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Welcome to our Summer term reception home page.

We Can Shine!

I have attached an overview of this half termly themes below for your information. Reception Homework is 10 minutes of daily reading and there may be weekly tasks set, to support the recovery and acceleration of children’s learning upon their return to school.

   All homework and Home Learning will be uploaded onto the Google classroom.

Many thanks for your continued support

Mrs McLean-Class teacher 

Our topic this term is:-

Our Beautiful World. This includes Growth and change and all creatures great and small.

Each week we will use a story to introduce and explore our topic.

Weekly Themes
1.  Jack and the Beanstalk- Exploring the growth and change of Cress and Bean seeds.

2. The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle & Camille and the sunflowers. A story about Vincent Van Gogh

Exploring seeds in food. Growing Sunflower Seeds. Who is Vincent Van Gogh? (Exploring historical figures)

Sunflower Art and Craft.

3. Super Spud and the Stinky Space Rescue-Sam Lloyd-Exploring the importance of exercise on our bodies and healthy food.

4. Once their were Giants and You'll soon grow into them Titch- Exploring Human Growth and change.

Looking at 'What Makes a Family?'

5. Awe and Wonder- Science week.

6. Lucy's picture-Exploring our senses.

We are special-exploring our talents and how we are similar and different.

Who is Helen Keller? (Exploring Historical figures)


A thought for the day

Coronavirus -A Book for Children