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Tom Curry Award

Once a term we award the Tom Curry Award. This award is in memory of an ex-Wanstead Church School pupil, who was awarded the Commando Award in the Marines. The qualities needed to achieve such a prestigious award are celebrated in the nominees and award winners each term: Selflessness; Leadership; Determination and Cheerfulness


Tom's name is on the war memorial next to our school and at each Remembrance Day we always lay our wreath on his name.


In 2023-24, our nominees and winners were as follows:


Year 6 Nominees: Byron and Lottie

Year 6 Winner: Alice


Year 5 Nominees: Yusuf and Leo

Year 5 Winner: Lucas


Year 4 Nominees: Jayson, Elena and Freya

Year 4 Winner: Sofia


Year 3 Nominees: Samuel, Lucas, Jeffry and Sara

Year 3 Winner: Annabelle


In 2022-23, our nominees and winners were as follows:


Year 6 Nominees: Bluebell and Katie

Year 6 Winner: David


Year 5 Nominees: Isla, Mihail and Lottie

Year 5 Winner: Jessica


Year 4 Nominees: Lucas, Joe, Wendi and Isla

Year 4 Winner: Leopold


Year 3 Nominees: Stirling, Sofia, Freddie, Elodie and Eva

Year 3 Winner: Sivuno


Year 2 Nominees: Raychel, Grace and Mathis

Year 2 Winner: Phoebe


Year 1 Nominees: Mete, Alice and Aaminah

Year 1 Winner: Lottie W


Alva's Rainbow Award

Alva's Rainbow Award is an award that was first awarded in 2023 in memory of a Wanstead Church School pupil who was kind, friendly and brave. It is awarded once a year with one child from every class being nominated and a winner chosen for the school overall.


In 2023 the award was presented to:


Reception Nominee: Carmen

Year 1 Nominee: Louisa

Year 2 Nominee: Nyah

Year 3 Nominee: Bramwell

Year 4 Nominee and Overall Winner: Holly

Year 5 Nominee: Silan

Year 6 Nominee: Alicia