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School Development Fund

Wanstead Church School is a voluntary aided school.  This gives a number of advantages because it helps to promote the close relationship between the School and the Parish at the same time as allowing a measure of independence from our local authority.  Voluntary aided status, however, requires that the School must raise 10% of the cost of any capital projects - building work and new IT equipment.  You may be aware that we have recently overhauled the school’s ICT suite, repairing the Nursery roof, improving the school's perimeter fencing and security and fully re-wired the school 


For many years parents and carers have contributed generously to the School Development Fund, which is the account administered by the governing body from which payments to cover the contribution to building developments are made.  I am writing to ask those of you new to the School if you would consider contributing to this on an on-going basis or, if you prefer, by making a one-off donation.  I would also ask those of you who already contribute, to review the payments you make - we shall quite understand if your circumstances mean you have to reduce your contributions.  All contributions are made in confidence and are a matter between you and the finance governor.


The necessary forms can be downloaded below- if you decide that you can help, I would ask that you consider gift aiding your contribution – it means we can recover an additional 28% from the Inland Revenue.


I hope that you will be able to help – it is important that the governing body has adequate funds at its disposal to enable it to plan for the future and provide effectively for children’s needs.  Governors greatly appreciate all that parents and carers do to support the children and the School.


Yours sincerely,

Dr Alexandra Harborne

Chair of Governors