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WB 07/09

Timetable to follow


Please follow the day of the week and complete the work set. I know it is a bit different working from home, so I have made the day as similar as possible as that of your class mates. Please try and do your best and know that if you need a short break, that is OK. It would be great if you could keep your work in a folder and bring it in when you are back in school because I would love to see the work you have completed. 

If you have questions that cannot be answered at home, please let your parents know that they can e-mail the admin e-mail account and I can see if I can help.

Keep safe, and look after yourself,

Ms Clayton. 

This week looks a little different to the rest of term as it is our first week back. The afternoons are therefore dedicated to school procedures and key information. From next week, we will cover all subject including foundation subjects.