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Owl Babies S7 Plan a retelling of Owl Babies from the Owl Mother’s point of view.     

Task 1

Listen to ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell.  Click here  


 Task 2

Think about the sequence of events from the Owl Mother’s point of view.   These ideas and questions will help you:


How does the story begin?

Maybe: Deep in the dark woods, in a tall tree there was nest. In the nest lived an Owl Mother with her three Owl Babies. One night, the Owl Mother said to herself.... I need to go out hunting to find food for my babies.  They are fast asleep.  I’m sure they’ll be fine. 

Why did the Owl Mother leave her Owl babies?


What happen next?

Maybe:  The Owl Mother flew silently, swooping low near the ground.  Quick as a flash, she... caught her prey with her sharp talons.  It was a tiny, brown mouse. It was time to get back to her family.

What did the Owl Mother see and do?  


How does the story end?

Maybe:  With the tasty treat in her talons, the Owl Mother flew swiftly back to the nest and her Owl Babies.  To her great surprise.... her Owl Babies were wide awake and sitting on a branch waiting for her.  They were very excited.  The Owl Mother cuddled her Owl Babies and Percy (the smallest) said, ‘I love my mummy’. 


Task 3

Draw pictures to represent the sequence of key events in your retelling.

What sequencing words or phrases could you add to guide the reader from start to finish?

            First... Next... After that... Later... Finally