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laugh When children are reading and learning spellings they will come across words that do not match the range of grapheme/phoneme correspondences (GPCs) they are being taught.  There is a wide range of spelling patterns and our young children are developing this awareness. This week's key words come from the spelling programme we follow.  I have added Phase 5 GPCs for your information.  I hope this helps.

laugh I wonder, which type of tomato plant have you got?  I think I have one of each kind.  I'm looking forward to the plants growing flowers.  At that point, the plant will need to go outside (at least during the day) so that visiting bees can pollinate the plant and, as the flowers die, fruit will begin to grow. 

Please see the information about the two different varieties of tomato seeds we planted. Click on the picture to read the details.

laugh Bridging through ten is a way of using your knowledge of number bonds to 10 to help you be more accurate and avoid errors when adding and subtracting.  The practical ways of doing this with counters and ten frames and the visual image of the number line should help children explain their understanding.  It's taught to help children develop their understanding and their own mental images they can then use and apply when moving on to higher numbers, working out change...  
laugh It's marvellous that so many of you have been practising your maths with activities on Mathletics.  You can build on this by using the resources on Espresso.  See Links Star (and PDF for log in details).  Go to KS1, Mathematics - there's a wealth of activities to try there.  Have fun!
laugh Week 3 was a four day week as we commemorated the 75th Anniversary of VE Day with a Bank Holiday on Friday.  Please have a look at the resources in Week 3 Summer Star to find out more. 

laugh I have added an e-book, 'How not to go to school' that you might like to share - see Parent/Carer Support Star


laugh There are new science links recommended by Mrs McLean - see Links Star

Great to see our children on the front page of Redbridge Life. smiley 
Stay in touch - Please keep sharing what you have been doing at home using Twitter and the Question Box.  It's clear that you've been busy enjoying lots of different things - well done!


W2 Summer Term Star includes an overview of the week, Classroom Secrets Home Learning Pack and some further worksheets/activities as requested - parents/carers use them as you wish.


Parents/Carers you are doing a marvellous job in difficult times.  You are the best judge of what your child needs to do each day, each hour and minute.  Please focus on well-being and happiness.  Routine and exercise helps. 


Mathletics  advises parents to email them directly concerning any 'bugs' at with the student's name/username; activity/topic where the error appears; the type of device used to access Mathletics (iPad or computer); if a computer, what internet browser was used (Chrome or Internet Explorer) and a screenshot if possible.