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Tuesday - PSHE

My NoNoNo Day by Rebecca Patterson tells the story of Bella who is having a bad day. Everything starts off with her baby brother in her room messing with her toys. Then she doesn't like her breakfast. Then she thinks her ballet outfit is too itchy. Then she has a hurt foot...


Task 1

Click here to see this book and hear this story. 


Task 2

Reflect on the story.

Who is the main character in the story?

How did she feel at the beginning of the story?

Why do you think Bella was in a bad mood?

How long did Bella feel this way?

How did Bella feel at the end of the day?  How do you know?

How did Bella feel at the end of the story?



Task 3

How do you feel when you start to get angry?

For example, they may notice that:

  • their heart beats faster
  • their muscles tense
  • they clench their teeth
  • they make a fist
  • their stomach churns


What can we do to overcome our feelings of grumpiness?

  • count to 10
  • walk away from the situation
  • breathe slowly and deeply
  • clench and unclench their fists to ease tension
  • talk to a trusted person
  • go to a private place to calm down


 Task 4

Have fun and be creative – try drawing anger. For example, anger can be      a volcano that eventually explodes. Or, anger could be a storm at sea with      enormous crashing waves and lighting and thunder.


 Task 5

Click here to hear and see this poem about how we can feel by Dr Seuss.