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Wednesday - Science

Science - What is the life cycle of a tomato?


Task 1

Look at the pictures of each stage in the life cycle on the tomato life cycle word mat.

Read the fact file about the life cycle of the tomato.

Watch the short video ‘Tomato Plant Life Cycle’. You may need to watch it two or three times – it’s very quick.  Click here

Click here to view a time lapse video of growing tomatoes.


Task 2

Sequence the pictures to show each stage in the life cycle of a tomato and write a caption to describe it. 


Task 3 – Optional

Ask an adult to cut a tomato in half. Look at all the seeds inside. Each seed could become a new tomato plant if it is put into some soil and watered. You could try growing a tomato plant from one of these seeds. After looking inside the tomato try to draw a picture of what you can see.