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A prayer for today

A prayer for today 1

Friday 03.07.20


Hello Year One,


I can't believe it's Friday again! I hope you have a fantastic day and enjoy your home learning. Please have a look at the new links added below for phonics lessons and maths practice. 


Also, Parents and Carers please see the my comment about next week on Replies to Requests.  


Well done to everyone!  You are working so hard at home.  Your work on Position shows how much you understand.  I love the story map for the Owl Babies and the excellent sequel.  It's great to see how you've used your scientific knowledge about owls in your story to inform as well as entertain your reader.  Fab-u-lous! 


Please keep sharing what you have been doing and let me know how you are getting on.  You can tweet, use the Request Box and /or share by sending your photo or work using the school's admin email and the super staff there will forward it to me.


Happy Friday everyone!  Wishing you a wonderful weekend.  We can shine!


Love from Mrs. Baptist heart


frown If you have any worries, put them in the Worry Box and leave them there.

Please share with your child a fact sheet about Coronavirus from the NHS

This week's Homework.

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