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Ms Clayton's Blog!

Hi everyone,

I wanted to sign off from this blog with a final post.

Our year together has been like no other - and I am so proud of you all.


To explain how sad I was when I knew we needed to stop coming to school in March is impossible - I was gutted for you all and selfishly, I knew I would miss you. However, you were able to adapt to online learning brilliantly and I know a lot of you have found positives to learning from home. I know you have used this time to read more, spend time with your families and try out new hobbies. You will never forget this time.


As we are in our final week together, I know you are feeling a large mix of emotions (and sometimes all at once).  Try to remember the good times, the laughter and all of the fond memories you have with each other. This time won't be given again, and I want you to have the best final days possible.


I want to personally recognise that we haven't had the chance to partake in some of the 'usual' Year 6 leavers' events. Although difficult, it is something we must accept as out of our hands. We are doing our bit to keep as many people as safe as possible. Though it may feel unfair at times, we must remind ourselves of our role to help others. It is in times like these we are grateful for our faith. 


Your friendships will last a lifetime, and no one can take your memories away. 


I will always be here, virtually or in person, and I will always remember our fantastic year together.


Wanstead Church School is a better place for having your wonderful selves as students,

Thank you for being you,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson  x


Good morning everyone!

I hope you are all well. 

I look forward to seeing most of you today and if I don't, I am thinking of you and wishing you well.


Keep safe,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson




Good morning everyone!

Can you believe we are at the end of June? Where is the time going?

I cannot believe we are approaching the end of our year together, and I must say I am so proud of how you are coping with these final few weeks. Remember to be kind to one another and think about all the great memories you have with each other. 

These few weeks are to be special, and a time for you to all enjoy everyone's company.


Let me know what you think of the tasks this week,

Keep safe,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson



Good morning everyone!

It looks like it is going to be another hot day - please remember to wear sun cream and dress appropriately. 

As we end this sunny week, I would like you to think about what you have achieved and what you are grateful for. 


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

Keep safe


Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson



Good morning,

I hope you all managed to sleep well.


Well, what a warm morning!


Please dress appropriately today, and remember to drink lots of water.


I am looking forward to seeing you today, and hope you all have a positive day.


Keep safe,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson


Good morning!

It is meant to be quite hot today so I suggest wearing appropriate clothing and drinking plenty of water.

Remember, wear sun cream and put it on BEFORE the sun is at its hottest as that is when it works best!


A sun hat is always a good idea, I remember a friend of mine suffering with sun burn at the top of her head and she found it very uncomfortable. 


With this beautiful weather, it is sometimes difficult to remember that we are still keeping distant. You are doing it to help not only yourselves and those you care about, but for everyone else too. 


Keep up to good work, and please let me know if there is anything you need.


Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson


Hello everyone!

I hope you are all feeling well and enjoying this week. 

I hope you are enjoying thinking about your own Theme Park!


I also hope that you are feeling OK in yourself, it is important to recognise that our new 'normal' is very different to what we were used to. I myself am missing teaching you in our classroom SO much and day-to-day things are still so new! Please know that it is OK to feel a bit off sometimes, or it is also OK to be OK. I am always here, even if it is virtual, and I want you to speak to me if you feel you want to. I am thinking of you all. 


Remember to keep planning your days as it does really help see the day through positively. Think about reading a new book, or learning to draw an animal, or learning a new skill... 

As always,

Keep safe,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson 



Good morning!

I hope you are all well.

Apologies for my absence, I was unwell last week and had to rest up.

Luckily, I am feeling better and am very happy to be back in the building. I hope you all enjoyed your weekends and joined in with lovely activities. 

This week, you will see you are designing your own THEME PARK! I wanted to adapt your learning so that it was a bit different.


Let me know if you have any questions,

keep safe,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson





Good morning!

Happy hump day!

We are half way through the week and the sun seems to have wanted a rest.


It is important to recognise that however you are feeling is OK - don't forget to message me if you need to.


Keep safe,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson



Good morning!

It is another beautiful day! We have been so lucky with the weather.

Have you been for a walk recently?

