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PHSE - How can we show we care for others during the Lockdown?


Task 1

Read “While We Can’t Hug” - a sweet, short story about social distancing for young ones.  


Task 2

What did Hedgehog and Tortoise do to show they cared for one another? 

Make a list or pick your 3 favourite things.

Talk about how you can show you care for someone.


Task 3

Make a card or picture for someone you care about and can’t hug at the moment.

Maybe make yourself a paper crown and send your special someone a photo of you wearing it.




Also, you could make a paper hat for your teddy. 

Click here to watch a simple video to help you.


I think you would enjoy this animated story. 

Click here to watch an adapted version of “The Perfect Hug” by Joanna Walsh