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Friday 17th Julysmiley


Good morning reception and congratulations, you have all made it to the end of term and I would like to wish you all a very happy summer holiday.

This week we have been thinking about change as we are growing and it is time to move on, just like Cody the caterpillar who was nervous about change. Sometimes we can worry about change as we like things to be the same, to be familiar. But look at how marvellous Cody felt when he finally plucked up courage and changed into this marvellous and wonderful butterfly with so many opportunities and so many friends to help him on his way.

I am so proud of you all, you can spread your wings and flutter just like a butterfly into your new year one class with all your friends.

Remember our class saying-Good, better, best, never let it rest,

until your good is better and your better is your best.

Remember to always have a try and to try your best. You may not always get it right but do not be afraid of having a go or making mistakes. That is the way we learn.

 Thomas Edison once said when working on an invention:-

"I have not failed I have just found 10,000 ways which don't work".

Can you find out what he was trying to invent?


Finally, take care all of you. You are simply amazing but it is now time to spread your wings. I hope you like this story. Click here

I will miss you all very much but look forward to seeing you all in September .

With love from Mrs McLean xxxxheart

Remember We can shineheart

Jesus Blesses Little Children 

(A special story for the children in reception)

(Matt.19.13-15;Luke 18.15-17)

Some people brought children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them, but the disciples scolded the people.

When Jesus noticed this, he was angry and said to the disciples, "Let the children come to me and do not stop them, because the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I assure you that whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God like a child, will never enter it".

Then he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on each of them and blessed them.


Thursday 16th July 2020

Good morning everyone, and a very big thank you for the lovely video message. It was beautiful and brought a tear to my eye. I wonder if it is possible to email it to me so that I have a record of it?

I hope you are all well on this thankful Thursday.

I wonder what we are thankful for? Can you discuss this with an adult at home today or your brother or sister?

I am thankful that you have been in my class.

I am thankful for the things you have achieved during lockdown.

Have a great day everyone. You are all amazing

With love from Mr McLeanxxx



Wednesday 15th July 2020

Good morning reception and a very happy and wonderful Wednesday to you all.

I can't believe that today will be our last reception story Zoom at 1.30pm and I have a really lovely story that I am going to read to you today about a little boy named Leo who wanted to stay in reception class forever and how he got ready for beginning his new class. It really is a lovely story and when I read the story, it makes my eyes leak!

We will also be singing happy birthday to Ezra, Esme, Juliana, Massimo, Arya, Arthur and Olivia. I hope you all like your birthday cards added below?

I just want to say once again, how extremely proud I am of you all. You and your parents have worked extremely hard the last few months with home schooling, when unfortunately your time in the reception classroom came to a sudden end. You have dealt with a lockdown which is something we have never had before. I have missed you all so much but the Zoom meetings have kept me smiling during what I believe has been the hardest of times. You have all shone and been so brilliant, so thank you all for making me so happy and so very, very proud of you all. I have included a flower named Thanks for the memories for you to look at. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. There are some songs to listen to as well.

 I have also included a flower named Summer holiday activities, I will be adding work for you to complete in the holidays, over the next couple of days.


I hoped you enjoyed the story 'Sharing a shell' yesterday. Today I have a link to a story, given to me from Mrs Baptist. The story is about how thinking of others before your self  can make you happy. I hope you enjoy it.

Click here to listen to it.

See you later alligator and remember our school motto smileyWe can shine.

With love from Mrs McLeanheart


Tuesday 14th July 2020

Good morning everyone, I hope you enjoyed the Zoom meeting yesterday, when you met your new teacher, how exciting. You will have an amazing time in year one and I will be only next door and will be able to watch you develop and grow further.

You are all very special and I want you to celebrate all the special things you have done this year. Click here for a little surprise.

See you all tomorrow at our last reception Zoom but until then why not listen to a story about sharing and kindness. Click here

With love from Mrs McLean xxx

Monday 11th July 2020

Good morning Reception and welcome to our last week of home schooling in reception.

