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Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 page

Please go to messages from Mr. Blakeston to read the daily message. 


Heavenly Father,

We give you thanks and praise for all you do in our lives.

This first day after Pentecost, we give thanks for the Holy Spirit,

We pray that he intercedes for us and guide us,

and that he leads us into a better deeper relationship with you.

We pray for people who are feeling unrest.

We pray that their hearts can be filled with peace.

Lastly, we pray for our leaders,

we pray that they have the wisdom and strength to guide us wisely.


Below is a suggested timetable of activities. 

The hope is that it provides some structure whilst you are at home. 


Monday 1st

Tuesday 2nd

Wednesday 3rd

Thursday 4th

Friday 5th

Start your day off with some exercise. Maybe try some Jedi Yoga

Maths – see suggested guidance below

Lesson 1

Multiply unit and non-unit fractions by integers

Lesson 2

Multiply mixed numbers by integers

Lesson 3

Fractions of an amount

Lesson 4

Fractions as operators

Lesson 5

Friday Maths Challenge


Have a break






Writing – Follow the link and select the relevant day for the English lesson below 

Story: To make comparisons within and across books

Story: Predictions


Identifying the features of a text

Story: SPaG focus – Speech

Story: write an alternative ending to a story

Have a break
Foundation subject:




The Sleep Factor


Exploring emotions in music


Some interesting and uplifting books. 




Click on the images above for the book to open in a new tab.

Friday Family Math Challenge + Answers

Useful links

Mr Blakeston's Question Box

If you have a question about your learning, or you would like to send Mr Blakeston a message, you can send it here.