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Week 3 May 4th

Children, each week I have been including a morning prayer for you to say with your family.  Why not make up your own prayer and ask a grown up to add it to the message box, so I can include it. I cannot write your name but you will know it is your special prayer.

I am really looking forward to reading them and including them.

Many thanks

Mrs McLean xxx

  Just a reminder that Oak National Academy online classroom have model teachers demonstrating lessons.

The Writing session 'Using maps', which links to the story of Little Red Riding Hood, would be a good session to support writing as a supplement along with what I have planned. Please do not feel pressured to do both and you might want to just do Oak National Academies activities or the activities we would do in class. As long as there is some writing going on, it really doesn't matter. It is your choice.

The mathematics activity for Friday's session-Investigating number combinations within 20, would be a good lesson to do if you have time.

Weekly Plan and instructions

Mathematics-Subtraction group 2