This morning as I write this message, I feel a little bit sad but also a  little bit excited, which is a very strange feeling indeed.

 I feel sad as this week it will be the last week I write to you as your reception class teacher and your last week in our reception class.

I feel excited because today you get to meet your new teacher and I know how much fun you will have in year one.

You all have done amazingly well and to say a great big thank you for the hard work you have done, I have included a well done certificate for you to print off and keep in recognition of the hard work you have completed in these difficult times. If you were at school I would personally hand you a certificate, because each and everyone of you are truly amazing and I am just sorry that our time together in reception has been interrupted and instead you are working from home.

This week our theme is based on the story of Cody the cautious caterpillar click here 

and it is to help with your transition to year one. I hope you enjoy the story?

I look forward to our Zoom meeting this afternoon at 1.45pm where I will hand you over to your next teacher, but don't forget there is still one more Zoom meeting at 1.30pm on Wednesday 15th July, where we will sing happy birthday to all the children who will be having a birthday after we have broken up for the school holidays. It will also be my special birthday In August perhaps you could sing to me too!

See you later everyone, enjoy your learning and the lovely weather we will be having this week.

Our motto is WE can shine and you have all shone so brightly Well done!

With love from Mrs McLeanxxx


I will include some extra resources you could use to support your child during the summer. It is important to keep some learning going as children will often forget. I will also try and find some more family maths challenges, which have been popular for some of our families.


Friday 10th July 

Click here


Good morning reception, another week has flown past and here we are again, we have made it to Fantastic Friday. I know it is getting harder for you to do your home learning and you are getting a bit fed up with it now and I hear that a lot of you are very tired.That is perfectly natural, if you were here at school you would be feeling the same way and looking forward to the summer holidays. hang in there everyone, there is just one more week to go then you can have a bit of a rest, although I hope you will still continue with your phonics and maths learning during the six weeks holiday to keep up the good work.

Today is a sad day as we get to say goodbye for now to Ella. I do hope you have a lovely picture to show her during our Zoom meeting today at 1.30pm


After today we have only two more Zoom sessions, which are as follows:-

1. Monday 13th July- Meet your year One teacher at 1.45pm

2. Our last Farewell Zoom on Wednesday 15th July at 1.30pm


The weekly plans for week 7 -13/7/20 have been uploaded. We are thinking about transition and will do some work as we prepare to move on to year one.


Thank you with love from Mrs McLean xxx


A message from Mrs McLean to Ella

Ella I wish you all the very best. You have been a real little super star and have been a pleasure to teach. I and the rest of the class will really miss you. Have a wonderful time at your new school and we look forward to seeing you again around Wanstead or at Wanstead Church School summer fayres. It would be brilliant if you could write to me and let me know how you are getting on. Take care my lovely xxx

Thursday 9th July

Good morning and a very happy Thursday to you all. You have almost finished your home learning for this week, well done! it was lovely to see so many of you yesterday and thank you Ella for reading your wonderful story.

Today we are going to discover castles and think about who might live in a castle.

If you can why not make a castle and use the small world fantasy figures to make it even more exciting. You could stick them on your castle or make stick puppets. It is up to you!

Tomorrow we will have a story Zoom at 1.30pm and it will be a chance to say goodbye for now to Ella. I hope you have got your pictures ready to share with her.

Have a great day everyone, the sky is grey but we can still shine.

With love from Mrs McLean



Wednesday 8th July

Good morning everyone, what a difference a day makes. The sky looks much darker today but it will be brighter  by the afternoon. I took Annie out into the garden with my umbrella as it was raining and I needed to be very careful as the grass was full of slugs and snails, which are dangerous if puppies eat them and Annie eats anything, even my cat's food.

Today you have a choice of work to follow either Cinderella or Knights. It is up to you.

I am looking forward to the Zoom meeting in the afternoon at 1.30pm, I do hope you can join us and bring your bag puppet if you can.

See you later alligator.

Love Mrs McLean xxx

Tuesday 8th July

Good morning reception, what a beautiful day it is today. The sun is shining in the sky and it is a great day for spending time in the garden.

