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S2 ‘How to Paint a Unicorn’ – Explore vocabulary and design and create a collage of a unicorn.


Task 1

Re-read the poem, ‘How to Paint a Unicorn’. 

This poem is a recipe poem.  It tries to list what you will need to be able to paint a portrait of a unicorn. 

If you have white paint and the other things mentioned in the poem, you could paint a unicorn to match the text. 


Task 2

What things, other than milk, are always white, like the unicorn in the poem?

Make a list of things that are white.

Milk, frost, snow, ice, polar bears, swans...


Task 3

How could you explain what these words mean to someone younger?

  • tear
  • overlap
  • pleat
  • twist
  • fringe
  • scrunch


Task 4

Design and create a collage of a unicorn using a range of techniques to create different effects.


First, get the things you will need:

  • a sheet of white paper,
  • a sheet of darker paper (for the background)
  • glue
  • something shiny like tin foil for the unicorn’s tail and eyes.


Now follow these instructions:

  • Tear shapes for the body, 4 legs and head.  Fit them together, overlapping pieces to shape and build up depth…
  • Pleat foil for the flowing tail
  • Twist paper for the spiraling horn
  • Fringe paper for the mane
  • Scrunch paper for the hooves…










My collage