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laugh Great news! 

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Friday 03.04.20


Good morning everyone!  Once again, it's a grey start to the day but there's hope for warmer, brighter weather to come at the weekend.    


First of all, many thanks for all your efforts and hard work at home over the past two weeks.  It's delightful to see some of the things you've been doing on the school's Twitter page - YOU HAVE SHONE! heart  This afternoon, celebrate at home by having your own Star Party (just like we do at school).   


Today is the last day of the spring term and we are about to begin the Easter two week break.  During this time, do relax but try to keep to a routine.  Remember, daily exercise is important.  Each day talk to your adult(s) about what you plan to do.  Talk about the events of Holy Week - read the Easter Story (PDF) in the Easter folder below.  I've added an English and Maths Easter Pack  of activities for you.  You may also like to design and make an Easter bonnet / hat using paper and card that you have at home.  Look outside at the signs of spring or, with your adult, look on the internet for inspiration.  Post a photo of your creation.  Keep reading and sharing stories.  Remember practice makes progress.  KEEP SHINING! heart


This Sunday is Palm Sunday.  Please click on the link to see a video about Palm Sunday.  Talk to your adult about what the words: miracle, disciple and Passover mean. 


laughWhy were people prepared to 'put out the red carpet' for Jesus? 


laughWho is your hero and how would you welcome them if they came to our High Street?


There's a second video you might enjoy too.  


Wishing you a fantastic Friday Year One.  WE CAN SHINE!


Love from Mrs. Baptist broken heart


frown If you have any worries, put them in the Worry Box and leave them there. 


God's Story: Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday, we remember the time Jesus entered Jerusalem--and everybody started praising him! This was even prophesied many years before in Zechariah 9:9. You can read about Palm Sunday in Matthew 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:28-44, and John 12:12-19. Check out more videos (and other cool stuff) at

This week's Homework.