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Tuesday 14 July

Today we are going to be looking at the use of active and passive voice. To help you understand these concepts watch this little clip. 

To begin with, have a look at “Resource 5a”. To help with seeing if it is an active or passive voice look for the subject in the sentence. Then find the verb. By identifying those two elements of a sentence can you tell if the sentence is active or passive? Now, look at Resource 5b. The sentence has changed by how?

Now let us have a look at Resource 5c. Can you see how this longer bit of text is written? When is it happening? Look through each of the sentences in Resource 5c to see if it is active or passive.

Finally, use the sentence starters on resource 5d to describe the initial moments Auriol spent in the cockpit before her record-breaking flight. Your task is to write sentences in an active voice and show evidence of developing tension and suspense.