Or spent some time outside?


I lay down on the grass yesterday with the puppy and I had forgotten how nice the feeling and smell of grass is in the sunshine! Sometimes the nicest part of the day is the small moment you didn't think would make you smile...


Keep safe,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson



Good morning all!

The sun is shining and we are beginning a new week!


I am looking forward to seeing you today, and those of you who are learning from home, I am sending you positive vibes!


Keep safe

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson 



Good morning everyone!

We have completed our first full week with our new set up - let me know how the activity based learning is going!


Your work for next week is on the class page already - feel free to take a look and let me know what you think.


I understand these next few weeks might not happen the way you thought they would, but we are still together - in a very different way. I will make sure your weeks are as enjoyable as they can be.


Keep safe,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson



Good morning all!

I hope you are well. 


We are now getting towards the end of week 3. The weather seems to not have decided what to do! When the sun is resting behind the clouds, I like to choose a warm drink and soft blanket to relax. Remember to give yourself time each day to think about what you are grateful for.


Keep safe,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson



Good morning everyone!

I hope you are all well.


If you are focusing on your learning from home, know that I am only a quick message away. I would love to see what you are up to - maybe send over your work to the admin e-mail address?


If you are working from school, I am enjoying seeing you all - even if I cannot be in the classroom with you. 


Keep safe,

Ms Clayton


PS Miss Johnson is SO happy to see you back and is missing those of you at home lots!




I hope you are all well and enjoying the slightly improved sunshine - even though it is still a bit chilly!


Make sure you let me know how it is all going from home, we are all thinking of you and missing you loads!


Keep safe,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson



Good morning,

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. 

We are looking forward to seeing you today for our next week of either home or school based learning!


You will see the tasks are slightly different because I want you to all have similar experiences, wherever you are.


Please let me know how you are finding the activities,


Keep safe,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson


Good morning, 

I hope you all slept well and are looking forward to the weekend!

Remember to reflect on your week and all that you have achieved.

Write down three things you are proud of this week.

Consider how you will make next week even better. 


Next week's work is ready on our class page - have a look through and let me know what you think.

I have adapted it to suit Year 6's new needs as we are both in school and at home.


Keep safe,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson



Good morning, 

As a lot of you will be coming back to 'school' today, it is OK if you are feeling a little anxious or scared. It is also OK if you are feeling excited and happy too! 

I hope Miss Johnson and I explained some of the differences you will face clearly yesterday, and please know that everything will be explained to you again this morning.


If you are not coming back to school, we are all thinking about you and wishing you well. 


Keep going, you are all amazing!

We Can Shine - even when we are apart! 


Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson



Good morning everyone!

I am looking forward to seeing you on today's zoom to talk all about our book. 

I hope you are enjoying the home-learning this week - please let me know how it is going by messaging me through the link on our class page. I read them everyday. 

It seems the sun is having a break today, which might be a good thing for those of you who prefer cooler temperatures!

Keep safe, we will speak to you all very soon!


Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson


Good morning!

I hope you have all slept well, and are looking forward to your day!


We are in school and preparing for the rest of the week.

The school has had a wonderful sort out, and we are looking forward to you seeing it.


I have been told today that the weather hereafter may not be as sunny, so I advise you spend some time outdoors, enjoying the sun on your (pre sun-creamed) face!


Our next Zoom meeting is tomorrow morning, where we will talk about our class book. Please ensure you have read and understood the next 20 pages. 


I have had a strong urge to listen to music today - why not do the same and have a little dance?


We are missing you like crazy,

Keep safe,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson 


Good morning everyone!

I hope you have all had a wonderful half term and have enjoyed the quiet time with your families in the beautiful weather we have been lucky to have. I would like you all to think of three things you have been grateful for this half term, mine are:

. Having friends to phone and help me

. Enjoying listening to the rustling of the trees on my balcony

. Learning how to make a roast dinner


I am very much looking forward to seeing your faces on Zoom today. Please remember today's time is different, as I am in school preparing for the next few weeks. The time for today's Zoom is 12:15


All of your home-learning is on our class page, I have separated the sub-pages so that Summer Term 2 starts from Week 1 again.


