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Friday 3rd July 2020

Prayer for today.

It's good to start the day with a prayer. You could say this prayer, or one of your own, with your family before your learning begins.

Dear God,

As I now start my day, 

I offer You my heart and pray,

Guide me in everything I do

And keep me always close to You.




Good morning, Year Two.


It's Friday. I hope you slept well and are ready for the day ahead. Well done. You've almost completed another week of home learning. Have you worked hard and tried your best? I'm sure you have.


I am looking forward to seeing you at our Zoom meeting this morning. Please could you bring a square of plain paper and some colouring pens/ pencils, if you can? Ask an adult to help you make a square from a piece of A4 paper. I'm sorry to the person who couldn't get into our Zoom meeting on Wednesday. I didn't see you in the waiting room, I will look out for you today.


I know some of you are worried because you're not sure how much work you should be doing. Each week on our class page you will find Maths, English, Phonics, Reading, and Topic work to do. It's really good if you can do all of this work but I know for some of you this can be difficult so just make sure you do some Maths, English/Phonics and Reading every day. 


Tutor Bot will help you improve your fluency and confidence with many Maths skills.

If you would like to practise your Maths skills click on the link below. I have stored this link in the links star.


How did you get on with your home learning yesterday? Did you think carefully about your work on movement and turns? Did you enjoy finding out about the expedition to Antarctica?  Today in English you will be creating a simple poem about the jungle, which I would love to see and this afternoon in Geography you will be learning about the Arctic. Click on the Summer Term Week 10 star to find today's activities. I hope you enjoy your learning and try your best in all you do.


Wishing you a happy Friday and a great weekend. See you later.


Love from Miss Peach



If you are worried about anything remember you can find the worry box in the children's area on the school website.


This is the website to find out about  the Summer Reading Challenge:

You can sign up and create your own profile at


Click on the link to find a list of recommended Year 2 books.


Click on the link below. There's lots to explore.


Please share with your child a fact sheet about Coronavirus from the NHS

Mrs Peach's Question Box

If you have a question about your learning, or you would like to send Miss Peach a message, you can send it here.