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Thursday 16 July

To start this session, I want you to look at four pictures that capture different weather. Look at the first resource, “Weather images”.


How does each picture make you feel?

If these weather types were present in a story, what do you expect would be happening (would it be scary/peaceful/ a tense fight scene etc)?

How are you feeling today?

If you were a weather type, what would you be and why?


Now I want to give you a new term that you might not have heard before, “Pathetic fallacy”. This term is a noun that means the connection of human feelings and responses to non-living things. Be careful it is not the same as personification, slight difference.

Watch this clip to gain a better understanding of Pathetic fallacy.


Here are a few examples of pathetic fallacy.

Angry storms began to roll in.

The tree seemed indifferent.

A table that looks exhausted.


Seeing as you are more aware of the term “Pathetic fallacy”, I want you to use the table from the resource section to sort the words/phrases from “Words to sort” into terms that are connected to weather which reflects the mood before something goes wrong or terms that are connected to weather which reflects the mood as things go wrong.


Now look at the clip from 2:40, how could you describe the weather using strong vocabulary and expanded noun phrases? Click here to see the clip


How do you think the flight was going at this point?

What do you think Auriol was feeling at that point in the clip?


Next, look at the clip at 2:57.

What has changed in the tension and mood?

How has the weather shifted?


Your main task is to describe what happened in this part of the video in your biography of Jacqueline Auriol’s flight, however, remember it must be written using both 3rd person and past tense expression. Also, try to use the writing technique of pathetic fallacy to build tension and suspense. If you want, have a look at the example text in the resource section.


Like other occasions, if you want to send it in to me via Purple Mash I will read and give you a comment.