Today in maths you will be continuing with odd and even numbers. Can you remember the pattern?

Yes you are correct. All the even number end in 0,2,4,6,8 and the odd in 1,3,5,7,9.

You could draw your own odd and even number lines outside in your garden.

I am looking forward to our Zoom meeting tomorrow at 1.30pm. Don't forget to draw a picture for Ella and we will share that during Friday's Zoom.

Mrs Baptist showed our Friday group how to make a puppet using an A4 piece of paper.

All you need to do, is fold the paper in half and use tape or glue to stick the sides down all but one, as you will need to put your hand in side. It looks a bit like a paper bag when finished. Then you can draw a picture on the front of yourself or a character.

Why not have a try at making one and you can hold it up at story Zoom tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone

With love from Mrs McLean xxx

Monday July 6th 2020

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a lovely weekend, the weather was quite nice if a little windy. This week we begin a new topic about Dragons, Knights and Castles. We have also included a day of Cinderella as she found her Prince charming and lived happily ever after.

This week in maths we are thinking about odd and even numbers and completing some work on subtraction as many of your mums and dads said you needed to do some more work on this.


This is a very special week for one of our reception children as it is the last week that we will be seeing Ella as she will be changing schools. I would like all the children to draw Ella a very special picture which we will show on Friday. You could write Ella's name or send her a message or just draw her a special picture. We will really miss Ella but wish her lots of luck as she begins a new chapter of her life. (But don't tell her what we are doing as I want it to be a surprise!).

Today I am very excited as I am back at school and teaching a bubble of the year one children. I do miss you all very much and I know Mrs Slack does too. I wish you were back at school and we could be having lot's of fun, but I will see you on Wednesday at 1.30 for our story Zoom and I have a little story quiz for you all.

Have a great day everyone

With love from Mrs McLean xxx

Week commencing 6th July

Please note the new time for the Zoom meeting this week on Wednesday & Friday will be 1.30pm


Good morning, in year two the children begin to join their letters when writing. It is important that they form their letters correctly now to be able to join. I have added a handwriting sheet below for you to see.

Thank you!

Friday 3rd July 2020


Good morning everyone, I can't believe that it is Friday again, how quickly the time is going. I hope you have had a lovely week of learning. I am looking forward to our Zoom sharing time today. I have spoken to 29 parents so far and I have been really amazed at the hard work you have all done, and your adults. I am very proud of you all. It is really hard working at home I know, but before long you will all be back at school and having lots of fun with your friends.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and I will see you all again very soon.

With love from Mrs McLean xx

Thursday 2nd July 2020

Good morning everyone and a very happy Thursday to you all. 

I hope you have been enjoying the story Room on the broom. Today's work is to write  your own rhyming potion and then to make a BUBBLING MAGIC POTION, I do hope you will be careful and not turn anyone in your house into a frog!

I really enjoyed our show and tell session yesterday and was very impressed with all the lovely work or lovely toys and models you have made. Well done everyone. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work on Friday.

I have been busy phoning all your mums and dads and have been so pleased to hear how hard you have been working and how hard your lovely parents have been working to support you. I have only a few calls left to make, if you have not been contacted yet, please message me the best time to contact you.

Please note that next week our Wednesday and Friday Zoom meetings will be at a later time of 1.30pm as I will be back in school teaching in a year one bubble. Unfortunately Mrs Slack will be unable to join us as she is unable to leave the bubble she is working in, so we are very lucky that Mrs Baptiste will be helping me. She really enjoyed today's zoom with the reception and the nursery children and is looking forward to meeting the rest of the children on Friday.

Have a lovely day everyone

With love from Mrs McLean



Dear parents, please have a look at the message below about links to resources.

Thank you 




  • 1st July 2020
  • Please find the link for a new maths online activity, below.
  • I have also placed the link in the section which says links.


  • Please also remember that Espresso has lots of fun activities and video clips to watch. You will find the link in the star which says LINK and you will need to use a password which you can find there.


  • The handwriting link will help your child form their letters and numbers correctly. You can find the link to this in the star which says Handwriting along side other resources.