Have a look at your timetable and set yourself up for the day, it may feel different as you have not done this for a little while. Remember to listen to what your mind and body needs and fulfil activities in your own time. 


Keep safe, 

we are all thinking of you and missing you,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson



Good morning Year 6 - I was ready with the Zoom meeting at 9:30 and did not have any invitations to join.

I have recently been informed that the invite was not sent along with Monday's invite - huge apologies for this.


We will still see each other on Friday's Zoom and we can talk about the book then.

For today, please spend some time outside in the beautiful weather (and remember to protect yourself as both the sun and the UV rays are strong today). 


I hope you are enjoying your week, please send in any work that you have finished for me to see!


For anything asking what to complete during the writing tasks, it is up to you. 

Why not consider a diary entry / poem / short story / letter?


Keep safe,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson



Good morning!

It was lovely chatting to you on Zoom. Remember to choose your project today!

I will start planning our QUIZ for Friday.

With the weather  being nice again, remember to get outside and feel the breeze and sun on your face. Take a short walk, or do some star jumps in the garden!


See you all on Wednesday, when we will catch up with our book.


Keep well,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson



Good morning!

It was lovely seeing you all on Zoom today. As suggested, your afternoon work next week will surround a project of YOUR choice. Please choose something you enjoy. such as flowers, sport or even an inspiring individual. 


I hope you have a wonderful weekend, make sure to check next week's work and prepare the timetable to have the best final week of this Half Term!


We miss you,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson


Good morning everyone!

What a fantastic way to start the morning - thank you to everyone who joined in.

I hope you continue to enjoy your project, please send in any work you have done!


We are reading up to Page 54 for Book Club. I thoroughly enjoy hearing your opinions all about the books. 


I want you to consider this questions:

What is the difference between being 'alone' and being 'lonely'?

Can you feel lonely, even when you are with people?

How have you felt during this time?


Keep it up guys,

missing you, as always....

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson




Thank you to everyone who is sending me work - it is absolutely wonderful to see!

I hope you are enjoying your project based learning this week and look forward to seeing them on Friday.


The weather seems to be lovely again so I think it would be good for all of you to spend some time outside today - I know I will be taking my daily walk.


Tomorrow's Zoom has a surprise for you.... wear trainers.

Keep safe,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson


For those of you who cannot print out the work, please continue to complete the work and create your pieces on plain paper! You can adapt the work as necessary. 

Remember to manage your screen time and take regular breaks.

I would like you to complete the work on the Mayans as that is what we would be learning about in school.


Well done,

Ms Clayton


Good morning everyone!

I hope you had a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend!


I look forward to seeing you on Today's Zoom meeting at 9:30am.

It will only be 15 minutes for us to catch up and discuss this week's learning.

As you will see, your learning is 'Project' based (explained last Friday). I wanted to change it up a little. 

Do not hesitate to message me if you have any questions. 


I hope you enjoy this week, and remember to keep all of the work you produced in a folder so you can remember this experience. I still have my project all about Egypt that I created when I was in Year 4!!


Keep safe, 

We miss you terribly,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson




Hello everyone!

I hope you are having a great day.

It seems the Mathletics is not reaching everyone so I will be assigning, and reassigning on the day to check! Thank you again to those who informed me of this.

I don't know about you but I have already read on with our book - it is such a good read.

I think I will read it again to really try and pick out information from the text, practising my inference skills too!

I have now updated our class page to include VE activities like I explained on Monday - why not do a research project and send it to me? You can ask your parents to send any information to the admin e-mail account. 


To those of you who have sent me work, it looks absolutely amazing and I love seeing you create your own projects! Keep sending me work as it is really making me smile. 


I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for our Zoom meeting, 

Keep safe and Keep well

Mc Clayton & Miss Johnson


Hello all! I loved seeing you today for our first Book Club - be sure to tweet your pictures into the school Twitter account!

I am happy that you are all enjoying the club, even if you have read the book already. We will be reading up to Page 31 for next week. Please remember to write a summary of what you read. Why not draw what you read too or create a comic strip of the story so far?


