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School Council


Wanstead Church School’s school council meets weekly on either a Monday or Friday morning in the school library.


Elections take place at the beginning of the school year and we use genuine voting booths that are provided by Redbridge council. The children vote for one girl and one boy by filling in their voting slip and placing it in the official ballot box. Every year, this event is the talk of the school. Currently, there are 12 school council members from years 1 to 6.


The two charities that school council chose to fund raise for are: Beyond Ourselves and The Dream Factory. Through: cake sales; non uniform days; raffles and a parent lucky number lottery, the school has been able to generate generous donations.

Beyond Ourselves

They were borne out of the desire of a Christian family to use their business time, skill and profit to make a difference in the communities that they found themselves a part of. They encourage others to be generous with their lives too and are based in Zambia.


The Dream Factory

They were set up to brighten the lives and encourage hope for children and young adults who have either life limiting or life threatening conditions. Dream Factory is a local charity.




  • During meetings, suggestion boxes are shared. Any pupil in each classroom can post a suggestion in to the box and the best ideas are discussed.

  • School council have suggested and organised several non-uniform days so far this year to raise money for national campaigns such as ‘red nose day’.

  • Cake sales are decided upon and then organised in meetings. Traditionally, these raise an impressive sum.

  • Posters are designed and produced in meetings to advertise charity events that are taking place in the school.

  • Big ideas are voted upon and then taken to Mr Hemsley, who usually agrees to school council’s suggestions.

  • School council have greeted and they had lunch with several visitors to the school.