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Monday - PSHE

PSHE - Finding our place in the world and valuing differences both in ourselves and in others.


Task 1 

Share the book 'Odd Dog Out' by Rob Biddulph.  Click here to listen to the story.


Once the story has finished, think about these questions: 

Why did Odd Dog Out leave her home?  How did she feel?

Why did Odd Dog Out say she felt like an outsider?

What made Odd Dog Odd change her mind about being different?

How did the other dogs feel when Odd Dog Out returned home? How did things change there?


Task 2

Design your own Odd Dog Out because being different is really great!  You could create a whole town! Go wild!

Task 3 – Optional

Make your own costume      

Here's a fab Odd Dog Out costume idea.  Click here to see what you can do.

See below for instructions and a template.