  • Oak academy -use some of the year one maths activities for a challenge. Link to this can be found in the links folder.


  • The online phonics link is an excellent way of supporting your child and consolidating their phase three sounds. This can be found in the phonics link.


  • Finally  If you look in the folder 2 sunflowers away from the Blog folder you are in now, there are some additional phonic resources to support your child's transition into year one.

I know it can be daunting looking at all the resources on offer and sometimes we can forget that there are loads of resources for you to use if you want to. Sometimes it is a good idea to spend some time (I know time is so valuable) to take a look and see what is in each folder. 


Hope you find this information is useful?

Thank you

Mrs McLean

Wednesday 1st July

Good morning children and a very happy July to you all.

This morning group one will be having show and tell, which I am really looking forward to seeing and hearing about the amazing things you have been doing.

I hope you are continuing to work really hard at home and are still doing lots of phonics and writing.

Next week I am back at school so I will be changing our Zoom meetings to the afternoon as I will be having a class in the morning. I still hope you can make it as we are having a special Zoom, which I will explain in more detail soon. We will also be thinking about transition and our journey from reception to year one.

Annie update

Annie is now 13 weeks old and Katie took her to the vet for her last injections, so in a few days time she will be able to meet other dogs in the park and go to the forest, which will be very good. She is still a land shark but we have moments when she stops biting which is good. Yesterday I washed her paws as she was dirty and as I was putting all my things away, she vanished. I could not see her in the garden or in her bed and then, I noticed her big paw prints and followed them all the way to the top of the stairs and in my bedroom. She kept running up and down the stairs, with me chasing after her. She is very quick and more than doubled her size.

I have now ordered a stairgate as I do not want her upstairs. She really is a little pickle!

Have a lovely day everyone

With love from Mrs McLean xx


If I have not yet contacted you by telephone, please could you send me a message for the most convenient time to call you. I have been calling some parents at 6pm, so I am happy to phone a little later, if you are back at work. Thank you for the parents who have done this already and I will be contacted many today,

Many Thanks

Mrs McLean


Tuesday 30th June 2020

Good morning everyone and a very happy 5th birthday to Frankie. I hope you have a very happy birthday Frankie and I look forward to hearing all about it during our Zoom meeting.

I hope you are all enjoying our theme of measuring in maths. Today you will be looking at length. Make sure you are using the correct vocabulary:- longer then shorter than and not bigger!

I have really enjoyed talking to your parents and finding out how you have all been doing. I will continue phoning parents today and tomorrow. If I haven't contacted your parents yet, please could you ask them to send me a message to let me know the best time please. 

Have a lovely day everyone and Frankie have the best 5th birthday XX

With love from Mrs McLean xx


Monday 29th June 2020

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a lovely weekend and are now ready for this weeks topic which is Famous People.

Today we begin to think about famous authors and the stories we have loved to read or have read to us.

Our work today is linked to Julia Donaldson's The Gruffalo. I hope you like the story today?

Don't forget we have our show and tell this week, some of you have an invitation to either a Wednesday or Friday showing time. I am looking forward to seeing your wonderful work.

What a change in the weather, but the flowers enjoyed some lovely rain. It is difficult to water my flowers as Annie tries to help me and bite the hose-pipe.

 I managed to find lots of slugs and snails at the weekend after it had been raining and underneath my flower pot, I found loads of woodlice. All these minibeast like dark, damp places, unlike the butterflies and bees which we see when it is sunny. I do hope you managed to find some different minibeasts?

Have a great day everyone

With love from Mrs McLean xxxx

26th June 2020


Happy Friday everyone!

Well done for completing another week of home schooling. You are all doing so well. Yesterday was the hottest day of the year and I think the hottest night too!

Our puppy Annie stayed in doors most of the day as it was too hot for her, but in the evening, when our garden was in the shade, she jumped in her paddling pool and had loads of fun before she went to bed.

Today will be another hot day, so remember to drink lots of water, wear a sun hat and put sun cream on.


