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Zoom meetings Enquiry 17/6/20

Thank you for your suggestion and I will definately think about how I can make the sessions more manageable. I agree it is a long time for the children to sit and I will see if we can maybe have 2 half hour slots to share work.


I wasn't planning on doing a show and tell each week may be alternate weeks. An idea I had was one week show and tell split sessions one week ie half the children on Wednesday and half on Friday. The following week two story times. That might be better. What do you think?


I was really pleased that your child participated so confidently.

I was also thinking originally about alternating the showing and story days as not all children can attend, but if I had show and tell one week and story time the other that might be better and I have made a note your child cannot make Friday. Thank you Mrs McLean

Zoom Meetings Enquiry 11th June 2020

There will be two regular slots now each week, Wednesday at 10am and Friday 11am.

One session will be a sharing Zoom, so that children can talk about what they have made or done, the other a story Zoom. As I have to do the two Zoom meetings for nursery as well, as Mrs Turner is teaching year six and have to work around times for Mrs Webster and Mrs Slack, these times appear to be the best. Hopefully they will not change, but this will depend on how they go next week as there may be not enough turn around time for others.

I am hoping that the children can attend both or at least one of the Zoom times. The invites have been sent to Mrs Denchfield who will send them to you via parentmail.

This week the sharing Zoom is Wednesday and story Zoom Friday.

Thank you

Mrs McLean

11th June 2020-Responding to query about resources

Good morning

The resources and plans will still be available during the summer, in order to revisit or complete throughout July and August. Thank you!

Mrs McLean


9th June 2020

Thank you for your feedback, I am so glad your child has made such great progress in all areas of learning. Great to write sentences using a mixture of phonics, sight words and tricky words, so very well done for that. With suggestion of a video of myself teaching phonics, unfortunately this would be impossible as  I do not have any resources at home to use nor the technology to teach an effective lesson.

The programme suggested is a wonderful programme which enables children to work at their own pace and level. If we were back at school we would be having split group phonics so that children who needed to extend their learning or those who need consolidating would work at their own individual level and have their needs met.

If your child is secure with their phonics then look at the other activities which will extend your child's learning.

With regards to schools reopening to other year group, I have passed that to Mrs Denchfield.

Thank you

Mrs McLean

Query about Reception return to school


Thank you for your kind message, as mentioned I am due to return to school July 1st as I have a family member who is currently being shielded. I do not know where I will be teaching or who I will be teaching, but hope I will be with reception, at present the classes can only fit 8 children, so depending on how many children return I may be some reception children. Home schooling will still be continuing and I will be expected to prepare for that and I believe the children in school will be following the same plan. Everything depends on how successful year six children are before rolling the offer to year one and then finally reception. Mrs Denchfield is working hard to protect children and staff and will follow the correct guidelines. 

Thank you Mrs McLean

Query about on line books