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Welcome to the PTA section


By having a child at Wanstead Church School you automatically become a member of the school's Parent Teacher Association (PTA).


What is the PTA?

The PTA is a registered charity (no 1064208) that aims to:

- raise money for school events and equipment

- provide opportunities for pupils, parents and carers and staff to get together

- build links between home and school.

The PTA is led by a committee of volunteer parents and teachers, supported by a team of PTA reps from each school year.


What does it do?

Over the past few years the PTA has funded some large projects that have made a big difference to life in the school, such as the refurbishment of the school library, provision of outdoor play equipment and creation of the mosaic mural in the junior playground.


It has also helped pay for a whole host of activities - from trips to the theatre to visits to the school by everyone from science clowns to bird of prey handlers - that have greatly enriched children's learning. And then there's the just-for-fun stuff too, like school discos.


The PTA plays a small part in lots of other aspects of school life too; serving refreshments at school plays, for example, or paying for flowers so children can help decorate the church for harvest festival.


Funds for all of this are raised through events organised by the PTA such as the summer fair and Christmas bazaar.


Get involved

The PTA holds meetings every four to six weeks that are advertised through Parentmail and by emails from PTA year reps. All parents/carers are very welcome to attend. Minutes of previous meetings are on this page below.


But there are lots of ways to contribute even if you don't want to come to a meeting. If you can offer some time or skills, or you'd like to volunteer to help at of our events, please do get in touch. We're always on the lookout too for new ideas for how money should be spent or how it could be raised.


We need your support if we are to be able to carry on making such a positive contribution to the life of our school.


Get in touch

You can contact the PTA committee by email at, leave a note for us at the school office, or just come and talk to any of the committee in the playground.


Your PTA committee

Amy Moore

Ali Maclaine
Jennifer Doyle

Jon Rees

Julia Saul-Watts

Paul Henry


Your PTA year reps

Nursery        Hannah Healey


Reception   Rachel Evans 

Year 1          Joelle Foster

Year 2          Elaine Thompson 

                    Laura Nicholls-Petrie

Year 3          Eileen Tulloch                     

                   Julie Day


Year 4          Hayley Ezra

                    Crystal Schaedel


Year 5          Chloe Longstaff 


Year 6          Jen Ambler 



School reps

Head    Natalie Denchfield

Staff     Lynn  Butler

Office   Jo Mussett