I hope you are keeping up with a variety of your work, remember to write me a message with any question you have. 


With regards to the writing competition that we held before we started learning from home, I will be congratulating everyone who entered when we are back in school. Considering the situation alongside how brilliant all of the entries were, I want to congratulate you ALL! I will definitely be planning more competitions in the future. 

Keep well, keep safe and I will see you all on Friday.

Please make sure you log in on Friday - even if it is to just say Hi and go. :)


Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson


PS - Anyone who does not have the book, collect it at any time soon as Miss Johnson will be in!


Good morning!

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend.

Today's Zoom is at 9:30 and the reminder should have been sent on Parent Mail earlier. 

This week, please remember to stay focused and on task to fulfil the work given to you. It is important that you keep your brain busy. With this in mind, it is just as important to listen to how you are feeling and work at a pace that suits you. I expect you to finish your work, however completely understand that a lot is happening and that if it is not finished, it is not a bad thing. 

You might feel that today it is difficult to concentrate - that is OK. Tomorrow, you can start again. I want to give you flexibility to listen to your own needs. However, I must say that this does not mean I accept you not trying. I have been SO impressed by the work I have been sent from some of you and would like to see all that you are doing! Don't forget to pop your work on Twitter or send it to the ADMIN e-mail address for me to see. 

Miss Johnson and I look forward to seeing you on the Zoom - if I have not seen you yet I would like to see you this week please.


Keep safe, keep well and keep smiling,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson



Good afternoon, 

I hope you have had a lovely day - with whatever you chose to do. I have been very busy and productive and have completed a large amount of work which has left me feeling ready for a rest this weekend! Especially as we have a new member joining us next week...


I will be setting up our Zoom meetings for next week now - I would really like to see you all please. 


A reminder to please leave a tin and collect your reading book from Miss Johnson's garden asap (weather permitting of course). We cannot wait to read the story altogether and chat about it on WEDNESDAY. Remember to read the first 3 chapters! If you have read it, read it again - you will see it in a slightly different way. 


Enjoy your weekends,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson

If you do not know your TTRockstars login details spend some times working on your multiplication skills on Mathletics!


Ms Clayton


Good morning everyone!

I hope you slept well. It seems the weather is slightly better today - hooray!

Today, I would like you to spend some time to yourself, focusing on your breathing. 

It is important to relax and regroup to let your body perform as best it can. 

I like to breathe in for 7 seconds, hold it for 5 seconds, and breathe out for 8 seconds. 


I hope you are enjoying the tasks that are being given to you. Remember, you do not need to complete everything. Work at a pace that suits you, whilst challenging yourself occasionally! Please ensure you are practising your spellings regularly - choose the ones you find most tricky! It is important to keep up with your times-tables too!


I have re-assigned the Mathletics task - it seems it did not send to everyone which you will all know has happened in the past! I am very grateful to those of you who let me know. Please don't hesitate to contact me through the Contact Box - I check it everyday. 


I look forward to seeing you tomorrow on our Zoom meeting, please make sure you attend. 

Bring your film reviews along too - I know Miss Johnson is very much looking forward to guessing what you have all watched!


Keep well,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson


Good morning all!

I hope you enjoyed watching your film yesterday and are ready to write your review today.

Remember, we will be listening to them this Friday and guessing which film you watched!

There will be NO zoom today as the books have not yet arrived - I will keep you updated with when this happens so you can bring a tin and collect your copy. 


I hope you are still structuring your days - it really helps to have achievable goals.


Miss Johnson is keeping busy because she misses you all so much - as do I.


How about the rain yesterday? I almost had forgotten what it was like to feel chilly!


Keep well, keep safe and smile!

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson


Hello everyone!


I hope you are keeping warm now the weather has changed more than slightly! Give your skin a rest from the sun and remember how wonderful it is to feel a soft, warm jumper on your skin. Don't be afraid to snuggle up this afternoon when you watch your film (for educational purposes of course). Why not make some healthy snacks to eat whilst you watch it?