I am looking forward to our Zoom story meeting this morning.


Have a lovely weekend everyone


With love from Mrs McLean xxxx



25th June 2020

Good morning everyone, it was lovely to see you yesterday at our Zoom meeting. I hope you had a lovely day and managed to do some minibeast sorting. 

Just a reminder that today you will be sent an invite to a Show and Tell session for next week. This will be for either Wednesday or Friday. Please inform me by 10am at the latest if you have a preference for a session, if you haven't already.

This will be a one off split week and then we will resume to storytime.


I have really enjoyed speaking to many parents this week and am so impressed with your support and hard work with home schooling. I will be continuing to telephone parents this week and next, so that I get a chance to speak to you all. 


Have a lovely day everyone

With love from Mrs McLean xxx



Wednesday 24th June


Good morning to you all, I hope you are managing to keep cool in this hot weather, it is going to get even hotter tomorrow. Get those water bottles filled up and make sure you are wearing sun cream.


I hope you were able to see some butterflies yesterday, I had even more visiting my garden than usual and I must say when I was in my garden at 7am this morning, it was so noisy with so many bees in one of my special trees in my garden. There were also loads of snails and slugs on my grass where the grass was still damp with the morning dew.

Today the activity you need to complete is a minibeast sorting activity. Do you know the difference between a minibeast and an insect? If not why not google and find out the answer.


I am really looking forward to our storytime this morning at 10am. Remember tell your adult you must be on time.


Next week we will have a sharing time and I am trying to plan two different groups, so that our session is not too long. Please ask your adult to let me know today if posible or tomorrow at the latest, which day is better for you to show and tell. (Wednesday or Friday?) Send me a message and then I can organise it. 

Many thanks

Mrs McLean xxx



Tuesday 23rd June

Good morning everyone, I hope you enjoyed our story of the hungry caterpillar.

Today you are going to complete the life cycle of a butterfly and make your own symmetrical butterfly. Remember if the butterfly is symmetrical the pattern must be the same on both sides. If you can, why don't you have a look in your garden or outdoor space and see if you can see any butterflies. Yesterday when I was having my lunch, I noticed there were many butterflies on my tree. I saw lots of red butterflies and some very small blue butterflies.


Did you notice the new change to the class page. I am trying to make it less cluttered, but don't worry the work will still be there for you to dip into during the summer if you want to.


Have fun with your work today and I will see you tomorrow for our story Zoom time.(Don't forget Teddy!)

With love from Mrs McLean xxxx



22nd June 2020


Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend. I have had a lovely weekend and have managed to catch up with all my grandchildren, so I am very happy. This week we are expecting some hot weather so enjoy it while you can and make sure you drink plenty of water and put your sun cream on. Today we begin our new topic theme of 'Minibeasts'. I hope you enjoy it. 

This week both our Zoom meetings will be a story time Zoom. We have a fixed time-Wednesday at 10am and Friday at 11am. Please be on time for our session as they are only about 20 minutes maximum as Mrs Slack need to return to class to support Mrs Baptiste. If you are late for our session I will not be able to admit you. Next week (30th June) we will be having a split sharing time. So some children will have an invite for Wednesday and the rest on Friday. This will allow the session to be more manageable. 

I have added some new phonic resources and key words which will help your transition to year one. You will find a new link to the resources alongside the planning section.


Finally, I will be telephoning parents over the next couple of week starting today. Please let me know when it is convenient to call. Thank you to the parents who have already done this.


Have a lovely day everyone

With love from Mrs McLean xx



Friday 19th June 2020

Good morning reception, 

I was in my garden yesterday and I saw the Red Arrows past my house. Do you know why they flew past? Why not check with google.

I hope you have enjoyed our theme this week. Next week we will be enjoying learning about minibeasts and our weekly plan and resources have already been downloaded, so your adult can start preparing for your home learning.

I am looking forward to our story time at the later time of 11am this morning.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, and I look forward to speaking to you on Monday.

Parents, thank you for letting me know what time is suitable to contact you next week, I am really looking forward to speaking to you. Just to clarify this call is just for the adults as the Zoom time is for children.

