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Year 2

Welcome to Year Two's Class page!


The adults working in this class are: 

Mrs Kareem, Mrs O'Grady, Mrs Mann, Ms Lenihan, Miss Blogg



Dear parents and carers,

We have had a brilliant start to our new year. I am thrilled with the progress and integrity every child has shown as they have worked hard this half term.

 This next half term we would like the children to choose TWO creative homework tasks (The Great Fire of London) for the English project and prepare it over the half term to bring into school for Wednesday 28th February 2024.

As part of your homework, you will need to - Research, design and make a model of a building or area of The Great fire of London. Collect a variety of materials that you would like to use when creating your favourite  The Great fire of London building. This could include cardboard, old shoe boxes, bottles, foil or sticks. Describe all the materials you have used and how strong they are.


And for Science, we are learning about ‘Plants and animals in their habitats’. 

Task- Research and design a habitat as well as the animals and the plants that live in that environment.


 1: Have a look at what you can find in books and online about animals/plants and their habitats. This will involve internet research of videos and pictures. You can make a list of the different types of habitats and the animals and plants that have adapted to that habitat.


 2: Think about the materials you are going to need to create your habitat. This could be a show box or cereal box for the habitat and different materials for the animals and plants. Design a plan for your project stating the materials you are going to use.


 3: Start using your materials to create your animals and plants in their environments prepare them and bring them into school on Thursday 7th March 2024.


 High priority should still be placed on reading and spelling. Even ten minutes a day is hugely beneficial for children, as well as shared stories for pleasure.

Thank you for your continued support. I look forward to seeing your children’s fantastic creations!


Kind regards,


Mrs Kareem

Year 2 Class Teacher


Children's Mental Health Week - What matters most to you?

This week is Children's Mental Health Week and the focus is 'Your Voice Matters'. To raise awareness, we would like the children to create a collage on what matters most to them as part of their homework this week. They can use any materials you have at home.  We look forward to seeing your creative collages! 


This term  :

English: One of our focus books will be The Princess and the Pea as well as Jim and the Beanstalk, we will take part in role-play and even write our own story using our preview book. Also, we will write character and setting descriptions, and make predictions based on what has been learned in English so far.

Maths: Money (pence, coins, notes, and pounds).

Science: We will be learning lots of information about plants. We will be naming and describing the purpose of the parts of a plant and finding out about what plants need to grow.
We plan to investigate what seeds need to begin to grow and collect and record measurements and observations. 

Reading with your child one to one at home


All homework will be given out on a Tuesday. The pupils will come in on a Tuesday morning and we will mark the maths homework then. Reading books will also be changed on a Tuesday so please bring in reading books as well as reading records. We will also have a spelling test every Tuesday afternoon so please practice the spelling with your child.


Kind regards, Mrs Kareem


WK1: Please complete pages     2 to 5. 

WK2 :Please complete pages     6  to 10. 

WK3: Please complete pages   11 and 12.

WK4: Please complete pages   13 and 14.

WK5: Please complete pages   15 and 16.

WK6: Please complete pages   17 and 18.

WK7: Please complete pages    19 and 20.

WK8: Please complete pages    21 and 22.

WK9: Please complete pages    23 and 24.

WK10: Please complete pages   41 and 42.

WK11: Please complete pages   43 and 44.

WK12: Please complete pages  45 and 46.

WK13: Please complete pages  47 and 48.

WK1 Spring Term: Please complete pages  37 and 38.

WK2 Spring Term: Please complete pages  39 and 40.

WK4 Spring Term: Make equal groups.

WK7 Spring Term: Please complete pages  25 and 26