I have had an e-mail saying that our Wonder books are on their way to Miss Johnson's house - I will keep you updated. HOW EXCITING! I have always wanted to be a part of a book club, and now I am (with my favourite people - you lovely lot).


Don't hesitate to leave me a message if you need to,

Keep safe and warm,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson


Good morning!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

I have adapted the work for this week slightly so it gives you some variety!

Please read the suggested timetable for your sessions if you cannot see them on the subject pages. 


Also, you can use the suggested timetable and adapt the times to suit you (maybe you are completing Joe Wicks everyday).


We are holding a Zoom meeting today at 9:30am for anyone who is finding the work a bit tricky. Please join if you would like to - this is not a teaching session but time to talk through anything you find tricky and get reassurance from myself and Miss Johnson. 


I hope you have a brilliant Monday.

Eat well, stay safe and get the most of the sun whilst it is here!


Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson


Well... THAT WAS AMAZING. Thank you to everyone who joined in on our first Yr 6 Zoom meeting.

We have spoken and decided to organise Zoom meetings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Hopefully, this makes sense:


Monday : Only join if you are struggling with work and myself and Miss Johnson can try to help you.


Wednesday : Book club - Join in with our discussion - I am ordering 'Wonder' books as I type and they will be ready to collect from Miss Johnson's garden in due course. When they have arrived, I will let you know and you can walk to school to pick up a book. You will only receive a book if you bring a tin for Redbridge Food Bank!


Friday : Catch up and chat about anything and everything. 


Keep safe,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson 


Hi all!

Remind your parents to check parent mail and meet me on Zoom at 9:30am!


Miss Clayton


Good morning Year 6!

I hope you slept well and feel refreshed and ready for another day.

What are you having for breakfast? I think I am going to go for Oatabix flakes with banana. 


I hope you have all seen that on our class page, there is now the opportunity to send me a message!

Please do not hesitate to use this and let me know how you are getting on - you can also ask me anything regarding the home learning work provided.

I will not reply directly to you, however I will answer any questions on here! Please ensure you check this Blog as you never know if someone has asked a question that you would like to know the answer to!


I have already seen some of you post of Twitter with what you are doing and I cannot tell you how much myself and Miss Johnson are enjoying seeing you on there! We check it every day - ask your parents to post what you are up to and let us know! Some of you have already requested that you can send me your work - a great place to show me is on the Twitter page! 


Remember to keep safe, keep active and make the best use of the beautiful weather we are having!


Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson 


Good evening Year 6!

I hope you are feeling productive after a lovely day of learning and new experiences.


I have begin 'Couch 2 5K' and am now on week 2! If you do not know it, it is an NHS initiative to get people active and running. If you, like me, find running long distances a bit difficult it is a great way to train yourself - with adult supervision of course.


I cannot repeat enough that remembering to appreciate the breeze on your face and sunshine on your skin is SO important whilst practising social distancing. 


Please let me know what you are all up to via Twitter!


I have a surprise for everyone at the end of the week - watch this space!


Miss Johnson asked me to let you know she is well and enjoyed her quiet Easter.

PSSSSST - It was her birthday on the weekend - why not send a birthday message via Twitter?


Keep safe

Miss Clayton & Miss Johnson


Good morning Year 6!

Myself and Miss Johnson hope you had a relaxing Easter break - even if it was slightly different to usual!


Rest assured this week's work is ready for you to begin. Please don't hesitate to use the suggested timetable so as to have a structured day. We cannot emphasis how important it is to have structure to your day. 

Something I have done is set up an entirely 'work-based' area where there are no distraction. I suggest, if you have not done this already, that you do the same. 


Remember to complete the work at a pace that suits you, whilst focusing on completing it (there is nothing quite like that feeling of satisfaction!). Give yourself sensible breaks and enjoy creative activities! 


Even though we are not in our lovely classroom, we are still Year 6 together. I will continue to update the work page with anything I find interesting - I have a feeling there will be a lot!


Some of you may find today a bit of a struggle, and that is OK! First days back after a break can be a shock to your system. Why not begin by reading a book? 