With love from Mrs McLean xxx

Thursday 18th June 2020

Good morning children, it was so lovely to see the amazing work you have been doing at home during our zoom meeting. On Friday our Zoom will be listening to a story.

I hope you were able to get out yesterday for some fresh air. It rained and thundered so much where I live that I even had a power cut for a little while. Let's hope it doesn't rain so much today. Today I am excited to inform you that The Duchess of Cambridge will be talking during the assembly on Oak Academy. Why not log in there to hear her talk about kindness. Have a lovely day everyone and I look forward to Friday when I can see you all again.

With love from Mrs McLean xxx



When your child logs into Mathletics you will find I have set the children a test in each area of number. They have until Monday evening to complete the test. This will give you an indicator on how your child's learning is going and any areas you may need to consolidate. I will also be able to see how your child is doing. Please let them do as much as they can by themselves but if we were back at school we would be doing most maths practical first and then record our workings in our maths book, we would also be using objects to support our learning.

Thank you for your feedback about our show and tell sessions. Next week we will have two story Zooms, whilst we think about how we can make our Zoom times manageable. I have responded to your suggestions in the message box. For those children who would like more of a challenge with their maths please have a look at the Oak Academy maths for year one and choose the activities appropriate for your child. I found a great activity for counting large numbers and counting in tens, but make sure your child is secure in their reception maths learning.

Finally I will begin contacting you all next week to see how you are getting on and to have a chat, as obviously if we were at school we would be communicating regularly.

If you could send me a message in the message box about a  time that would be convenient that would be very helpful to me. Thank you to the parents who have already done this.

Thank you for your continued support, you really are doing an amazing job in very strange times indeed.

Mrs McLean





Wednesday 17th June

Good morning everyone and a very happy birthday to Mrs Slack heart. Hope you have a lovely day!

I am really looking forward to our sharing Zoom time today. Now as it is a sharing time, it can be quite long and can be a bit hectic. So please can you ask a grown up to make sure you are on mute until it is your turn to show and tell.If you have shown and want to leave after a little while that is quite alright and we will see you at our story Zoom on Friday at 11am.

Annie update.

It never rains but pours in my house. Yesterday Annie went out into the garden and within seconds got stung by a bee on her paw. She really cried and couldn't put her weight on her foot. I was unable to find the sting as she kept crying and biting me, but I put ice on it and gave her a big cuddle. Katie my daughter phoned the vet and said if she was still in pain tomorrow to bring her into the vet. Fortunately after a couple of hours, she started to walk on her paw, with a little limp, every now and then. I have a photo of her holding up her paw and feeling very sorry for herself.

Finally a message for parents:

I will be phoning you within the next couple of weeks to have a quick catch up. Please could you send me an email via the message box with the best time to contact you. Many thanks!

See you soon everyone

With love from Mrs McLean xxx


Annie and her poor paw

Tuesday 16th June 2020

Good morning everyone. Did you know that at 4am, it was very light and the sun was shining through my windows, I really must get a black out blind.

Today you are going to listen to one of my favourite stories, Rumble in the Jungle'. I love the rhythm of the text and the illustrations are amazing. What is your favourite wild animal, I love the tiger and elephant, it is hard to choose. So many wonderful animals make our world a better place. Talking about animals, I thought I would give you an update about Annie our puppy who is 12 weeks today. She has doubled in size in 4 weeks, well actually more than doubled. I think she is going to be a much larger dog than we originally thought when fully grown. She loves playing with her toys, but just like children her favourite toys are boxes and plastic bottles. We hide her food in a variety of places and she has to sniff and find her food. We have spoken to a trainer, he couldn't come to our house at the moment but we got some useful tips to help her and us as she really does bite and nip. We call her a land shark. We have just ordered some puzzles and new toys as she is very clever and must work hard to find her food and solve problems, just like us really. We have to work hard or we get bored and that is one of the reasons she bites. I have hidden some food in my old shoe and she has spent a good ten minutes trying to get it. This has made her calm, so hopefully she will sleep in a minute so I can get on with my school work. Annie slept through the night again we have gone from 6am to this morning 7am, I am so impressed. We have put a light fencing around our garden to protect our lovely plants and to protect Annie as she keeps eating my plants and some of them are dangerous and would make her sick.

