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Curriculum Impact


Monitoring and Evaluation

Subject Leaders are responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of their own subject.  Additional time is given to Subject Leaders regularly to enable them to successfully carry out their roles and responsibilities. The information from the monitoring and evaluation forms the basis of the impact assessment for that curriculum area and any next steps required. We tailor our monitoring to suit the needs of the staff to ensure that activities are focused, effective and supportive.


Judgements on the impact of the curriculum on children’s learning are based upon a triangulation of different monitoring and evaluation activities within school.  Time for the Subject Leader and the teacher to evaluate children’s books together, consider discussions with children, reflect upon learning walks and regularly review assessment data are all ways that Subject Leaders and Senior Leaders assess the impact of the curriculum.


Outcomes for Children

Our curriculum consistently leads to strong outcomes and results for the children.  Our children consistently achieve above or in line with national averages for outcomes at the end of EYFS, Phonics, KS1 and KS2. 


Children with additional learning needs, or Special Educational Needs (SEND), make good progress across the curriculum in line with their own progress measures.  Assessment of these children is in much smaller and achievable steps.  Essential skills such as first aid, money awareness, internet safety, healthy eating and basic life skills such as tying shoe laces, using knives and forks correctly, telling the time are all part of what we consider to be necessary skills for our children with SEND to succeed in life and are key parts of our teaching in school.  This is planned for on a child-by-child basis according to need. Although these skills may not be assessed numerically or with a grade, we still feel that being able to achieve these life-skills will enable children to fully access life in modern day Britain.