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Week 4 May 11th

 Dear parents

Please find the weekly plans uploaded. 

The links needed are included on plan and are assessable (I have tried them from my home), but any problems please let me know.


I have found an online handwriting programme which your child can watch and follow the direction of the letters. I have placed the link in the handwriting section. Please cover all letters at school we would start with families of letter shapes for example c,o,a,g,d

Remember if your child  forms the letters  b and d in the correct way , they should then not muddle them up. Say the direction of the letter as you write them, to help your child remember. (All the way round,up to the top, all the way down and flick.)


I hope you have fun exploring under the sea and finding out about our truly and amazing world.


Weekly Suggested Timetable

Crack the code maths challenge if you dare

Mathematics Block Graph and Sorting sheets

Science Activity 3 -How fish breathe

Science Activity Four- Salt water density