Stay safe, stay calm and know that we are all thinking of you and missing you immensely. 

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson


PS The prayer box is available should you wish to write in it.



Good morning everyone!

I hope you all have enjoyed your second week of Home Learning. 

I wanted you all to know that both myself and Miss Johnson have been thinking about you and hope you all are well. 

It seems very strange communicating like this, and I hope you read these messages and know that we are all still a class - even when we are learning from our homes. 


I know that you will probably be talking to each other, which is excellent. Please remember all of the lessons we learnt together about being kind and knowing to talk to an adult if anything happens that we are unsure of. 


Please reflect on your week and tick off what you have achieved. I want you to recognise both your academic achievements and those you may have acquired from being home e.g. learning a new skill, reading a book or spending quality time with loved ones. 


For the next two weeks, I will not be posting on this blog as it is YOUR Easter break. I want you to ensure you have a break. You have worked extremely hard all year and you deserve the time to relax and reflect. Please do use the 'Worry Box' if there is anything you need to talk about - it is checked everyday. 


For me, I am going to start jogging - that's right - Miss Johnson has inspired me. My trainers are ready and although I am a little apprehensive, I am excited for the challenge. 


I will write on here on Monday 20th April - until then - Keep safe and cherish this time with your families. 

Why not try a WHOLE day without any technology? 

Why not try to jog every other day like me?

Why not learn to cook something with an adult?


We are missing you SO much and want you to know we are proud of every single one of you. 

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson


PS - Check out the 'Easter' page on our class page if you want some creative ideas for the two weeks ahead. 



Good evening everyone!


I am writing to you at a later time today because we had our internet fixed and I could not sign in earlier as the engineer was here fixing it all!

I hope you have all had a productive day full of learning and discovery!

Check out Week 2's page if you haven't already - we now can sign into Purple Mash and there are lots of activities for you to try. 

The weather seems to have changed a bit - why not begin a weather chart in your home?

You could even broadcast the weather and get a parent to record you and pop it on twitter!


I am experimenting with cooking today and made a fantastic, veggie filled stir-fry. What are you eating for dinner? I hope it is delicious!


You will be happy to know Miss Johnson is completing Joe Wick's PE lesson everyday! I am trying to keep up but right now, she is definitely beating me!


Keep safe, keep active and keep smiling.


Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson




Hi everyone!

The weather seems to have changed today. I went for a walk to get some fresh air and quickly realised that flip flops were not the correct choice of footwear! 

I hope that you have all began your week positively and made a good start on your work. You have all worked brilliantly all year and I want you to know that everyone recognises that. Our learning may be happening in a different way, but your progress and everything you have learnt is not going anywhere. I imagine you may be finding the pace of this learning slightly different to what we have been use to. That is absolutely OK. The resilience and strength you are showing by learning yourself, from home, is outstanding and you should all be so proud of yourselves. 

I regularly check the school's Twitter page and would love to see what you have been up to. 

Today, I am getting on with my work and I may spend my evening painting. 

Keep well, keep safe and know that myself and Miss Johnson are thinking about you all,


Ms Clayton laugh


PS - why not test your families on the yr 6 spellings? I will pop them on Week 2's page now...


Hello everyone!

I hope you all slept well and enjoyed your weekend. 

I don't know about you but I have woken up feeling quite positive about this week. I am noticing that I am missing a morning routine and I found the weekend slightly more difficult because I didn't organise my days like I do on the weekdays. 

For me, I think organising each day (even if it is the weekend) will help me.

For today, I want all of you to set out your daily goals. I want you to think of three things that you will achieve today. I want at least two of these achievements to be based on your learning. This week is our final week of Spring Term and I know you will enjoy your Easter more when you feel you have accomplished lots this week. 

As usual, you will see a choice of work to do this week. I would like all of the English and Maths work completed by Friday, as well as a variety of the other activities. 

To help you, I am going to be uploading a proposed timetable for this week. If you have already created your own, you do not need to use the one I upload today. However, if you currently do not have a weekly timetable, I strongly suggest that you use the one I upload from today!

Keep safe, stay strong - we miss you all so much!


Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson


PS - Don't forget about the worry box!


PPS - What fruit and vegetables are you going to eat today?




Hello everyone!

I have not managed to fix my internet problem - but I have managed to create a 'hot spot' so I can access the internet from home. 

I hope you all are well and rested. 


Well done for completing your first week of online learning. 

A suggestion today would be to write out all of the things you have achieved this week (including personal goals as well as the lessons provided on here). 

Have a look and see if there were any topics or subjects that you might want to focus on next week - maybe your focus might be to write slightly more / or in a different genre?

I have updated next week's page to include some creative games to complete. 

Keep it up - you are all amazing.

Keep safe,

Ms Clayton and Miss Johnson


PS - check out the home learning guide page to see a list of amazing websites you might want to try!





Good morning everyone!

I must apologise for not posting yesterday - I thought I would be able to post from home. 

As many of you know, I have recently moved into my new flat. The flat does not have internet yet and I was told it would be delivered yesterday. However, understandably, the delivery could not be made. I tried to do it from my phone but it seemed my phone didn't want to help me last night!


So, I will try and post TWICE today laugh


Yesterday, myself and Miss Johnson watered the plants around the school as the sun has made them quite thirsty recently. 

I realised it was the first time I had spent time watering plants since I was a child. I found it truly calming and I loved the smell of the damp soil in the sun. 

My personal task to you today is to fulfil a calming task that reminds you of why we are lucky to have what we have. For me, it was the smell of the flowers and the soil. For you, it might be colouring in within ALL of the lines, or managing to hold the splits for 30 seconds. 


Today, my goal is to achieve a maths based task! I have missed teaching you all immensely, and I can feel my brain wanting to be challenged numerically. Therefore, I will be going home later to do a sudoku. If you don't know what it is, have a research and give one a go! If you do, please let me know by getting an adult to tweet about it.


I managed to sleep very well last night and I am feeling the benefits today. How are you all sleeping? Are you feeling rested? It is always a good idea to self-reflect and consider how you are feeling and what would help you to feel better.


Keep safe, 

missing you all,

Ms Clayton and Miss Johnson




PS - Today's song to dance to is S Club 7 - S Club Party (for the maths club)



Good morning all!

I am writing this after spending an embarrassing amount of time dancing to my favourite Disney songs... I advise you do the same at some point today - though you can choose different music if you wish to. 

I suggest this because I want you to know how important it is to KEEP MOVING even when you are learning from home. 

My morning movement has left me feeling energised and ready for the day. To be honest, I even included pom poms in my routine (Miss Johnson is my witness). 

I hope you all slept well and have spoken to your families about how you are feeling. Yesterday's announcement might have left you feeling a mix of emotions - please talk about how you are feeling and use the 'Worry Box' if you need to. 

I have added some work around Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling to Week 1's folders. 


Stay focused and remember to set yourself achievable goals for the day.

Myself and Miss Johnson are thinking about all of you!


Ms Clayton

PS - What book are you reading? I have decided to re-read Alice in Wonderland...


PPS - Get an adult to tweet the school with what you are doing - we SO want to know!!! (Ask them to check out what we are doing too)



Good morning!

I hope you all had a calm morning and have eaten a nutritious breakfast.

Remember to set yourself achievable goals today and set  up a daily timetable to help you.


It felt very strange not greeting you all at the gate this morning, but I know you will be making the most of this new experience and getting ready to complete the tasks you have set yourself today.


I must say, I am rather enjoying the blue skies recently - maybe spend some time outside if you can? Sometimes, there is nothing nicer than reading a book in the shade or listening to your favourite music whilst on a break from your learning.


I am with Miss Johnson and she wants you to know that she thinking of you all and is sorry that she couldn't say goodbye to you on Friday afternoon! She will be writing this blog with me every day as she can't bare the thought of not annoying you all everyday!


Stay safe,

Ms Clayton & Miss Johnson


PS - Why not draw a rainbow with the tag line 'We Can Shine' and get an adult to tweet it to the School's twitter account?


PPS - The worry box can still be used if necessary!