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Summer Half Term Activities


Good afternoon,

  • I have added some activities for you to dip into if you choose to. It is half term so there is no requirement to carry on with Home Schooling this week.

      It is there just in case you have a spare minute. 

  • I have added some problem solving activities from Mathletics. They do require the problem to be read, so you may have to read them to your child. There is also an answer sheet. The important thing is how your child records their findings and their understanding.
  • I have included the Early learning goals for the end of reception as requested. This is what we would like the children to achieve by the end of the reception year. Some children will be working towards, some would be achieving them and some will be working beyond the age expected. The important thing is that your child is secure in their understanding and can apply their learning in a range of different contexts.
  • When children are writing we do want to see children writing independently, rather than copying words and spelling phase two and some phase three tricky words. They should also be spelling many high frequency words correctly. If a child wrote for example " I went to the prk. and plad on the swings"  That would be good indicator that they are secure, as they have spelt some tricky words correctly and spelt park and played using their phonics.(I hope this makes sense. Please message me if you need further clarification).
  • In the activities I have also included 'Secret classroom', which have some really good maths problems and a list of all phonics, key words and tricky words for phase two, three, and four. 

Hope you have a lovely half term and your children are rested and happy.

Summer Term 2nd half term-Home Learning activities will be downloaded by the evening on  Friday 29th, to enable you to be ready for Home schooling.

Thank you for continuing to working so hard with your children, you are all doing a wonderful job.

Thank you

Mrs McLean