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PSHE - Tuesday

PSHE Empathy Day 9th June - Understanding and Developing Empathy 


Task 1

Help children understand empathy: empathy is our ability to understand and share someone else’s feelings.

This Sesame Street video is a great place to start.  Click here


Task 2

Use books to help children develop empathy (a learnable skill): as you read, try focusing more on the characters than the plot.  How do you think the character felt when…?

Share the book, "The Invisible Boy".  This story highlights the power of friendship and inclusion.  In the video, the author reads the story aloud.  Click here

Task 3

Book Talk - Explore the text and Brian’s feelings.  You could record your ideas.

“He sits there wondering which is worse – being laughed at or feeling invisible.”

  • How many examples in this story can you find that show Brian’s invisibility?
  • Which do you think is worse – being laughed at or feeling invisible? Explain.
  • What did Brian do to help Justin feel better after J.T. and the other kids made fun of the food that he was eating?

“Maybe, just maybe, Brian’s not so invisible after all.”

  • How many kids did it take in this story to help Brain begin to feel less invisible?
  •  What specifically did Justin do to make Brian feel less invisible?


Task 4

Draw a picture of Brian and Justin.  What part of the story you will choose? 

Give each of them a thought bubble and speech bubble.  Think carefully about their feelings.