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Year 4

Friday 3rd July, 2020


Good morning everyone, smiley


It is the end of the week. Well done for all your effort.


I hope to see you at our virtual meeting today for some fun. You will need:

-1 A4 coloured paper

- 1 other paper to write on

- 1 ruler

- 1 pencil. 


Have a lovely day and see you soon.


With much love,

Miss Ilenda X

Thursday 2nd July, 2020


Bonjour les enfants, smiley

(Good morning children,)


Bienvenue dans ma maison. Je rigole!

(Welcome to my house. I joke! laugh)



Well it is the dream kitchen in my dream house. It is decorated in the Provence style. Provence is an area in the South-East of France on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Today, you will get a chance to learn French words for the different items in your house. 


I hope that you enjoy yourselves today.


With much love,

Miss Ilenda x





Wednesday 1st July, 2020


Good morning everyone, smiley


I hope that you are having a good week so far. Well done for all your effort and work so far. laughlaugh


If you would like to do some work on the Anglo-Saxon's today, please see the museum task in the folder for this week.  You will need to choose and write about artefacts which you believe should be in a museum about the Anglo-Saxons. I have provided you with a list of items and an example of how you can do this. You are free to be creative and produce a finished piece you like. For example you can complete the chart provided, copy it on a sheet, create a Powerpoint presentation, write it in a poem, song or drama.


I hope that you have a lovely day.


With much love,

Miss Ilenda X







Tuesday 30th June, 2020


Good morning everyone, smiley


You might be able to have a go at the Geography task today on earthquakes. Japan is one country which experiences many earthquakes. This is because the islands of Japan are on the Ring of Fire or the border of a number of tectonic plates, where many earthquakes and volcanoes happen . On September 1st, 1923, Japan faced one of it's biggest earthquakes. In 1925 the Japanese artist Unpo Takashima, completed the painting below on a wood panel. He tried to paint all the devastation he remembered from the earthquake.


I hope that you are able to discover something new today and you can by asking question.


With much love,

Miss Ilenda x




Monday 29th June, 2020


Good morning year 4, smiley


I hope that you had a good rest at the weekend. Let us start the week with prayer:


Dear Lord,

As we rise to meet each new day,

Please let us be filled with Your spirit.

Whoever we are with, let us spread love,

Joy, peace, goodness, and faithfulness.

Let us desire to become more like you

and to worship you in all we do.

Thank you for always going before us.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


We will also be meeting virtually today. If you would like to, you can bring something to sharelaugh.

Some children have been reading the captivating poems they have been writing on Fridays. Or you an also share with us a drawing such as the ones for art.




I look forward to seeing you in our virtual call later today. 


With much love,

Miss Ilenda  X







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