We have also dug up some plants at the back of our garden and made a secure digging area for her to try and save our grass from pot holes!

I didn't realise that puppies would be so much hard work. We have given her a couple of baths now, which she doesn't really like and she has her own special shampoo. She has gone for a little walk on the pavement as until her next injections she is not allowed to go on the grass (only our grass) or to the forest.

When we go for our walk, she walks about six doors away from our house and refuses to go anymore. We are still working on that.

Anyway have a great day and I am looking forward to our Zoom meeting tomorrow at 10am, where you can share some of your work. Don't forget the special picture for Mrs Slack as it is her birthday!

With love from Mrs McLean XX




Monday 15th June

Good morning Reception and welcome to another week. The sun is shining brightly and we are supposed to have a very sunny week. This week in Maths we are learning the days of the week, so let us all start singing our weekly song to help us remember which order they are in.

It's Monday today, yes it is, yes it is.

It's Monday today, yes it is, yes it is.

It's Monday today, it's a Dear Zoo day to day,

It's Monday today,  yes it is, yes it is.

Today we begin our new theme for the week, ANIMALS, and we begin with our work on Dear Zoo. I hope you enjoy it.

Have a great day and remember to find some work to share on Wednesday. It can be work you completed over the last few weeks or this week.

Have fun everyone, drink plenty of water and make sure you have sun cream (and ice cream!) if playing in the garden.

With love from Mrs McLeanxxx


Friday 12th June

Good morning reception, I can't believe it is Friday and the end of another very busy week. Where does the time go?

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks theme. Today was supposed to be a picnic day. The weather does not look very good, but you could always have an indoor picnic. Well done for your hard work this week. You are all super starssmiley

You should have received your invitation for our next weeks Zoom meetings. Wednesday 10am will be a sharing time. So make sure you have something ready to show us.  Wednesday is also Mrs Slacks birthday and it would be a lovely surprise if you could all draw a picture for her and hold it up for her to see as we enter the Zoom classroom. We can then sing her happy birthday, but with only 5 claps. Then we can look at your work. Fridays Zoom meeting is at 11am and will be a story time session. 

Parents I have uploaded the work for next week and our theme will be animals.

Have a lovely day and a great weekend

With love from Mrs McLeanxxx



Good morning everyone, I hope you have sang our good morning day? I can hear the song in my head this morning, yesterday was a writing day but today is designing a space ship day. I wonder what shape it will be and how many aliens will fit in there? Another activity is to draw some aliens and write their telephone numbers. I hope you have some good ideas when drawing your aliens, how many legs and arms will they have? What colour or shape will they be? Will they have two or more eyes? I look forward to seeing what you have drawn in our showing Zoom meeting on Wednesday.

Have a lovely day everyone and enjoy your work today.

With love from Mrs McLean xxx


Wednesday 10th June

Good morning everyone, let's begin by singing our good morning song.

Its Wednesday today yes it is, yes it is, it;s Wednesday today yes it is, yes it is, its Wednesday today, it's a write a story day today, it's Wednesday today yes it is yes it is. Wonderful, I can hear your lovely voices you sang that song so brilliantly. Well done.

Today I would like you to write your own space story and there are lot's of resources to support you. Think and plan your story first. What characters will be in your story? Draw them and give them a name. Which planets will be in your story? How will your story start? What will happen in your story? and how will your story end? Once your ideas are in place you can begin.


I have added to the front page The Summer Reading Challenge for you to take part in with the Library. Why not have a look and find some books to read. You have until September to complete it.


It was lovely to see you yesterday at our Zoom meeting and I am looking forward to two Zoom meetings next week. Our first Zoom will be a sharing Zoom, so Mrs Slack and I can look at the lovely things you have been doing and you can tell us about them. Bring your teddy along too, so while you are waiting for your turn, you can be giving him a cuddle. I hope you had a great birthday William and enjoyed your picnic. We have one more June birthday left, which is right at the end of the month. I wonder whose birthday that is?  (Is it yours?)

