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Tuesday 28th April

Thank you for the lovely message I received. I am missing all of you very much.

Thursday 30th April

I know it is difficult for some children to print work but it often is not  necessary to do so.

Today the Maths sheets can be viewed on screen and then answers written in a notebook or on a piece of paper. The English work can be recorded in the same way and after watching the RE videos the children can do activity 1 by drawing their own Seder plate and annotating it.

I hope it will be possible for the children to access their learning without needing to do lots of printing.

Friday 1st May

I know that lots of you are missing school and being with your friends. I had a lovely message to say that you would like to hear a story. I would love to read to you, I really miss our story time (I really miss all our time together) but at the moment I do not have the technology to do this. I am working on it. I hope you are continuing to enjoy reading and listening to stories at home. 

Friday 1st May

I was really pleased to receive a message telling me that you enjoyed your money work last week. I hope everybody did.

Friday 1st May

For the children who like a Maths challenge I have put a few problem solving activities for you to try on Mathletics. When you log on click on Explorer to find them. Unfortunately, as this is an additional activity and one which only a few of you will try, I will not be able to mark your work. The challenges are quite tricky so good luck.

Friday 1st May

Thank you for the lovely message I received. I am missing you and our time together very much. I am pleased that you are enjoying the BBC Bitesize and Classroom Secrets work.

Monday 4th May

If you have sent me a query about Mathletics log on today. I hope I have resolved your problem.

Tuesday 5th May

I am really pleased to hear you are enjoying your Maths learning and are asking for more work. Remember, as well as BBC Bitesize and Classroom Secrets, you can access Mathletics and Purple Mash. Click on the Summer Term Week 3 star and scroll down and you will find some more Maths activities to try, if you would like to.

Thursday 7th May

Thank you so much for the lovely email I received at lunchtime today. It really brightened up my day. It was so nice to hear what you have been doing. I am missing all of you very much and I love to hear your news. 

Friday 15th May

I have had a request for some handwriting sheets which the children can use to practise. I am sorry I don't have an electronic version of our Nelson handwriting scheme for you. I have put some pencil control and printed handwriting practice sheets, which follow our scheme, in the Summer Term Week 4 star. There is also a folder which has sheets to practise joined script. However these sheets show b and p joined. In our scheme we do not join b, g, j, p, q, x, y and z to the next letter. We call these the break letters and the children are aware that these letters are not joined. Please could you encourage your children to follow our scheme. I hope these resources will be useful.

Wednesday 20th May

It's wonderful to hear some of you are doing well with the BBC Bitesize and Classroom Secrets Maths work. Remember there are lots of other Maths activities you can do if you complete these quickly. Purple Mash (see link below my daily message) has a range of activities and games, as do Espresso (see Links star) and Mathletics. You might enjoy the Pirate Maths Challenge cards which you will find by clicking on the Summer Term Week 5 star. There also some multiplication and division reasoning sheets in the Week 5 star. Have fun!

Thursday 21st May

I understand that some parents and carers may be worried about their children's home learning. I am sure you are all doing a wonderful job in these difficult times. The most important thing is that your children are safe, well and happy and are enjoying their family time.

Some of you, I know, are not able to print from your computer but many of the BBC Bitesize and Classroom Secrets activities have videos to watch and the work can be completed from the screen with answers being recorded in a notebook.

If it works well for you and you have some Year 2 workbooks, it is fine for children to work through these. Many publishers print resources but I cannot recommend any in particular as I have not seen them. It's good if the children can do some Maths, English and reading each day and have some exercise too. Of course, this may not always be possible so please do not worry. Remember to focus on your child's well-being and happiness.