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Wednesday 15 July

One of the reasons I choose this unit is that it is factually based. Jacqueline Auriol is a historical figure who not only set a record for fastest flight but also challenged the accepted normality of what men and women were expected to do. Today’s session is about a reporters interview with Jacqueline Auriol.

  • Who has written the piece?
  • What person/ tense/ voice is it written in?
  • How does the author use language and vocabulary to describe their thoughts and convey their opinion about Auriol?
  • Did the author like her and why do they think this?


Spend a few minutes looking over the text and highlighting emotive words and phrases which suggest the writer’s thoughts about Auriol.

Watch the clip again from the beginning, whilst watching make note of the other people that were involved in the record-breaking mission.

Do you think that there are any other people involved in the accomplishment that you couldn’t see in the clip?

L'aviatrice - ESMA 2016 (English Subtitles)

I want you to choose a person from the list below and write something they might have said about Auriol or on the day of the flight.


Workers, technicians, mechanics, designers, airport staff, educators, teachers, trainers, Auriol’s family.


Have a look at the resource “Direct or indirect” Pay particular attention to the use of direct/indirect speech.

  • What features are used to distinguish between each?
  • What tense are they written in?
  • Which would they be likely to use in their biographies (quotes)?


Your main task today is to identify whether the sentences on resource "Direct or indirect" are written using direct/ indirect speech, then re-write them in the opposite form. 


To extend your work today I want you to to write a narrative paragraph using indirect speech, detailing
Auriol’s walk from the hangar to the plane that day.