Have a great day everyone, enjoy your story writing

With love from Mrs McLean


Tuesday 9th June 2020

Good morning children hope you are all well and looking forward to our Zoom story time this morning.

Try and do some Joe Wicks exercise before you settle down for a story with myself and Mrs Slack.

Today is William's 5th birthday, so happy birthday William. Hope you have a great birthday!

Today the sun is shining a little and the birds starting singing in my garden would you believe at 4.10am this morning which woke me up. I have noticed that when one bird song finishes another starts. This is what is known as the dawn chorus.

I have added some photos of the goslings from yesterday and a photo of Annie's first bath last week and her first walk yesterday. It took quite a long time to walk to the bottom of my road as she wanted to sniff everything and try to pick up paper, stones and even a bumble bee, which was laying on the path. She wasn't afraid of any noises, which is probably because we have been playing her some puppy socialisation sounds which include the traffic and loud noises. Yesterday was a good day with Annie, I could do my work without being bitten.

Anyway have a great day and see you Zoom -oops I meant soon!

With love from Mrs McLeanxxx

Monday 8th June

Good morning reception, hope you all had a lovely weekend.  We have looked at the world under the sea, explored the rainforest, last week you travelled around the world and now this week we are travelling to space.

 There are lots of resources on line and don't forget google earth to find out where you live.

I am looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow on Zoom. 

Thank you for the messages I have received to let me know how you are getting on. It is really helpful to know what you are finding difficult and what the children are enjoying. Parents you are continuing to do  a wonderful job and I know so many of you are finding it hard juggling child care and your own work. As I mentioned before just do what you can.

It is important to keep phonics and reading going as children will need this skill for year one and ensuring the children are secure with numbers to twenty. If you cannot follow all the topic plans set, that is absolutely fine, just pick and choose bits that you can.

This morning on my early morning walk around Fairlop Waters, which was a bit muddy after the rain we have had, I saw the ducklings with their parents. They are getting quite big now. I will add the photo later on today to show you.

Annie our puppy is getting bigger now, she is able to go for her first walk today on the path, not grass. That will be interesting, as she has found it quite difficult to walk with a lead on. I have been practising in my garden and all she wants to do is chase my cats and dig a hole in my garden and role in the mud. Katie and I gave her a nice bath and she looked and smelt lovely and then when she went into the garden, she rolled in the mud and got dirty again. My lovely clean kitchen floor looks very muddy.She is still biting me lots and has drawn blood, she can untie my shoelaces and undo the velcro on my trainers.

Any hints what to do I would greatly appreciate.

Anyway, have a great day everyone, I will see you tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10am

With love from Mrs McLean xxxx


Good afternoon reception, sorry for such a late message, but I have been unable to connect to the internet and then my computer kept crashing, probably because it has never been used so much !!


It's Friday today yes it is, Its Friday today, yes it is, It's Friday today it's a rainy day today, it's Friday today yes  it is!  I wish we could sing this song together. I am always amazed how quickly the week goes when we are at school and even during home schooling. Today I hope you will enjoy the quiz. Tonight I am having a quiz night with my family. It is my turn to write the questions, which means for once I know all the answers!!


I will have next weeks plans uploaded by six tonight so you are able to prepare over the weekend.

I have added two new links which can be found at the top of the class page. One is faith at home and the other is activity club. There is also a link to a really useful and simple explanation about Coronavirus for children. Please read this and talk to your child.

Next week our Zoom meeting will be at 10am and then I will be having a Zoom meeting with the nursery children at 11am as Mrs Turner is busy at school with a group of year six pupils, so I will be helping her for the moment.


Happy Friday everyone

Have a lovely day and if you can't get outside why don't you snuggle up on the sofa and watch a film.

Have a great weekend

With Love from Mrs McLean


Wednesday 3rd June

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