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Replies to requests Summer 2

15th July

laugh I have uploaded Homework for the Summer which includes guidance for spellings, reading, writing and mathematics.  


7th July

laugh Please continue with Home Learning as best as you can.  Please prioritise maths at home as Phonics (as well your child's well being) is the primary focus for Blue and Yellow Bubbles.  Many thanks.   


2nd July 

laugh I am looking forward to welcoming your children back into school.  They will be able to gently reacquaint themselves with the school environment ahead of September and more importantly see and interact with their friends and be with their ‘closest’ teachers.  I am planning the provision for Blue and Yellow Bubbles and liaising closely with Mrs McLean so both Bubbles have a similar learning experience. They will complete some learning activities with a focus on phonics which will broadly follow the same programme as I am continuing to plan for the Home Learning.  Both Bubbles are timetabled for outdoor sessions where they will have games and activities in the fresh air whilst socially distancing.

I will continue to upload the Home learning as before with mathematics, English, phonics, reading and Topic sessions for each day.

I hope this information is of help.                                                                                                                             


laugh NEWSFLASH-new links added on front page for phonics lessons and maths practice.



15th June 

laugh Many thanks for letting me know when children are hoping to attend our Zoom Meetings.  


Children can also share something with me by emailing the school's admin and it will then be forwarded to me. 



11th June

laugh Thank you for the feedback regarding our Zoom Meetings.  Going forward:


I will limit the length of the meeting to 30 mins. 


To facilitate this, it has been suggested the children attend either Tuesday or Thursday. 

Please could parents/carers organise who will attend when amongst yourselves and let me know? 


The focus of the weekly Zoom Meetings will be for children to show/share something or a specific task or game (and I can let you know in the daily update on Tuesday/Thursday). 

I understand that not everyone wants to post on Twitter.  


I'm afraid it is not possible to run the meetings during lunchtime or after school.  (It is a complicated task scheduling all the Zoom Meetings across the school, with the appropriate staff needing to attend different meetings during the week. Also, I am teaching throughout the day, every day in school).  



10th June 

laugh Many thanks for your feedback on the maths provision.  I have tried to take on board your requests: 


Firstly, I have planned a lot for each day which I would not be able to get through in class.   From next week I will spread the provision over at least 2 days.  Please try to do the Maths Talk, the beginning of the power point and VF sheet on one day and the rest of the power point, RPS sheet and other bits over the next day or so.   


Secondly, I have added links to this week's Maths Star to add some light relief for the children.  The active counting songs can be revisited again and again.    


Thirdly, I have assigned Mathletics activities for Homework to help children practice and consolidate their most recent Home Learning.  I have listed the activities on the Homework page for your guidance. 


laugh I am delighted that Year One will have two Zoom Meetings each week at 10:30 am with one on Tuesday and the other on Thursday.  Please try to ensure your child attends at least one of the meetings each week and, if for any reason they cannot do so, please let me know using the Request Box.   



5th June 

laugh Thank you for your feedback about Thursday's maths.  Next week will begin with more practice of making arrays. (If we were in class, I would assess whether to build in more experiences so your feedback is important.)   


4th June 

laugh Huge apologies everyone.  Regarding today's History activity, I mistakenly uploaded a power point (for next week) rather than the reading comprehension.  I have amended the contents. Sorry blush


3rd June 

laugh With regard to Wednesday's Phonics Task 2 there are no e-e (split digraph) in this text but there are examples of ie making the long vowel e (married... others include chief, field).  Read the text aloud with your child and ask them to listen out for the long e phoneme, then look for the grapheme (which letter(s) make the sound).  Have fun spotting them together.  


2nd June

laugh Regarding the maths sheets, when choosing what best suits your child, start with Expected (2nd) and if this is too hard opt for the Emerging (1st) sheet; and if the Expected seems too easy, use the Greater Depth (3rd) sheet.  There is no need to work through them all.  Hope this is clear.  


laugh If your child finds it hard to learn the weekly key words, it would be better for them to focus on learning the Year One common exception words.  Move at a pace that suits your child.  Make word cards and play a game of Pairs to help them recognise each word.  Hope this helps.  I've added some resources


laugh I have saved the correct maths resources for Friday (Making Doubles) - many thanks for alerting me.  


1st June 

laugh Parents and carers, you will notice that the style of the Home Learning is different this half term.  We hope this better meets your child’s needs.  Your child may need support to access these activities.  There is a structured timetable with daily maths, English, phonics, reading and topic work; as well as time for breaks.  Please remember you are the best judge of what your child needs to do each day, each hour and minute. Do as much as you see fit given your personal circumstances at this difficult time. The wellbeing of your child is paramount.  Of course, if you wish, you can continue to access BBC Bitesize Home Learning.  Also, the familiar Home Learning Pack for the week from Classroom Secrets is available. 


laugh A gentle reminder that when your child clicks on a link they should stay on that web page and not wander, to help them stay safe online.  It’s best if they choose Full Screen.