do to help us feel better?  Look at photos, recall and share happy memories with others...


Task 3

It says in the book that the island was full of wonders – the perfect place.   

Imagine that you had your own island (like Grandad). 

What would you do there? Where would you live? How would you survive?

Draw and label a picture to record your ideas.


Task 4

Click here to see Benji Davies reading Grandad’s Island