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What is RSHE?

RSHE stands for Relationships, Sex and Health Education. It is now compulsory in primary schools and will be taught at Wanstead Church School from September 2021. Relationships and Health lessons are compulsory in the curriculum, but parents continue to reserve the right to withdraw their child from Sex Education lessons if they would prefer. Details of how to withdraw your child are in the draft policy (below).


How will it be taught?

Relationships and Health lessons will be taught in place of the existing PSHE lessons, which will be called “Wellbeing and Wellness” lessons from September 2021. The Relationships and Health curriculum will also be covered in Science lessons, in everyday classroom experiences and in Collective Worship. Parents and children won’t notice much difference as Wanstead Church School has always taught these aspects of the curriculum explicitly, particularly due to our Christian nature as a school.


Sex Education will continue to be taught in a set week in the summer term. Again, you won’t notice much difference in these lessons to how things have been taught in the past, although we will be introducing some scientific language to the children at an earlier stage, in line with the new syllabus.


The school will be following the Redbridge recommended syllabus for teaching RSHE.


The school has purchased the Jigsaw scheme, which is a high quality, highly recommended scheme that many schools use. This will support the teachers in ensuring quality teaching of Relationships and Health Education through consistent resourcing.


The school will continue to use the Teaching with Confidence resources for Sex Education, which have been used in the past, supplemented with the new Jigsaw resources.


How did the school make these decisions?

Miss Simpson has been working as part of the Redbridge Working Party of teachers throughout the academic year and has had input into the creation of the Redbridge syllabus for RSHE and the policy. She has worked closely with our Assistant Headteacher and Curriculum Leader, Ms Clayton, to ensure that the syllabus fulfils the requirements of the Church of England recommendations too. We have also worked closely with other local schools and discussed our recommendations in detail with a designated group of school governors.


What consultation has happened so far?

The proposed syllabus and policy are available on the Redbridge website (link below). This was signposted to parents some weeks ago and some Wanstead Church School parents subsequently have taken part in parent working parties with the local authority. The local authority has worked extensively with various parties, including faith leaders, to develop and refine the policy and syllabus over the past year.


How and when will Wanstead Church School consult with parents about RSHE?

Many of you will have attended consultation meetings about Sex Education on an annual basis at Wanstead Church School pre-COVID-19, so you will know how much we value your input into this area of the curriculum. We are now at the point where we would like to hear from you about the new RSHE syllabus and scheme.


The school will make available the proposed teaching materials every day next week (Monday 28th June – Friday 2nd July inclusive) from 3.00-3.45pm for you to view. Please come to the car park at the main entrance of the school and the resources will be available for you to have a look through. Please maintain your distance from others and use the hand sanitiser available. If you have any comments or questions, you are invited to email them to the school office for Miss Simpson’s attention or to submit them in the contact box below.


There will then be a parent meeting on Zoom on Thursday 8th July 6.00-7.00pm where you can hear from Miss Simpson, our RSHE Lead, directly for more information. In this session she will answer any pre-submitted questions and comments. The Zoom details have been provided in a ParentMail.


We will look forward to discussing this matter further with you over the coming weeks and at the meeting on 8th July. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email them to the office marked for Miss Simpson’s attention, or submit them in the contact box below.

RSHE Questions and Comments for Miss Simpson